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Category: Dogs with Jobs

Wonders of a Wet Nose: Search & Rescue Dogs

Search and rescue dogs are working daily all over the world to save lives—these unsung canine heroes need healthy, wet noses to do their jobs!

Wonders of a Wet Nose: Bomb Sniffing Dogs

These canine heroes use their wet noses to detect danger every day in airports all over the world—a bomb sniffing dog's nose may save your life someday!

Amazing Things Dogs Do With Noses: Hunting Dogs

Does your dog have a smooth, moist snout? If so your dog counts smelling among his greatest talents. Plus, all dogs naturally love to hunt. Dogs with a dry or crusty nose might not...

Life On The Run: All About Sled Dogs and How They Maintain Smooth Paw Pads

Did you know sled dogs help keep warm by sleeping with their tail covering their nose? Sled dogs are unique, gorgeous creatures that plow through the snow with such excitement and ...

How Dogs Detect Bed Bugs With Their Nose

A dog with a dry, crusty nose can’t smell much. On the other hand, a dog can detect itty-bitty bed bugs if they have a moist, smooth snout. That’s a pretty powerful fac...

The Power of a Wet Nose: Dogs Assist Diabetics

You know the scene. Happy dog face emerging from passing car window, ears, nose busy. Those curious noses precisely punch the air, pinpointing the smells of every surrounding resta...