Cute Dog Pictures & Snout Soother–What More Could You Ask For?

We LOVE our customers and get quite a hoot out of the pawsome photos they regularly share with us. Not only are the dogs downright adorable, but none of them have rough, dry, dog noses anymore! Thanks to Snout Soother so many dogs have found relief from chapped, flaking canine nose issues, which can be caused by allergies, hyperkeratosis, weather, and so many other contributing factors.

Since our mission at Natural Dog is to heal the world, one snout at a time, we are mighty proud of all the snouts we’ve been able to cure lately. Here are some of our favorite dog photos our customers have sent us of their canines posing nice and pretty with their favorite all-natural dog product, Snout Soother!

We can’t get enough of these fun dog photos, which one is your favorite?



Alicia says, “Being a dog is a balancing act!” She surly isn’t going to let her favorite soothing dog product fall to the floor–unless, did someone say treats!?!?! Follow Alicia on Instagram: @innis2winnis


Kuvo loves looking professional in bow ties for dogs, but Snout Soother remains closest to this canine’s heart! Follow Kovu on Instagram @thedogsaga



Rootbeer the Frenchie makes sure to apply Snout Soother every night before bed in order to fight off a chapped, crusty, Frenchie dog nose! Follow Rootbeer on Instagram @rootbeer_frenchie


Mom, Can I have some more Snout Soother now?! Golden retrievers are sweet and smart, they know Snout Soother not only relieves their sensitive dry nose, but it sort of tastes good too! Follow Desmon @desmonthegolden



Look at that beautiful face and dog nose!!! This dog was born to model, and thanks to Snout Soother she looks great in every photo now! Follow Blaze on Instagram @husky_quartet


My package came!!! Getting Snout Soother in the mail is so exciting, especially unwrapping the pretty blue bow. Although the best part is seeing your dog’s nose change after only 1 or 2 applications. Follow Hector on Instagram @hector_the_frenchie


Do you have cute photos of your dog posing with Snout Soother? If so we’d love for you to share them with us! We aren’t just another dog product company, at Natural Dog we really do care about dogs–in fact, dogs are our life. We want your dog, and every other dog around the world, to experience relief from their dry, chapped, or peeling dog nose. Our all-natural dog product contains 100% safe ingredients so that you can give your dog the natural relief they are silently begging you for.

Try Snout Soother risk free– we guarantee your dog will thank you!

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And don’t forget to send us your photos, perhaps your dog could be the next Natural Dog Celebrity!