Dry, Cracked English Bulldog Nose? Tugg Provides Answers

Once upon a time, Tugg the English Bulldog had a very dry, cracked dog nose. Tugg’s devoted owner tried for years to heal and moisturize Tugg’s bulldog nose, but all to no avail. Thankfully one of our ads for all-natural Snout Souther reached Ashley via Facebook, granting Tugg the dry dog nose remedy he needed all along.

This week we are proud to share yet another¬†Snout Soother¬†success story. Here is Ashley’s testimonial about her sweet English Bulldog named Tugg.

‚ÄúI’m definitely sold and will never use anything else . . . ” -Ashley Baudler on¬†Snout Soother.


Tugg is one super cute English Bulldog, but as you can see in this picture he used to always get a dry, chapped dog nose.

“Hello my name is Ashley and I recently purchased your product because I saw an advertisement on Facebook.¬† I have an English bulldog and I’ve struggled for years to get his nose healed from being dry, cracked and chapped.¬† I’ve been using your product for almost 2 weeks and I’ve seen remarkable progress!¬† I’ve been telling all of my friends to use your product.¬† I’m definitely sold and will never use anything else for my baby’s nose.”

-Ashley Baudler, Rockport, Indiana 

before and after Snout Soother

Before and After Snout Soother: Pictured at top is Tugg’s nose before Snout Soother. The bottom photo shows Tugg’s new chap-free dog nose thanks to our all-natural dog balm, Snout Soother.

We are so happy to hear about Ashley’s pawesome results using Snout Soother, we are woof-woof wild about our customers and their beloved pets.¬†Just like any company, we want to make sales to stay in business, but more importantly we want to help dogs just like Tugg all over the world.¬†After all, our motto is simple: Soothe, Heal, Wag!

Finding a¬†canine dry nose¬†remedy is a must, dogs with chapped, cracking dog noses often experience discomfort, along with a lack of smell (you dog’s favorite and most trustworthy sense).

Our customers continually send us amazing photo testimonials of their four-legged friends, once plagued by dry dog nose conditions, they now live a healthy life with a moist, wet, healthy dog nose. To see more before and after Snout Soother photos click here. 

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