How To Heal Dry & Cracked Dog Noses: Before & After Reviews Of Snout Soother

Heal dry dog noses naturally with Snout Soother

A dry dog nose can be a big problem, especially if the dryness progresses to the point that your dog’s nose begins to crack, fall off in chunks, bleed, become discolored or show any other signs of irritation. Your dog relies on his nose to smell everything around, in fact your dog’s sense of smell is his greatest sense of all. If your eyesight suddenly started to go bad and you couldn’t process the world in the same ways you did before, how would you feel? This is how your dog starts to feel when their nose isn’t working right. That’s why it’s so important to heal a dry or crusty dog nose as it can actually lead to behavioral issues and additional stress for your dog.   

While a moist dog nose is so important to your dog’s overall health and wellbeing, there are many causes of dry dog noses, such as:

  • Overexposure to the sun – yes, your dog’s nose CAN get sunburned.
  • Allergies to anything from the plastic food bowl they eat out of to pesticides in the dirt they dig in.
  • Sleeping or lounging near a heater can dry out your dog’s nose.
  • Short-nosed dogs (Brachycephalic Breeds) are more prone to dry noses due to the natural shape of their facial structure.

If your dog’s nose is irritated for any reason at all, they are more likely to scratch and lick at it, causing further irritation. That’s why it’s so important to heal and address the issue as soon as possible. 

How To Heal Dry Dog Noses

Snout Soother is an easy, affordable and all natural way to treat cracked, crusty and dry dog noses. It is also used to treat hyperkeratosis, canine dry eye and discoid lupus. While it goes to work soothing irritated dry dog noses, the healing balm provides natural sunscreen, windburn protection as well as protection against extreme weather conditions.

Natural Dog Company originated with one single product: Snout Soother. Despite how much we have grown over the last few years, our goal with this all-natural vegan product remains the same to this day. We want to help heal as many dry, crusty, discolored and overall unhealthy snouts as possible. We’d love to introduce you to a few of our clients that walk on four legs and have seen great results from Snout Soother!  

Meet Jerry The Bulldog, He No Longer Has A Dry Dog Nose!

Jerry high-profile

Jerry is a high-profile bulldog that needs to look his best at all times, and a dog with a dry or crusty nose is certainly not camera-ready! Jerry is the Campus Ambassador at Arkansas Tech University. Jerry’s owner, Heather S., writes: “It is very important for Jerry to always look his best and Snout Soother has helped his dry, cracked bulldog nose. We love the product and have recommended it to numerous people!”

Here’s what Jerry’s nose looked like before Snout Soother:

Heal dry dog noses naturally with Snout Soother

Here’s what Jerry’s nose looks like after using Snout Soother: 

Tyler Durden The American Cocker Spaniel No Longer Has A Dry Nose!

Tyler Durden is a celebrity American Cocker Spaniel with quite the Instagram following. When you’re constantly in the public eye, people start to question why your nose looks so dry and crusty. Tyler’s loving parents, Paul and Tyler, decided to give Snout Soother a try.

Heal dry dog noses naturally with Snout Soother

Tyler’s parents write: “We have been using the product on Tyler’s nose for the past week and have begun seeing some great results. Putting Snout Soother on is one of Tyler’s favorite parts of the day. He thinks it’s a treat and always tries to lick the extra off my fingers. it’s a good thing it is all natural! Tyler said he recommends this product to all his animal friends because when you heal noses you get happy noses. Also, he said the ladies love a nice healed nose, and Tyler is all about the ladies.”

Jersey The Golden Has A Smooth And Healthy Dog Nose Now!

Jersey is a beautiful 8-year-old golden retriever from Spotswood, NJ. Jersey takes special medications to help with seizures, but the medicines enlisted to help her started drying out her nose even worse than it was before.

Annie, Jersey’s mom, writes: “My dog has had a dry, chapped nose for a few years now. No one could explain why. Then about a year ago my dog started having problems falling down and having seizures. She started taking medications that dried her out.  Her nose got worse, so bad in fact it was thick, dry, cracked, almost down to her nostrils.  I didn’t know what to do to help her heal…until I saw your website!”

Jersey’s dry dog nose before Snout Soother:

Heal dry dog noses naturally with Snout Soother

After trying Snout Soother for just one weekend, from Friday to Sunday, Annie started to notice a big difference.

Heal dry dog noses naturally with Snout Soother

Jersey’s healthy nose after using Snout Soother:

Heal dry dog noses naturally with Snout Soother

“I highly recommend Snout Soother for anyone with a dog. I opened the package on a Friday after work, and put the balm on her nose a few times a day. By Sunday evening at dinner the last of the dry skin just fell off! That’s it! Not even three days. Completely better – and you know I’m going to rub it in her nose to keep it from coming back!”

Annie adds, “Thank you so much for your wonderful product! My eight-year-old golden retriever, Jersey, is going to be much more comfortable from now on.  She once again has a warm, wet snout!”

Heal dry dog noses naturally with Snout SootherHelping Heal Dry Dog Noses One Snout At A Time!

Our pawesome testimonials routinely make our days brighter around here! We love seeing all of the dogs we are able to help with our full line of all natural dog care products. We’d love to help your dog receive the same healing relief as the dogs pictured above. Learn more about Snout Soother and try it risk free! Your dog is sure to thank you.