Dry, Cracked Paw Pads? Introducing Organic Paw Soother To The Rescue!


Don’t forget to protect your dog from rough, dry, or cracking paw pads with organic Paw Soother

When your dog jumps up to greet you, or hands you a paw to shake, what do their paw pads feel like? A healthy paw pad should be smooth to the touch. If your dog’s paw pads are rough, cracked, or damaged in any way it’s important to treat the problem before it gets worse. When you go outside you slip on your shoes before hitting the hot asphalt or running over gravel rocks. Your dog, on the other hand, likely doesn’t have any shoes to wear on his or her feet. It’s all up to their squishy paw pads to do the protecting, a job that is often too much even for your dog’s pawesomely powerful feet.

Dry, Cracking Dog Paw Pads

Paw pads have natural cushioning to help absorb shock and pressure and protect your dog’s bones and joints. Although certain terrain and weather conditions can break down paw pads and damage them. Rough or cracking paw pads may not be able to properly protect your dog and can also cause your dog a great deal of discomfort. Some even notice their dogs limping if cracked paw pads persist. Just like any skin, paw pads can dry out very easily, especially when they are exposed to the elements without any added protection.

How Dog Paws Become Damaged

It’s important to protect your dog’s feet throughout all four seasons. Have you ever noticed how dry your own skin gets in the winter time? The same is true for dogs, the cold harsh air can easily dry out their skin—including paw pads. Especially because paws are exposed directly to the ground surface, if it is snowing the extreme cold can work against your dog’s paw pads. Also, snow often calls for de-icers which are used to cover the sidewalks where your dog walks. De-icers can be full of toxic chemicals and salts that can make your dog’s feet sore and can even make your dog sick. As soon as the sun comes out, melts the snow, and calls upon the flowers, the dangers are not clear. Your dog’s paw pads can be damaged by extreme heat—such as hot concrete baking under the sun. Also, summer activities like going to the beach can provoke similar problems, as sand can be an irritant to your dog’s paws. When out cruising the elements your dog’s paw pads are always at risk for: -Toxic chemicals -Chemical burns -Drying -Cracking -Frostbite -Trauma


Even in perfect weather conditions your dog’s paw pads can become dry, cracked, or otherwise damaged.

How To Protect Your Dog’s Feet All Year Long With Paw Soother

Paw Soother provides natural relief to sore, chapped, or dry paws, while also offering an organic protective barrier against further damage. Before applying Paw Soother, make sure your dog’s feet are trimmed, their hair should not grow down between their toes. Untrimmed hair on your dog’s feet can lead to a build up of snow, salt, or other chemicals that can further irritate your dog. Plus, when a build up occurs your dog is prone to licking at it, which can be toxic for their insides. You can help by rinsing off your dog’s feet after a walk to prevent any chemicals or other toxins from being licked off instead. As durable and care free as your dog seems, dogs are still sensitive, especially when it comes to their paw pads. After all, they walk around all day on their feet, over all types of surfaces, temperatures, and conditions. If your dog spends a lot of time exploring outdoors, their paw pads likely show it. With the power of Paw Soother you can restore your dog’s paws so that they feel smooth to the touch.

How Does Paw Soother Work?


Summer, winter, spring, and fall, Paw Soother provides organic healing protection your dog’s paw pads need against the elements.

Organic Paw Soother is made with all-natural oil and herbal-based blends, specifically designed to quickly heal rough, chapped paw pads. Simply apply Paw Soother over chapped, rough, or cracked paw pads using the easy to use, glide-on application stick. Within minutes Paw Soother’s all-natural ingredients begin to work, penetrating the skin with moisture and relief. After only a few applications, the differences will be noticeable to the touch, and your dog will notice the differences too! Some pet owners try dog shoes to help better protect dog paws. In some instances dog shoes can work great, although we know a number of dogs that just don’t like to play while wearing shoes. Plus, once dry or cracking paw pads persist, you’ll need to do more than protect your dog from future harm. First, you must restore moisture to your dog’s paws. The easiest way to do so is with Paw Soother. No matter how healthy your dog’s paw pads are, dogs still love to lick at their toes. This is why making Paw Soother safe for your dog to ingest is of utmost importance. Made for dogs, but safe enough for humans, all of our Natural Dog products contain carefully sourced ingredients that are 100% natural and vegan. At Natural Dog we love dogs, all the way from their snouts to their paws. Paw Soother was created as an organic way to heal dry, chapped paw pads for an ultimately happier, healthier canine. Our mission is simple . . . soothe, heal , wag!

Make your dog’s day more pawsome, try Paw Soother risk free today!

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