How To Naturally Protect Your Dog’s Nose From The Sun


Protect your dog’s skin from harmful UVA rays with sunscreen protection provided by all-natural Snout Soother.

It’s June, the sun is shinning and the weather is warming up. You might have a whole world of summer adventures planed for you and your dog, but how do you plan to protect your dog from the harmful rays of the sun? When it comes to sunscreen, dogs are commonly forgotten. It’s often wrongly assumed that their fur will keep them safe from the sun, but dogs are just as susceptible to sun damage as you and I. Dogs love to spend the day in the sun, but without protection they are especially prone to sunburns on their nose, belly, and ears. If your dog does develop sunburn it is painful and uncomfortable for them, plus they have no idea why they are feeling this way. In your dog’s innocent mind the lovely sun couldn’t possibly cause pain!

Is Your Dog Getting Sun Burned?

For dogs, summertime means car rides, long walks, and lounging in the sunshine. But if your dog’s nose is exposed to the sun for too long, negative effects will start to arise, such as a discolored, chapped, peeling, or flaking canine nose. Dogs that have short hair, white or light hair, and dogs with shorter legs are the most likely to develop sunburns. Without proper preventative care, over time sun exposure can lead to canine cancer, skin ulcers, and other types of infections your adorable doggy doesn’t deserve.

The first thing you might be thinking to do is grab some sunscreen for your furry friend. Although beware, dogs are sensitive and they like to lick at everything. Not all sunscreens are appropriate to use on your dog, some sunscreens (even some marked for dog use) are laden with harmful chemicals that can do damage to your dog’s precious insides. To protect your dog from the sun and potentially harmful sunscreens, Snout Soother is proven to provide a protective layer for your dog’s skin.

If your dog’s nose is already sunburned, Snout Soother is packed with healing ingredients to help soothe the associated discomfort and get to work healing your dog’s sunburned nose.

Canine Discoid Lupus & The Importance of Dog Sunscreen Protection 


Ralphie once had canine discoid lupus. Now, thanks to Snout Soother, Ralphie has a smooth and healthy dog nose!

If your dog has canine discoid lupus, their skin is even more sensitive to the sun and canine sunscreen is very important. Discoid lupus in dogs is an autoimmune disorder that impacts the layer of skin known as the basal cell layer and is considered the most common skin disease that dogs develop. 90% of dogs with discoid lupus first show signs of pigmentation color loss on their nose. Next, your dog’s nose can start to turn grayish and overly smooth without the normal ridges associated with dog noses. Lesions or other formations can start to grow from your dog’s nose, especially if they are exposed to the sun. Canine discoid lupus can spread to other skin surfaces on your dog including their ears and belly.

If you are unsure if your dog has discoid lupus, a biopsy sample can be taken for testing in a laboratory. Some dog nose ailments can appear similar to discoid lupus but be caused by a different issue such as nasal pyoderma (staph infection), hyperkeratosis, nasal lymphoma (canine nose cancer), VKH-like syndrome (immune related disorder), and dermatophytosis (ringworm).

If your dog is positive for discoid lupus it’s important to keep them out of direct sunlight for long periods of time. While it is recommended you use a sunscreen on your dog’s nose, many sunscreens contain toxic chemicals that can create problems for your dog in the future. The beauty of Snout Soother is that it’s 100% safe for your to dog to lick, it contains zero toxins and every homeopathic ingredient is carefully sourced. Completely safe and natural, Snout Soother does its job providing protection from the sun’s harmful rays.


Let your dog party in the sun all summer, but not without protection from the sun. Keep their nose free from doggy sunburns with the natural sunscreen found in Snout Soother.


A Healthy Dog Nose With No Sunburns All Summer Long

With or without discoid lupus, your dog needs to be protected from the sun, especially when they are outside for prolonged periods of time. Snout Soother will keep harmful rays away from canine noses as well as help treat already burnt dog noses. Snout Soother is the perfect summer product to keep your dog’s skin safe and healthy today and in the future.

This summer you can protect your dog from the harmful rays of the sun with our all-natural 100% vegan dog product, Snout Soother. At Natural Dog we strive to keep dogs happy and healthy all year long, our mission is simple soothe, heal, wag!

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