Natural Dog Wishes You A Pawsome Father’s Day!


How many dads do you know and love? Dogs included, of course!

It’s Father’s Day, a day to celebrate all of the wonderful things dads do for their children. If you’re as dog crazy as we are, you might be thinking about your male dog on this day as well, especially if they have helped bring a litter of puppies into the world. Before you buy your dog more gifts than your dad, let it be known that your dad probably makes a better parent than any male dog.

Wolves remain one of the best animal dads on the planet, dogs—well not so much. Male wolves have incredible paternal instincts, providing pups with love, support, food, and a family for life. Wolves are monogamous and create packs that include a mom, dad, and babies, in which both parents play a role in raising their offspring. Dogs and wolves are a part of the same species but you can’t expect the same tender, love and care from a male dog to his pups.

If your dog has had a litter of puppies, you may have realized male dogs take little to no interest raising their kids. It might even seem like your male dog doesn’t know the little cuties belong to him. Since puppies are born blind, deaf and completely helpless, it’s a good thing for mom! In the first days of life, puppies need all of the assistance they can get. Once baby puppies are big enough to play, dad dogs may show a little more interest in their offspring and play alongside them, although not usually much different than they would play with any other dog.


Just like your dad, your dog is always looking out to protect you.

This might take you back by surprise, how could this be? Dogs are so loving and supportive—truly the best of friends, how could they not make the most amazing fathers? Some researchers believe this has something to do with dogs being domesticated for so many years now. Domesticated male dogs are not really needed, or necessarily even present, when their puppies are born, therefore the natural instinct towards parenting may have faded into the past. Since wolves still live out in the wild, their natural paternal instincts are necessary and remain intact.

So while dogs are the best creatures on the planet, I suppose we can all be thankful for the dad’s out there that parent nothing like dogs, but instead take after the wolf when it comes to raising great kids.

In some ways though, dad is like your family dog. Why does your dog keep you up all night barking at the new neighbors? Because he or she is trying to protect you, dogs are loyal creatures that want to keep their family safe—just like great dads.




Have you seen my daddy on this golden Father’s Day?

Happy Father’s Day to all of the special dads out there, today is your day. From all of us at Natural Dog, we wish you a pawsome day full of family, love, and wet dog kisses!

Even if your male dog would fail to nurture his own litter of puppies, say Happy Father’s Day anyway with one of our organic, natural dog products. Such as soothing Snout Soother, which will turn any dry, rough, or flaking dog nose into a smooth, healthy snout–which your dog can use to smoother dad with even more kisses!