Shop to Support: Halfway There & Pilots N Paws

Charity Spotlight: Halfway There Rescue and Pilots N Paws

Natural Dog Company Gives Back! 

Shop November 16–18 and We’ll Donate 10%

Here at Natural Dog Company, we LOVE rescue dogs! Several members of our team share their homes with rescued dogs (and cats!), we’ve spent our time volunteering at shelters, and we frequently donate product to rescues and pets in need. We understand how vital both local rescues and national networks are in saving millions of pets every year, and we appreciate the difficult and often thankless work that these groups and all of their volunteers do every single day.

So this November, we’ve planned an event designed specifically to raise funds for two of our favorite nonprofit organizations saving homeless pets! We’ll donate 10% of our profits from November 16th, 17th, and 18th, 2020 directly to Halfway There Rescue and Pilots N Paws

Halfway There Rescue

Halfway There Rescue logoOur neighbors in Charlotte, North Carolina, Halfway There Rescue was founded in February 2012 and they’ve saved almost 2,500 pets in that time! Run entirely by volunteers, their mission is to rescue, foster, transport, and find homes for unwanted, abandoned, and abused dogs in the Carolinas. They focus on pulling at-risk pets from overcrowded shelters in North and South Carolina, placing them in temporary foster homes, then finding them loving forever homes Halfway There also does important work in our local communities through their outreach program, providing free veterinary care, including spay/neuter, for those who cannot afford these services for their pets.

Shop to support dogs like Doodle! This sweet girl ended up at a local shelter, abandoned and heartworm-positive, until Halfway There found her. They treated her heartworms and now Doodle is ready to find her forever home—she’s ADOPTABLE in the Charlotte, North Carolina area.

Shop to support dogs like Dale! This handsome bulldog beefcake lived a sad and neglected life on a chain, suffering from a skin infection, dental issues, and a condition which caused double cherry eye and affected his vision. Luckily, Dale made it to a local shelter where he was found by Halfway There and given the medical treatment he so desperately needed—Dale literally has a new outlook on life! Dale is ADOPTABLE in the Charlotte, North Carolina area.

To learn more about Halfway There (and view their adoptable pets!) visit their website or follow their Facebook page!

Pilots N Paws

Pilots N Paws logoThis organization has a unique mission focused on transporting pets in need across great distances to their forever homes: Pilots N Paws provides an online forum to network between those that rescue, shelter, and foster animals, and pilots and plane owners willing to volunteer to assist with the transportation of these animals. Since their founding in 2008, they’ve enabled thousands of pets in need to fly home! This method of transportation greatly increases a rescue’s reach and ability to pull pets in need from regions where local rescues are stretched thin—Pilots n Paws are always looking for additional pilots to donate their time in the sky!

Ella Rose with her personal pilotShop to support dogs like Ella Rose! This baby was found in rural Missouri in very bad shape, nearly starved and suffering a terrible case of mange. When a rescue from Chicago wanted to give Ella Rose a new life, pilot Eduard Seitan volunteered to give her a lift. Pilots N Paws makes connections like this possible, so we want to donate as much as we can to help this important work.

Layla and family with their pilots

Shop to support dogs like Layla and her puppies! When this adorable family needed to get from Missouri to Minneapolis, pilots David Pettet and Eric Topole volunteered to fly them home. Volunteers like these have helped save thousands of lives, and Pilots N Paws is always looking to connect with more generous pilots!

To learn more about Pilots and Paws’ mission (and volunteer if you’re a pilot or plane owner!), visit their website or follow their Facebook page.