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Category: Training & Behavior

Does My Dog Need Calming Supplements?

If your dog has separation anxiety, fear of thunderstorms, troubles when traveling, or vet visit anxiety, they may benefit from these Calming Supplements!

Wonders of a Wet Nose: Search & Rescue Dogs

Search and rescue dogs are working daily all over the world to save lives—these unsung canine heroes need healthy, wet noses to do their jobs!

Wonders of a Wet Nose: Bomb Sniffing Dogs

These canine heroes use their wet noses to detect danger every day in airports all over the world—a bomb sniffing dog's nose may save your life someday!

Daily Dog Diversions

Bored Dog? Entertain them with a FREE printable list of 15+ low-prep activities you can try right now! Identify and solve boredom behaviors today.

6 Natural Ways to Treat Dog Anxiety

Natural gnawers, organic supplements, and other natural solutions to help ease dog anxiety. Help your anxious dog now!

Tricks & Treats: Easy Ways to Train Your Pup

Whether you've got a young pup or an old dog, anyone can learn new tricks with positive reward training! We'll teach you how to teach your dog to wave!

How to Tell if Your Dog Is Uncomfortable

It is easy to tell when a person is in pain – usually because they can’t wait to tell you about their pounding headache, their bad back, their sore feet or their tennis elbow. ...

Amazing Things Dogs Do With Noses: Hunting Dogs

Does your dog have a smooth, moist snout? If so your dog counts smelling among his greatest talents. Plus, all dogs naturally love to hunt. Dogs with a dry or crusty nose might not...

Life On The Run: All About Sled Dogs and How They Maintain Smooth Paw Pads

Did you know sled dogs help keep warm by sleeping with their tail covering their nose? Sled dogs are unique, gorgeous creatures that plow through the snow with such excitement and ...