Meet The Pups Behind The Most Popular Dog Breed: Labrador Retrievers

The Labrador retriever, also known simply as a lab, is one of several types of retriever dogs. The American Kennel Club (AKC) officially recognized the Labrador retriever as a dog breed in 1917. This beautiful, hyperactive medium-sized dog originated in Canada, and has since become the number one most popular dog breed.


Owning a lab is like getting roses every singly day… pure bliss! Photo Credit: hdwallpapers

Labradors generally come in one of three colors and do not have markings. They have a gorgeous build with strong muscling and athletic, proportionate confirmation, which allows labs to be active and remain largely free of injuries. Labs are very well rounded and make excellent working dogs, show dogs and family dogs, basically you can’t go wrong with a lab.

Labrador Retriever Personality


Labrador retrievers are very active and high-energy, and so much fun! Photo Credit: gottalovealab

If you are thinking about getting a Labrador retriever it’s important to know just how much energy these dogs have. With a very friendly and outgoing personality, labs require a good deal of time and attention, as well as frequent outings to release built up energy coursing through their superstar veins.

Playing fetch or any other game with a lab is a lot of fun because they are highly intelligent. Plus they are good listeners with a great temperament. You can enjoy taking your Labrador retriever to dog park, the beach or out for a walk in the woods with confidence.

Caring For Labrador Retrievers

Labrador retrievers are known as a healthy dog breed with few health issues. That doesn’t mean owning a lab is work-free, there are a few things all labs need from you, such as plenty of exercise, a nutritious diet, regular grooming and lots of love.

Your lab will require good nutrition to keep up with their high levels of energy and subsequent activities. Labs do best with energetic, outgoing owners who can keep up with the activity demands of this breed. Labs have a double-coat that sheds seasonally, and so regular grooming is another must in order to keep their coat looking and functioning at its best.

Famous Labrador Retrievers

This awesome dog breed is hardworking, loyal and extremely intelligent. Due to all of their fine qualities there have been more than a few famous Labradors throughout history.


Endal and Allen Parton, Photo Credit: dailymail

One of these precious pups is Endal, a multi-awarded yellow lab who served as a service dog for ex-Royal Navy Chief Petty Officer, Allen Parton. After a car accident, Allen was injured and bound to a wheelchair. Before he met Endal he was starting to lose hope, but the angelic lab changed all of that, and is even credited with saving Allen’s life.

In 2011, Allen was hit by a car and knocked out of his wheelchair, but thankfully Endal was there to pull him to safety. Endal then placed a blanket over him to keep him warm and ran off barking, seeking help at a local hotel—now that’s a serious service dog!

Lucky and Flo are twin black Labrador retrievers with a knack for detecting counterfeit products. In 2007, the two discovered 2 million pirated DVDs and were featured on NBC’s Today Show for their awesome work.

Jake is another famous Labrador retriever awarded for tirelessly sifting through debris after 9/11 in search of survivors. Jack was also on the search and rescue team after Hurricane Katrina.

Labrador Retriever For Sale: How To Find A Good Lab

There are plenty of labs available for adoption at your local shelter, all of which need a home. Visiting local shelters just might turn up the lab of your dreams. This is ideal because you get a new best friend and you provide a homeless dog with a furever home to call his or her own.

Remember, not all dogs end up at shelters because they have done something bad. On the contrary, most dogs at animal shelters make excellent pets and have ended up at a shelter for reasons far beyond their control, such as their previous owner had to move, had a baby, or could no longer afford a dog.


There are many awesome labradors available for adoption, all you have to do is look. Photo Credit:

If you can’t seem to find the dog you are looking for through local adoption and rescue facilities your next stop might be Labrador retriever breeders. Not all breeders are as good as they claim; there are certain dog breeders you want to avoid. Dogs from non-reputable breeders are more prone to behavioral and health issues down the line.

In order to find a reputable breeder the Human Society recommends the following:


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-Always visit the place the dogs are born and raised. It is a red flag if a breeder is hesitant to let you visit and tries to meet elsewhere. When you go to the property ask yourself: does the property look clean? Are the dogs well taken care of and not too crowded? If the dogs’ living conditions are a cause for concern, for instance if they are messy, smelly, or overcrowded, this is not a good sign for the reputable nature of the breeder.

-Do some research and find out how the dogs from this breeder do post adoption. Talk to your vet, friends, and conduct an online search of the breeder before making any decisions.

-Check out the PupQuest website to see if there are any warnings about a particular breeder posted by the licensed veterinarians that manage the site.

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