Meet Meatball: Celebrity Dog & Ambassador

Woof. My name is Meatball and I like to smile– but then again, I’ve got a whole lot to smile about! You see, I’m an important dog, a local celebrity of sorts; I am the Ambassador of Groomingdales in Austin, Texas. Groomingdales is not just any full service grooming and animal care center; with their focus completely on us—the pets—they offer an all-natural approach to pet grooming. I wouldn’t oversee anything other than the best for my fellow pups out there, how could I wear this smile all day otherwise?


Even though I look mighty cute here, dog noses that are dry cause discomfort.

My fame was quick to catch on. It seemed one day suddenly everyone wanted a piece of Meatball! Even the Austin Pet Directory called me up for an interview, and I was featured in a Q&A article about my favorite natural pet products. And now I’ve even won the title of Celebrity Dog at Natural Dog Company! Even though being a celebrated dog seems like all fun and games, I am still a normal, everyday canine that hates when I’m not feeling 100% like myself. Say for example when my dog nose gets dry, cracked and sore.


As you can see in this picture, my dog nose looks rough and abnormal.

At one point it got so bad, I thought I couldn’t take anymore! Thankfully my owner, Tomay Ryder, is always looking out for me, and she applied an all-natural balm called Snout Soother over my big black nose. Instantly, I felt the cooling relief and my mouth started to peel back into a grin bigger than I’d managed in days! While for me the benefits were instant, my owner didn’t notice until a few days later, right in the middle of the Groomingdale’s Care Center. I noticed her take a step back, tilt her head to one side, before suddenly rushing over and tugging me in close. “Do you see this?” She asked anyone that would listen, “Do you see the difference in Meatball’s nose?” As everyone muttered their oohhs and aahhs I simply nodded, I sure felt the differences they were discussing.


Here I am in my ‘after’ photos– as you can see my dry chapped dog nose has been cured! Now my mission is to spread the word about this all-natural soothing pet product.

Then a thought struck me, as a Pomeranian with a crusty dog nose trotted by, I wanted all fellow dogs to know relief existed. Then, as if in answer to my doggie prayers, I heard Tomay go on to say, “The change in Meatball’s nose is amazing, I am carrying Snout Soother in my shop!” This made me go giddy with delight, if we sold this soothing dog balm all of my favorite pup friends would have a chance to experience relief that does not even smell bad—as so many other pet products do.

Thanks to Snout Soother, if you ever come visit my pals and I in Texas, some very moist, soft noses will be waiting to greet you!

Yours Truly,


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