It’s True Pug Love! Buddy Love & Gretta Rose

Meet Buddy Love and Gretta Rose, 2 Natural Dog Celebrity Pugs that have fallen in love! Both of these adorable pugs have experienced the soothing relief of Snout Soother dog balm for their dry pug noses, and now with 2 perfectly moist and healthy dog noses they can share lots of kisses! Learn how their pug love bloomed in this special Valentine’s Day blog written by Buddy Love the Pug.

Hello, my name is Buddy Love the Pug and I love Valentine’s Day! Why, you ask? Because I am in love!!! Gretta Rose the pug has stolen my heart! You probably know her; after all, my darling is a Natural Dog Celebrity, and she has even been featured on Good Morning America and The Today Show. Her stunning beauty and popularity made me very shy at first, but doggone am I glad I got up the nerve and gave her a bark! Well I guess I didn’t really initiate the start of our relationship, but the results ended in fireworks nonetheless. We are rather public with our affection, regularly sharing love notes on Facebook, but since it’s nearly our one-year anniversary—Valentine’s Day—I thought I’d share how our love first bloomed. I have written a love story this month in honor of my darling pug dearest.

Gretta Rose and Buddy Love the Pug… a Love Story By Buddy

buddy and gretta

Isn’t she barking beautiful?! That’s my love, Gretta Rose the Pug.

It was love at pug sight the first time I saw Miss. Gretta Rose. I was up late one night playing on Facebook, daydreaming about dog bones and Snout Soother when I saw the most beautiful dog I had ever seen, her name was Gretta Rose and she was featured on a Facebook page called Pugs and Kisses. Instantly I started barking at the screen, I just couldn’t control myself! I knew I had to meet her; she was the most gorgeous pug I had ever seen before. The only thing standing in my way? My extremely shy demeanor, every time I had a chance to ask her out I couldn’t get the right bark out. I started thinking Gretta was nothing more than a fantasy until January 30, 2013—with some spare time on my paws, I logged into my Facebook account and nearly fell out of my chair. The very first thing I read was a new message from THE Gretta Rose I’d been dreaming about:

Buddy Love…will you be my Valentine?

Xoxo Gretta Rose

I couldn’t believe my little pug eye—in fact I nearly rolled right off my chair in excitement. Was I really reading that Gretta Rose was asking me, Buddy Love, to be her Valentine? My heart skipped more than a few beats as I shamelessly ran full speed around the house ArrrooooooArrroooo! I barked uncontrollably, I didn’t care who tried to quiet me down. I was sick with puppy love and my dreams were complete!


Buddy Love the Pug sure does have a lot of dog toys–but he’d trade them all in for Gretta Rose!

After all this excitement I almost forgot to answer her back…that is until I got a little winded running around. Oh no! I thought, I better hurry and reply before she finds another Valentine—I didn’t know then that Gretta Rose would never do that. I rushed to snap on my finest looking bow tie before replying with shaky paws:

It would make me the happiest pug in the world

to be your Valentine Gretta Rose <3


I love Gretta Rose the Pug so very much I had a star named after her for Valentine’s Day because she is my star! How beautiful is her little pug nose and face? Become friends with Gretta Rose on Facebook, click here.

Ever since, it’s been nothing short of true pug love. Gretta Rose and I remain so strong because we share a common passion, that is to share our love in anyway we can. We do this through a number of pup-friendly platforms, including: Pugs and Kisses Facebook page, Buddy Love The Pug Facebook page, B4- Barktastic page, and Gretta Rose’s very own Blog. I hope to one day ask the love of my life to be my pug bride, but if I know my Gretta Rose she will likely beat me to it! Who knows… there could be wedding bells in 2014….

After all, Gretta is just as woof woof crazy about me as I am about her, in proof she wrote me this response to my love letter.

Buddy Love the Pug and Gretta Rose… a Love Story By Gretta Rose


That’s me, Gretta Rose the Pug! I love cupcakes, frosting, napping, Buddy Love the Pug, and Natural Dog Snout Soother, it makes my rough pug nose feel smooth and pretty.

Buddy Love is the sweetest Valentine a pug-gal could ever dream of! I hope you read his account of our story…wasn’t it just adorable?!? Oh my, he really knows how to tug at my heartstrings! Buddy Love the Pug’s best quality is his capacity to love, he truly extends his heart to everyone he meets. We barely knew each other when I asked him to be my Valentine, I could only hope he was the genuine gentle-pug I imagined him to be after seeing how loyal and kind he is to his many friends. Once I got to know him I knew it was for real, he truly is the pug for me. I feel so lucky that he wasn’t already taken. It fills my heart with joy to be Buddy Love’s Valentine and I hope he knows that he has my heart forever.

Seriously, how cute are these pugs!?!! There’s nothing like a little puppy love to inspire romance this Valentine’s Day. At Natural Dog Company we love dogs so much we include them in all of our holiday celebrations; what sorts of fun plans does your dog have this Valentine’s Day? For sensitive rough pug noses, try our all natural Snout Soother balm for dogs. According to Gretta Rose and Buddy Love, it is a pawsome solution for any sore dog nose!

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