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Asked Questions

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General Questions

  • My dog tries to lick the balm off, what should I do?

    Natural Dog Company organic healing balms will still work even if most of it has been licked off! The key is to apply as often as possible—especially before bedtime when your dog's body is in healing mode; your dog will also be more relaxed and less likely to resist at bedtime. The more time the product is allowed to absorb into the skin, the better results you'll see. Distractions work wonders! Try a giving your dog a long-lasting Gnawer to chew on, some tasty treats, a dab of peanut butter, or some belly rubs while the balm works its magic!

    For Snout Soother, some customers have suggested wiping a dab of peanut butter on the top of your dog's paw, which may direct their attention away from licking their nose!

    For our paw products, if the above distractions are unsuccessful, you can use baby or dog socks temporarily to prevent licking as the balm absorbs.

    For more application tips, read this blog article!

  • Do you ship to my country?

    We ship to all countries around the world every day! We offer shipping through FedEx and USPS so you can decide which carrier works best for you. Please note that not all countries accept USPS Tracking.

    Please visit our shipping page for additional information.

  • My dog resists when I try to apply the product, what can I do?

    It is perfectly normal for dogs to react to having any kind of balm or product applied to them, especially on an area that may be painful due to dryness or inflammation. Despite your drama queen's performance, our products are super soothing and completely safe to ingest!

    Our best advice for reluctant pups is to take it slow, never force or restrain them, and keep it positive (read: lots of super tasty treats!). Any dog can be trained to sit politely for balm application—in fact, one zoo has even taught their jaguars to offer their paws for Paw Soother application! Don't believe us? Read our blog for video proof and a step-by-step guide to teach your dog to love grooming time!

  • Are your products safe if my dog tries to lick or eat them?

    Natural Dog products are 100% natural, safe and edible. All dogs instinctively lick at foreign substances to groom themselves—luckily, our balms will still work even if most of the product is licked off! However, the more time our healing balms are allowed to absorb into the skin, the better results you'll see. We suggest applying as often as possible (especially before bedtime) and attempting to distract your dog to give time for the balm to work its magic.

  • How soon will I notice a difference?

    With our balms, most customers notice a difference within a day or two of the first application. Many customers have reported a major difference with only one application! Healing time depends on the severity of the skin issue and frequency of application, but in general you should see a difference within a few weeks.

    For a better idea of healing time and effectiveness of our balms, please browse our customer testimonials and read reviews for specific products on their product pages.

  • Are your product fragrance-free?

    None of our products contain added fragrance! However, because our balms and shampoos are made with essential oils, they do have some natural scent. Most people love these earthy, soothing scents, but dogs are sometimes turned off by them because of their hyper-sensitive smelling ability. If your dog is reluctant to allow application, check out our blog for a step-by-step guide to better balm application!

  • Can I use your products on my puppy/senior dog?

    Absolutely! All of our products are completely natural and safe for dogs of all ages, including puppies and senior dogs!

  • Are your products safe for a pregnant dog?

    Absolutely! All of our products are completely natural and safe for pregnant or whelping mamas.

  • Can I use these products on myself?

    Since our products are made with the highest quality human-grade ingredients, absolutely! In fact, we frequently hear from customers who have healed their chapped lips, eczema, psoriasis, and more using our balms. We have also been known to use them as chapstick at trade shows to demonstrate their safety and effectiveness!

  • Where are your products manufactured?

    All of our products are made in the USA in reputable facilities. We hand-pour our healing balms in our own Charlotte, NC facility.

  • Where do your ingredients come from?

    Our carefully selected ingredients are sourced from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Indonesia, Hawaii, Spain , Nepal, Argentina, and Ghana Africa (none from China). All our ingredients are scrutinized and tested for the highest quality.

  • What if I am not completely satisfied with my product?

    We are so confident in our products that we offer an unconditional satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely happy with our products for any reason, please reach out to our Customer Service team within 60 days of purchase and we'll help you with a refund.

  • What if my product shows up melted or too hard?

    If your balm arrives melted, just pop it in the fridge for a few minutes. Good as new! Melting is to be expected if your order ships when it's warm out, since our balms are made with natural coconut oil which has a very low melting point.

    If your balm arrives solid, you can place it in a warm place, like on top of the fridge, and it will be back to normal in a few minutes. Cold balms will also return to normal consistency after a day or so kept at room temperature. If the product seems too firm when it's time to apply, warm it in your hands to let your body heat melt the coconut oil carrier until its a smoother consistency.

  • Do your products expire?

    Our products do not expire, however, when they are exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations it can cause the natural ingredients to separate. While the balm may look different, this does not effect the integrity of the product and it can still be mixed back together using the warmth between two fingers. If you're still having issues, reach out to our Customer Service team for help.

  • How many applications are the travel size or 2 oz products?

    This will vary greatly based on the size of your dog, frequency of use, and amount applied. One can expect approximately 15 uses with the trial size and at least 100 uses with the 2 oz.

Need help deciding which product?

  • Are there any known contradictions?

    There are no known contraindications. However, you might use caution if your pet has nut allergies.

  • What is the differences between the Tin and Stick?

    The only difference between the two is personal preference! Our “sticks” twist up much like a lip balm or deodorant stick, offering a “hands-free” approach where you can easily apply the balm without necessarily having to get any product on your hands. Other customers prefer the tin where they can use their fingers to massage the balm it into the area, making sure they are getting the targeting area, good coverage and absorption. You can also get a no-mess application with our tin container by using a low-absorbent beauty pad.

    Can’t decide? Try one of our Bundles!

  • Do any of your products offer SPF protection?

    Yes! Snout Soother provides a natural, estimated, SPF of 9 to give your pup some protection from the sun while out and about enjoying the outdoors.

  • Cracked, Crusty, or Dry Nose

    If your dog is suffering from a dry, chapped, cracked, split, bleeding, flaky, and/or crusty nose – you need our vet recommended Snout Soother. This healing balm was specifically formulated just for healing sensitive dog noses! It is scent-free, soothing, highly moisturizing, protective and works FAST to healing dry noses. Your dog will thank you!
    Snout Soother tin

  • Rashes, Hot Spots, Itchy, Irritated skin

    If your dog is suffering from itchy, red, irritated skin we recommend our Itchy Pup Combo Set that includes our Spruce Up Pup shampoo bar for full body treatment and Skin Soother for spot treatments. Together, these products will help to soothe the irritation, treat any infection that may be present, and help the skin to heal.

    If your dog has especially sensitive skin, then we sugges our Sensitive Skin shampoo bar and Wrinkle Balm. Wrinkle Balm has similar antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties as Skin Soother but it specially formulated to be gentle. Great for using around sensitive areas like the face!

    Skin Soother tin

  • Allergies

    Dog allergies come in all shapes, sizes, and forms—there are skin allergies, food allergies and environmental allergies. No matter what, an allergy is an overreaction of the body’s immune system to a foreign substance. It’s important to try and pinpoint the cause of the allergy, but it’s also extremely important to treat the symptoms.

    You can soothe and treat your dog’s discomfort with our Itchy Pup Combo. This amazing set includes our Spruce Up Pup shampoo bar for full body treatment and Skin Soother for spot treatments. If your dog has especially sensitive skin, then we recommend our Delicate Dog combo kit.

    Check out or blog article: Treating Dog Allergies

  • Hair Loss and Hot Spots

    Hot spots and other skin infections can cause a dog to experience hair loss. Also, extreme irritation can make your dog chew and bite an area until the hair is worn away / ripped out. We recommend our Itchy pup combo kit, which includes our Spruce Up Pup Shampoo bar for full body treatment and Skin Soother for spot treatments. Skin Soother will treat any infection that may be present, soothe the irritation, and allow the skin to heal.

    Check out our blog on Tips and Tricks for Healing Hot Spots on Dogs

  • Post Surgery and Wound Care

    Skin Soother is ideal for treating wounds of all kinds. The natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties will protect against infection, soothe the wound, help to heal quicker and reduce scarring. It’s essentially an all-natural version of Neosporin that is perfectly safe for pets! Any hoomans, too!

    Post-surgery: sutures in vs sutures out – It’s completely safe to apply the balm while the sutures are still in place. In fact, it will speed up the healing process and minimize scarring!

    Open wound vs scabbed wound – Skin Soother can be applied to an open wound or a scabbed wound. Applying to an open wound will help to reduce scabbing and protect against infection.

    Check out our blog article Dog Post-Surgery Wound Care: The Essential How-To Guide For Treating Your Dog After Surgery

    Dog Post Surgery Wound Care

  • Bug bites

    Skin Soother is perfect for helping your pup to feel better after being bitten by pesky little critters. The natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties will help to protect against infection, soothe irritation, and help the skin to heal.

    skin soother

  • Dandruff, Flaky Dry Skin

    If your dog’s skin is overly dry, use our moisturizing and all-natural shampoo bar – Silky Soft. This moisturizing bar will nourish the skin, no conditioner needed! It will also make the fur soft, silky, dry faster and without that wet dog smell!

    If your dog is especially itchy, irritated, yeasty, and/or rashy – then you will want to use our Spruce Up Pup. This bar will help to soothe the irritation, treat any infection, and allow the skin to heal.

    shampoo set

  • Irritated Skin Folds or Wrinkles

    Creases in the skin are able to trap bacteria, yeast, and other funky buildup – causing irritation, infection, and foul odors. We specially formulated Wrinkle Balm to keep skin folds clean, free of infection, and fresh. The natural ingredients are specifically chosen for their gentle, yet effective, antibacterial, anti-fungal, and soothing properties.

    Wrinkle Balm tin

  • Tear Stains

    Wrinkle Balm will help to reduce and protect against buildup and discoloration under eyes and within skin folds. Although Wrinkle Balm is gentle and great for using around sensitive areas, for safety purposes, the balm should not be applied closer than within ½” of the eye.

    Wrinkle Balm

  • Stinky Face or Tail Pocket

    When bacteria, fungus, moisture and other buildup gets trapped within skin folds and creases, it causes infections, irritation, and funky odors. We’ve specially formulated Wrinkle Balm just for treating and preventing these issues. The natural antibacteria and anti-fungal properties in Wrinkle Balm will treat & prevent infection, soothe irritation and guard against buildup – leaving the skin fresh and stink-free! It’s gentle, too, so it’s great for using around sensitive areas like the face or tail pocket!

    Wrinkle Balm

  • Canine Acne, Sores on the Mouth

    Like humans, pimples and sores are caused from bacteria getting trapped under the skin. If your dog is developing sores / pimples around their mouth, you will want to first make sure you are using stainless-steel bowls to help reduce levels of bacteria. You can then treat the sores / pimples with Wrinkle Balm. This organic balm offers natural antibacterial properties that will help treat AND prevent infections, while also gentle enough to use anywhere around the face.

    Wrinkle Balm tin

  • Lip Fold Pyoderma

    Lip fold pyoderma is an inflammatory skin disorder that often develops between the folds of dogs’ lips, but can also form anywhere else with wrinkles, such as the face, groin or armpit area. Wrinkle Balm is the most gentle option to effectively treat, soothe, cure and even prevent skin fold pyoderma and other forms of dog dermatitis. Whenever treating sensitive areas, such as around the face, we suggest Wrinkle Balm because of it’s specially mild formulation. However, for more troublesome cases, or if Wrinkle Balm does not seem strong enough, we then recommend Skin Soother – our stronger option.

    Check out our blog article Lip Fold Pyoderma Treatment: How To Naturally Banish Infected Lip Wrinkles

    wrinkle balm stick
    Skin Soother

  • Ear Fungus Or Irritation

    Apply a generous amount of Wrinkle Balm to the affected area and your pup’s ears will improve. It’s safe to apply on the underside of the ear, but please avoid applying the balm inside the ear canal. For inner ear infections, you will want to look into an aqueous formula / product.

    Wrinkle Balm

  • Cracked, Burned, Injured, or Dry Paws

    If your dog has dry, chapped paw pads – heal them with our super moisturizing Paw Soother. The natural butters and oils work deep into the skin to mend cracks, soothe dryness and help the paws to heal. Healthy, moisturized paw pads actually allow dogs to get a better grip! Damaged paws? Paw Soother will help to heal your pup’s damaged paw pads, and have them feeling soothed and healthy.

    Keep paws protected against damage by applying PawTection before heading outdoors. The natural waxes create a protective barrier on the skin to guard against damage and lock in moisture.

    Together, these two products are the ultimate Pawdicure Pack to keeping your dog’s paws healthy and happy all year round!


  • Sores, Pimples Between Toes (Interdigital Cysts)

    Sores on the feet are likely interdigital cysts, which is a painful condition that is caused when the hair follicles between the toes become infected. To treat this condition we recommend our Skin Soother as it has natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Apply 2-3x/day and your pup’s paws will feel better in no time. If your dog is prone to these break outs, you will also want to protect their paws frequently by applying the balm periodically to help with preventing and minimizing future occurrences of cysts.

    Skin Soother

  • Itchy Irritated Paws

    If you dog is constantly chewing their paws, and you notice redness, irritation, inflammation, rashes, sores, and/or broken skin, you will want to treat their paws with our healing Skin Soother. The natural ingredients in Skin Soother are anti-fungal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, soothing and healing. This balm will help to treat / prevent infection, soothe the irritation, and help the skin to heal.

    Skin Soother tin