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Heal your Dog’s Skin Problems with Organic Skin Soother!

If there’s one thing dog owners can agree on, it’s that nothing is too good for our canine companions. These amazing animals bring us so much joy and happiness that we’re always willing to pamper that pup in any way we can, and that’s why the canine care market is such a big one. Whether it’s chew toys, dog biscuits, grooming brushes, custom-knit sweaters, or even just rhinestone-encrusted collars, we make sure our dogs have everything they could ever need or want – or do we?

It’s Not Pampering When It’s Needed

Like no other animal, dogs are always getting into trouble – sometimes way over their head. Even the most sheltered urban apartment pooch can end up getting into mischief and end up with mystery scratches and rashes all over their skin. It’s just their nature – they play rough and they don’t really think ahead when it comes to whether they’re going to injure themselves. It’s why any dog owner knows that they need to keep a puppy first-aid kit at hand for whatever kind of situation their dog ends up in.

This is exactly why we’ve developed our brand-new Skin Soother product. Made from our exclusive blend of safe, edible, organic, all-natural and vegan ingredients, Skin Soother is a natural antibiotic topical treatment – like the kind of bacitracin ointment you would keep in your own medicine cabinet, but without all the chemicals. Made in the USA, our Skin Soother is brimming with antifungal, antibacterial, and healing herbs that help to seal the skin to prevent further contamination and have anti-inflammatory properties to promote fast healing.

Skin Soother Uses

Skin Soother is perfect for helping to heal the kinds of simple cuts and scrapes that any pugnacious pup can end up suffering just from running around the house or back yard. However, the power of our topical ointment goes far beyond that; Skin Soother can help burns, abrasions, or serious wounds – heal faster and cleaner. Our product is also ideal for healing rashes caused by dry skin or irritation, combating yeast and fungal infections, and even any number of bacterial issues, including but not limited to:

  • Hot spots
  • Bacterial folliculitis
  • Atopic Dermatitis
  • Impetigo
  • Acral lick dermatitis (granuloma)
  • Allergic dermatitis
  • Seborrhea
  • Alopecia
  • Démodé tic mange

The Benefits of Skin Soother

Skin Soother is about more than just providing topical relief for our best friends while they’re healing from a scrape or a cut. While our exclusive formula of organic and all-natural, cruelty-free ingredients can indeed soothe uncomfortable or painful skin conditions, applying Skin Soother to your treasured pet’s wounds has many other benefits, including a reduction in scarring and speeding recovery time. In fact, Skin Soother can not only help to heal existing skin infections but can prevent them in the first place.

Reversing infections before they progress or stopping them right before they even happen doesn’t just keep your precious pooch from having to deal with needless pain and suffering; it also keeps you out of the vet’s office. It’s not cheap to see to your dog’s health – and while most dog owners will spare no expense when it comes to their pet, spending a fraction of the price on Skin Soother means more money to spend on fun stuff for your dog, like treats, toys and spa days down at the local groomer – things your dog will enjoy much more than getting poked and prodded by the vet!

Keep Your Pet Safe and Happy

We know how important the health of your favorite pet is to both you and the rest of your family. That playful pup deserves only the best, especially considering how he or she is the very center of your family, and our Skin Soother provides only the best when it comes to safe and all-natural skin care for that loving, devoted dog of yours that shares your home and your heart; keep your cherished pet safe for years to come by keeping his or her skin healthy with Skin Soother ointment.


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Uncover Your Dog’s Diamond In The ‘Ruff’ With Snout Shine! A New Ultra Healing Gloss for Your Pup’s Dry Nose.

Dog Owners Everywhere: Your dog’s nose is highly sensitive and can quickly cause pain to your pooch if the tissue is left dry, chapped, or cracked. Natural Dog Company’s Snout Shine is an organic, all-natural and vegan gloss fortified to quickly heal unhealthy noses and transform them into smooth, shiny sniffers that they’ll be proud to lead the pack with!





Ruff, how did your nose get so pretty and shinny?! Snout Shine, of course!

Snout Shine is an organic high-performance oil supercharged with essential nutrients and antioxidants and perfected to heal your furry friend’s damaged nose while adding healthy vibrancy and shine. Snout Shine provides an easy and effective solution to dry, damaged, or dull noses and is the perfect addition to your pup’s daily beauty regime. Whether they are competing in show, or simply strutting their fluff down the street, your pup will be leading the way with dazzlin’ shine.

There are several key factors when considering dog nose health. Allergies, genetic diseases, skin irritations, weather conditions, and a weak immune system can all cause your dog’s nose tissue to become dry and uncomfortable. In extreme cases, dog noses will crack or even appear to form extra growth. Thankfully, Natural Dog Company has created this holistic healing formula that provides critical nourishing benefits, and leaves noses with a healthy shine!


It’s time to get nosey with your dog! A smooth, moist snout makes for a happy, healthy canine.

Since Natural Dog released their first product, Snout Soother ®, the company has rapidly grown in popularity. Natural Dog started out as a small dog-loving brand from Texas, and has now ballooned into a global company that ships to over 40 countries—and growing.

It’s not just what Snout Shine® does that sets it apart, but also how the product is made. Founder of Natural Dog Company, Elice Davis, says, “My goal from day one has always been to provide the safest and most beneficial products to dogs big and small, all over the world.”

With every last ingredient carefully sourced, owners can feel confident when they use Snout Shine®. After all, it is safe enough for humans, but made just for dogs—all the way down to the smell.

The ingredients that make Snout Shine® so incredible include: Organic Castor Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Shea Nut Oil, Organic Sweet Almond Oil, Rose Hip Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, and Natural Vitamin E.

Snout Shine® is organic, all natural and 100% vegan! To learn more visit the official Natural Dog website.

Happy Howl-idays From Natural Dog Company!

At Natural Dog Company we love the howl-idays! Although it’s the busiest, and often most stressful time of the year, it’ the perfect time to say your blessings and cuddle close to your loved ones (furry friends included), all while enjoying the warmth of the fireplace.

Super-Sonic Dog Noses Save Homeowners From Dry Rot

Dogs have the most incredible noses on the planet, just look at Meg and Jess, two awesome working dogs from the UK using their powerful canine noses to fight for the good of all homeowners.

Mark Doggett couldn’t possibly have a more fitting last name for his new occupation, which includes working with his two beloved dogs (Meg and Jess), a Border collie and English springer spaniel. Mark has trained his two smart dogs to sniff out dry rot in older homes where the destructive fungus tends to hide unnoticed.


Talented working dogs Meg and Jess pose with Mark Doggett

Mr. Doggett spent 10 years in the construction industry, during which time he saw plenty of homeowners get burned by dry rot lurking beneath carpets, skirting boards and even concrete. That’s when the entrepreneur had an excellent idea: he would train his dogs to sniff out dry rot and prevent potential homeowners from encountering a rotten mess after it was already too late.

Dogs are not just one-million times better at picking up smells than humans, they are also incredibly smart and hard working. It only took six months of training to get Meg, a four-year-old Border collie, and Jess, a 22-month-old English springer spaniel, ready for the job as a working dog.


Four-year-old Meg hard at work detecting destructive fungus

The dogs are trained to search all over a building for infected areas; if they catch a whiff of dry rot they know just what to do. They stop, stare at the spot and point at it with their super-sonic dog nose, remaining just like this until Mr. Doggett gives them the special signal that their task has been accomplished.

What Is Dry Rot?

2740240C00000578-0-On_the_case_Four_year_old_Border_collie_Meg_gets_down_to_work_sn-m-45_1428108321498The fungus Serpula lacrymans, which thrives off of wood to gain strength, causes dry rot. Dry rot starts off as a microscopic spore but expands from there into a fruiting body that releases new spores. Once the spores go airborne all parts of a property can become damaged, including brickwork, and concrete floors. Without intervention the entire structure will eventually become compromised. Dry rot can go unnoticed for years during which time serious damage has a chance to form unnoticed.

Working Dogs To The Rescue!

30-year-old Mark Doggett from Wolverhampton calls his company Enviro-dogs, which is unique in that they offer dry rot detection services using dogs. The dogs are capable of going to all types of locations, and there is no other form of detection quite as reliable as a dog’s nose. Plus, the dogs love the work, making Enviro-dogs a win-win for all.


Mr. Dogget said, “It’s not really work for the dogs – they see it as the best game in the world and they enjoy it because it’s working on their natural instincts. The dogs are so effective because they can detect dry rot at much earlier stages. In hidden places dry rot can grow for years without anyone noticing it. It can be hard to find but the dogs can detect it through carpet and wall paneling.”

It takes the dogs only a couple of minutes to sniff out each room. The team have encountered a couple of skeptics, but no one doubts the dogs’ work after seeing them in action.

The dog-gone cool service costs around $297 (£200), an incredibly reasonable price considering how expensive dry rot can be if it goes unnoticed. In proof, Mr. Doggett and his dogs have had huge success and plan to expand by training the dogs how to sniff out bed bugs in hospitals and hotels.

2740043E00000578-3025221-By_the_time_there_are_visible_signs_of_dry_rot_serious_damage_wi-m-63_1428108904636Without the help of these dogs dry rot will grow unnoticed, creating serious damage to a home. These working dogs are truly making a difference in the world. Thanks to Meg and Jess, homeowners and businesses have a chance to catch dry rot before any huge issues manifest.

Your dog’s nose is just as powerful, but only if they have a smooth, moist snout. If your dog’s nose is dry or crusty they can’t smell to their full ability. Natural Dog is here to help with our all-natural; vegan line of soothing products made especially for sensitive dogs, but safe enough for humans.

Check out our full line of soothing organic dog balms for dog noses and paw pads here. Enjoy all of our products risk free—your dog is sure to thank you with plenty of moist kisses! After all, our mission is simple: Soothe, Heal, Wag!


Free Snout Soother Give Away + A Pawsome Dog-Approved Photographer

One fun pet contest on Instagram gives you a chance at winning Snout Soother, our all-natural dry dog nose remedy. Proven to soothe most dog nose conditions, Emily-Wang tells her blog readers why she loves Snout Soother so much…

Emily Wang is one of our favorite pet bloggers here at Natural Dog, today in honor of February 20th being ‘Love Your Pet Day’, Emily (who is a very talented photographer) is hosting a Snout Soother free give-away! Emily’s adorable dog, Kokoro uses Snout Soother to keep her dog nose crack-free, even in the icy cold winter. In her latest blog, Emily points out the benefits of using Snout Soother to keep dry, cracked dog noses at bay.

Natural dog is passionate about our eco-friendly pet products, well because they are our products! But Emily shares her passion for Snout Soother with her readers because it has proven itself to be a great natural dog product to her and Kokoro. To help more dogs feel the soothing relief from dry dog nose conditions, Emily is giving away free Snout Soother to one lucky contest winner.


To enter for your chance to win, follow Emily Wang on Instagram @emwng, repost the photo above with #snoutsoother, and set your Instagram profile to public. For more detailed instructions, and to read Emily’s latest blog about Snout Soother, click here. 

For special offers, pawsome photos, and guaranteed smiles follow us on Instagram @NATURALDOGCOMPANY 

Wiener Race Helps Rescue Dachshund Dogs In Los Angeles

If you were lucky enough to attend the Doxie HobNob Wiener races held in Hollywood, California you witnessed the cutest scene ever: a pack of low-riding wiener dogs racing towards one finish line. Their long noses adorned by two brave eyes, a number of Dachshunds and other similar small dog breeds competed in this adorable competition.


And they’re off! Wiener dogs might have short legs but they sure can run fast.

Doxie HobNob is a group of some 90 Dachshund members who meet twice a month to catch-up as friends while letting their wiener dogs off the leash to do the same. We are so pleased to have sponsored their Doxie HobNob Weiner Race on December 8, 2013. Even the dogs that came in near last place, too distracted by their adorable peers to get their legs in motion, spent the hilariously entertaining day contributing to a good cause.


The Doxie HobNob group enjoying some beautiful weather on the day of the wiener dog races.

At Natural Dog Company we are all about helping dogs live a better life, and so for us the best part about this race was that the organization Dachshund Rescue of Los Angeles benefited from the per dog entry fee. The Dachshund Rescue of Los Angeles serves little dogs in need, from those that are out on the street homeless, to dogs in danger of being euthanized at their current shelter, and even Doxies that need surgery. The more money this organization is able to secure, the more dogs they can save. If you are interested in adopting a Dachshund, they always have a selection of adorable small dogs up for adoption.  Not only did the wiener race save a few Doxies from a kill shelter, and offset the cost of a few Dachshund surgeries, but it also garnished attention to small dogs in need, inspiring a few new adoptions!


How cute are these little champion dogs? Congratulations to the adorable wiener dog winners! 1st: Joey, 2nd:Place, 3rd:Penny Lane

So what were the results of this extremely successful race? Clearly the dogs themselves didn’t care, even the winning dogs were too wound up to sit still for their champion photo. It took lots of bribing to get the 3 first place dogs to pose as cameras feverishly snapped. Apparently dogs are always teaching us lessons, like treasuring time spent playing instead of worrying about who wins what. Still, this was the best sort of competition because so many dogs (and people) walked away winners. Congratulations to everyone who participated in this event, including the first place winner Joey and the 2-leading contenders, Place and Penny Lane.

2014 Natural Dog Celebrity Pack Calendars have ARRIVED!!

Can you believe we are only days away from a brand new year? Yes, it is that time where we reset and begin anew, when we resolve to eat less and exercise more, to work less, give more, play more, sleep more, and love more. Call me crazy, but does it sound like we are aspiring to be more like our four legged best friends? Okay, maybe not the eat less part . . . .

So, what better time to introduce our first annual Natural Dog Celebrity Pack Calendar?

Our Natural Dog Celebrity Pack 2014 Calendar features many inspiring fuzzy faces but, first, let’s cover the basics. After all, you will use this calendar for an entire year so it’s gotta be durable and functional.

• Made from top quality recycled paper with card stock cover
• Generously sized 12 x 12 dimensions
• Wire bound design with hole for easy wall hanging
• Includes U.S. Holidays
• Includes DOG holidays (like National Puppy Day and World Spay Day)
• 10% of proceeds donated to Short Mugs Rescue Squad and French Bulldog Village

Now, to those cute, funny, inspiring and silly fuzz faces! Each month features one or two members of the Natural Dog Celebrity Pack. Frenchies, Pugs, Jack Russells, Pomerians, Bulldogs and more! Celebrate the dog days of summer with Mr. July, Buddy the Love Pug (I dare you to not smile at a Pug in a bow tie). Give thanks with November’s suave Frenchie, Pierre Brando.

The calendar is dedicated to the late great Benny, not even cancer could darken this courageous Frenchie’s light heart. Shine on, Benny.No Valentine this year? No problem! February’s Sumo and Buddha are far better than flowers and chocolate! A bulldog, wearing a pink Hello Kitty helmet while riding a pink princess scooter. Need I say more?

Click thru slideshow below for a quick preview of features and some of our favorite calendar photos.

We also included Dog Holidays! Is it just a coincidence that World Spay Day is right after all that Valentine’s Day love? Who knows, but I much prefer celebrating World Puppy Day and Take Your Dog to Work Day over Columbus Day.

As mentioned, 10% of all proceeds will be donated to Short Mugs Rescue Squad and French Bulldog Village (so check “give more” off your resolution list!). These worthy 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations rescue, rehabilitate and rehome French Bulldogs.

Smile more in 2014! Order your Natural Dog Celebrity 2014 Calendar today!

Click here to order!