Dog Nose Best—The Importance of Your Dog’s Nose


What’s that smell? Dogs have an incredible sense of smell, they take in scents us humans could never recognize, let alone even know exist! But when a dry cracked nose appears, your dog might lose some of their sense of smell– and that’s not all.

Your dog smells everything. He smells you coming in through the front door, where you have been, and whom you’ve come into contact with. While us humans have 5 million receptors in our nose to smell everything around us, dogs will beat us any day at a smelling completion with a whopping 1,000-10,000 times more nasal receptors. Dogs depend on their noses to keep them safe, find food, and just be a curious dog, some dogs more so than others. For example, the average Dachshund has 125 million receptors in its nose, while the Bloodhound has 300 million receptors. No matter the breed though, there is so much your dog understands about the world simply because of his ability to smell.

Made For More Than Just Smelling


Make sure your dog has a healthy nose at all times! A chapped, crusty, dry, or flaking dog nose might not be doing its job right.

A dog nose is more than just an extra-sensitive smelling machine, it’s also the equivalent of a human fingerprint; every dog has a unique set of ridges, and dimples that can be used to identify one dog from another. In fact, over the last few years, companies have begun recording nose prints in an effort to help find and identify lost or stolen dogs. Just as a nose can identify a dog, it can also help pinpoint other problems, like if a dog is dehydrated his nose will dry up, and if a dog becomes warm, his nose will get wet to help cool him off. While human strangers might not realize it, dogs also lick their noses as a calming message to unfamiliar new friends.

A Dog Without His Nose 

A dog’s most reliable attribute is his nose, and without full function and health of his or her little black or pink-tinted nose, a dog can quickly become depressed. For starters, without full range of smell dogs are cut off from the world around them; this can also lead to fear because everything will feel less familiar. A dry, cracked, or crusty dog nose might seem all about aesthetics, but in reality the appearance of a dog’s nose can help determine how he is feeling on the inside. If your dog’s nose doesn’t look moist or smooth, it’s likely causing him pain, irritation, and potentially even a loss of smell or troubles breathing all together.

For the Love of Dogs

When I first started this business people would often ask me, “Why the nose? Why not a more exciting aspect of the dog?” But my answer is, and always has been, simple: what’s better than the nose? Just ask your dog, after all it’s one of their most beloved senses and yet it is vulnerable to a whole host of problems. I developed Natural Dog Company knowing that the overall health of a dog starts with the nose, and in aims of keeping all dogs healthy and happy we have formulated the perfect soothing balm for dry dog noses.  Our mission? To save the world, one snout at a time… with Snout Soother!