Doggy Crack: What’s Your Dog’s Addiction?

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“Glory,” I call as I head towards the front door.  I don’t have to wait long because Glory, my (age and colour) Australian Shepherd is close by. She knows from the way I am dressed that we are doing her favorite activity and she is just waiting for me to say it.

I smile at her as she prances around my feet, her eyes bright and a large smile spread across her little canine muzzle. She is such a ham and I know that as soon as say the word, her barely contained excitement is going to burst free like an explosion.


And that is all it takes for her bright eyes to become even brighter and for her blast through the dog door into the garage and up onto Rocky.  She makes hilarious whiney noises and howls out a big “Arrooo” with barely contained excitement. I have now discovered Glory’s own personal Doggy Crack.

For those who don’t know, Glory’s favorite activity is not a person; it is actually a thing, my Kawasaki Mule, which is an all terrain vehicle.  Glory loves going for a ride and whenever I get the chance she is right there beside me, happy to be out with Rocky.

This last time that I gave Glory her fix of personal Doggy Crack, it got me thinking.  How many other dogs experience the same excitement over one thing, whether it is a treat, person or a special event that they enjoy going to.  Asking around, I came back with some pretty funny answers.

Anna from Ontario Canada, who is an avid fan of Snout Soother, wrote,

dreamstimefree_109931“I have a 10 year old Labrador Retriever named Petey. He is a wonderful dog that had a lot of energy when he was younger but he is starting to slow down now.  A lot of things that used to get him excited doesn’t anymore…except his Doggy Crack.

When the weather warms up, we load Petey into our van and head out to the lake.  He knows the way and he will usually start the drive lying down on his seat.  By the time we reach the city limits, he is up; panting slowly as his eyes watches the road.

10 minutes from the lake, Petey starts a soft whine and his panting becomes more pronounced as he sits up then stands up, then sits back down…the whole time his gaze is on the trees ahead.  When the first sight of the lake comes is seen between the trees, he can’t contain himself and will run to the back of the van, whining and whimpering, his excitement through the roof.

Finally, when we get there, he runs back and forth the length of the van as we get out and open his door.  He will always jump out, whine, jump, twirl and be a big goofball as he eagerly waits for us to get our stuff to head down to the lake.

The minute we take him off the leash, he runs at breakneck speed and launches himself into the air before he crashes down into the water.  After that, we can’t get him out of the water and he would be happy to swim around the small lake all day.   Swimming at the lake is definitely Petey’s doggy crack!”

It seems like Petey has a lot in common with Glory when it comes to being outside doing something he loves.  So what about you?  What is your dog’s favorite thing…or rather what’s your dog’s doggy crack?  Please share in the comment section below as I love to hear stories about your dogs.