Happy Thanksgiving Dog Lovers!


We are so thankful to our loyal customers; because of you, we can do what we love every day – saving the world one snout at a time!

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? As you go around the table sharing all that you appreciate, you surely can’t forget your fuzzy four-legged friend(s)! After all, dogs bring us joy everyday of the year. Did you know that statistically dog owners are happier than their pet-less peers? Dogs really and truly improve our wellbeing, although we aren’t the only ones giving thanks. Your dog appreciates you everyday of his life, when you bring him his food, fill up his water, or make some space beside you so he can cuddle close.

This Thanksgiving, don’t forget to give thanks to your dog—both verbally and by sharing some of those yummy turkey leftovers! Although the holidays get busy, keeping your pet in mind is important. Cold winter weather can wreak havoc on your dog’s sensitive nose. Snout Soother can prevent and cure chapped, peeling, dry, or crusty dog noses this winter, and all yearlong! From our dog-crazy family here at Natural Dog Company to yours, we wish you all kinds of happiness this Thanksgiving; and may your world always be full of dogs to give thanks for!

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