How I Became a Celebrity Dog – Luna the Dachshund


Luna’s bright blue eyes and striking posses take the cake when it comes to cuteness! And thanks to Snout Soother, her dog nose is moist and healthy for every picture that comes her way.

You know how they say anything can happen? Well it’s true. One day I was just another gorgeous young Dachshund with bright blue eyes, and the next I was a real life celebrity! Now I’m getting spa treatments, and new clothes all of the time, simply because I have to look fabulous for my 13,000+ followers on Instagram. My mom never meant to make me famous, she only wanted to create a place to post pictures of us hanging out, she didn’t even know if anyone would like our first picture —it’s just us on the couch, her holding up the peace sign. In fact, she didn’t even know she liked taking pictures, not until she realized how much fun photographing me was! While she was completely clueless, I knew these blue eyes and colorful coat were going to go viral.Even though my mom never imagined I’d turn into a celebrity, I always knew it would eventually happen. I had even established my own signature pose, where I turn my head one-way to the other. You can even see for yourself, after all I’m honored to be the Miss. January model for the Natural Dog Company 2014 calendar. Looking cute in pictures is the only job for me; what else could I do for a living that allowed me to sleep through the majority of my days? Visit the spa? And have an endless supply of new clothes? Not only do I like to be pampered and pretty, I also have a heart as deep as the ocean—which I really like to play in by the way! I cuddle with stuffed animals, other dogs, and humans too; if you’re soft and sweet I’ll be your friend. Plus, I’m a guaranteed good time, if you want to get into some trouble I can fit between the bars on almost any fence!

Sure you’ll catch me wearing bow-tie dresses, and frilly lace hats, but I’m also a fan of getting down and dirty. I spend a lot of time running through beach sand and dancing at the water’s edge, rolling in fields of flowers, splashing in the pool and going on hikes. Since I’m a celebrity now I get to go just about everywhere, including the mall.  All of my adventures are documented in pictures, and although I adore a good photo shoot, even the best models get tired sometimes. When I’m finished performing I simply turn away from the camera. It took a few times, but now everyone knows my signal for ‘finished.’

“Thank You Natural Dog Company! Snout Soother is the only all-natural product that heals my dry, crusty dog nose!” -Luna

So how did my fame on Instagram lead me to become a part of the Natural Dog Pack? Well you see, Snout Soother saved my nose! I live a very busy life, therefore I don’t have time to feel sick, or look bad. Unfortunately, my nose gets this uncomfortable feeling sometimes, not only does it feel itchy for me but also it ruins my photos because my nose looks flaky, and discolored. I always need to look prim and perfect, no icky dry dog nose for me. I admit, it wasn’t love at first sight, at first I tried to squirm away from my mom as she smeared the soothing dog balm over my nose. But after 3 days of being held down and forced through application, I knew why my mom had been so adamant about applying Snout Soother, my nose felt so much better! In proof I give her less of a hard time now when she puts it on me.

Woof Woof,



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