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Category: All the Details

Itchy Dog Shampoo! PLUS: 10 Dog Bath Tips

The best all-natural shampoo for itchy dogs is loaded with beneficial ingredients to balance, heal, and soothe irritated skin. PLUS, tips for a better bath! Who knew bath time coul...

The Best Fish Oil for Dogs & What to Avoid

With so many options, how do you know which fish oil is best for your dog? Look out for these red flags before you make a purchase!

Skin and Coat Oil 101

Curious about how our Skin & Coat Oil helps with canine dermatitis, hot spots, dry skin, itchiness, and more? We'll break it down for you, ingredient by ingredient!

Does My Dog Need Calming Supplements?

If your dog has separation anxiety, fear of thunderstorms, troubles when traveling, or vet visit anxiety, they may benefit from these Calming Supplements!

Skin and Coat Supplement 101

This all-natural, organic skin and coat supplement is just what the doctor ordered for your itchy pup! Find out why our tasty chews are best for your dog.

PawTection vs Paw Soother: What’s Best for Your Pup

Paw Soother and PawTection healing balms are the best for healing your dog's irritated paws. Do you know which one to use for your dog's paw health?

Long Lasting Natural Dog Chews: Here are 4 Things to Look Out For

Are you trying to find healthy natural dog chews you can feel good about giving your pup? Naturally, you want something with quality ingredients that doesn’t present a choking ha...

Coconut Oil for Dogs Vs. Paw Soother: What are the Differences?

Question: Can I use coconut oil for dog paws that are dry or cracked? How does it differ from Paw Soother? Answer: While coconut oil is pawesome, and a key ingredient in Paw Sooth...

PawTection: Essential Dog Paw Protection For The Great Outdoors

Paw protection is adamant to keeping your dog’s paws smooth and healthy if they spend any time outside. Call your dog over now and feel the bottom of his or her paw pads—what d...