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Category: Skin & Coat

What Causes Dry Dog Ears? How to Heal Them Naturally

Dry, flaky, scabby ears got your pup down? We've got several natural solutions!

How to Treat Dog Acne the Natural Way

If your pup's growing pains include a case of dog acne, we've got a solution for you! Learn to spot the signs and treat puppy acne naturally.

How To Heal Atopic Dermatitis In Dogs

Is your dog constantly itching, scratching or even developing inflamed sores on their skin? It could be atopic dermatitis! Learn how to identify and treat this common canine diseas...

Common Pit Bull Skin Issues

Is your Pit Bull biting, scratching, licking, and itching like crazy? Unfortunately, excessive scratching or itching may indicate an underlying skin issue. Pit Bulls have sensitive...

Dog Dry Skin and How to Treat It

Does your dog have dry, irritated and itchy skin? It can be quite frustrating and uncomfortable when it happens to us, humans, and although they can’t speak and express the same ...

7 Types of Canine Dermatitis You Should Know About If Your Dog Has Itchy Skin

Is your dog itchy, covered in red patches, or developing odd lesions or sores? The culprit could very well be canine dermatitis. It is very common for dogs of all breeds and ages t...

5 Signs Your Pup Should See a Dog Dermatologist

How do you know when it’s time to take your pet to a dog dermatologist? Some veterinarians will openly recommend visiting a specialist if they feel stumped about your dog’s con...

Tips and Tricks for Healing Hot Spots on Dogs

Hot spots on dogs, also referred to as acute moist dermatitis, typically affect dogs’ heads, hips or chest area but there are really no boundaries. Hot spots can grow fast, going...

Common Causes of Dog Skin Infections and How to Give Your Dog Relief

From allergies to infections, there are a variety of reasons dog skin infections rear their ugly, and terribly itchy, head. One of the leading causes of skin infections are allerge...