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4 Tips for Becoming a Professional Animal Enthusiast

Growing up, just about every kid I knew (myself included!) had career aspirations at some point to be a veterinarian. To young children, it seems like the obvious career path for animal lovers, no matter what creature you feel the strongest connection to.

Although I never actually became a vet, I did find a way to turn my passion for animals into a full-time career by opening a doggie daycare center. It’s one of the most fun jobs I’ve ever had! I so enjoyed connecting with dogs and their people, and providing cute canines with a clean, safe and fun environment to spend time in every day.

I’m not the only one who found a way to make a living by working with animals in a unique way. In fact, there are many career opportunities available that can blend your passion for animals with your other interests. Here are a few you might want to consider:

A marine biologist. This is actually a broad field relating to the study and advocacy of marine ecosystems, but many of these scientists study or even work with animals directly. In fact, many marine biologists work in aquariums and other rescue facilities and help rehabilitate marine life; have an “offshore” office in a boat or other vessel for weeks or months at a time to study marine habitats and their inhabitants; or even participate in deep-sea dives to learn about the creatures under the water’s surface.

A pet sitter. Watching over someone’s beloved pet is an expanding career people are taking on full-time or as a way to earn some extra money (and fuzzy cuddles!) in addition to a day job. As a pet sitter, you are responsible for knowing how to address the individual needs of every critter you watch – this may involve a feeding timetable, walking routine, and even medication schedule – and keeping the pet parents up-to-date on the awesome time you two are having.

An animal cruelty investigator. If you love the idea of being a detective focused on the wellbeing of animals, this might be an ideal career for you. This is by no means an emotionally easy job, as you will likely encounter some difficult situations responding to claims of animal abuse and neglect in private residences, puppy mills and on farms. The highlight of this type of job is being able to rescue animals from dangerous conditions and work with agencies who will take legal action against those mistreating creatures great and small. You are an instrument of justice for the creatures that don’t speak the same language we do, but that still have the right to live safe, healthy lives.

A guide dog trainer. These days, there are all kinds of service dogs besides those educated on being a set of eyes for those who can’t see, and they all need specialized training. To be a service dog trainer takes a very special kind of individual – one who is patient yet firm with the “student” dogs, and one who is able to connect emotionally with the animal during training while still being able to let her go when she is matched with her forever companion. This career is extremely rewarding for those who wish to help both humans and animals thrive.

It’s never too late to pursue your dream job, especially if you are unhappy with the field you’re working in currently. And if you have always dreamed of working with animals, you have no shortage of options on how you can put that passion to good use. And rest assured, when you’re working with animals, you’ll love the work you do every day!

Maple C. has made a career out of encouraging others to follow their dreams in all aspects of life. Her experience in the business world encouraged her to start her own blog, an inspiration hub for readers everywhere

Why Do Dogs Tilt Their Head When You Speak To Them

Most of the times, you have seen your dog cocks his/her head from side to side while as you interact with them. This behavior is quite adorable and could melt the heart of even the most hardened cat person. Most individuals are fond of their dogs titling its head slightly to the side but they don’t really know what compels a dog to do it. Maybe your dog already knows your weakness and he/she is trying to exploit you for affection by cocking his/her head from side to side. While not all dogs are known to tilt their heads, most of them normally do especially when you speak to them. If you have ever wondered why your dog cocks their head from side to side then read on. Here are some of the reasons why dogs tilt their head to the side:

Better Hearing

shutterstock_143892184In most cases, dogs tilt their heads to the side while you speak to them as a way of trying to hear you more clearly. Although dogs have brilliant hearing abilities, their ears don’t adjust automatically like human ears do thus they have to tilt their heads to catch what you are saying to them. Dogs’ ears are designed such that when dogs tilt their heads, they are more exposed to hearing sounds. If a dog doesn’t tilt its head then it could only hear fuzzy and static sounds, thus unable to hear what you are saying. You may have noticed that a dog only tilts its head to the side if you are standing in front of them and doesn’t tilt its head if you are to the side. In simpler terms, a dog will always tilt its head to direct its ear to your direction and hear a word here and there.

Learned Behavior

Dogs are good learners and smart. When it comes to getting shutterstock_170648336positive attention from their owners, they can learn fast. They know they look adorable when they tilt their heads and will often do this to earn your affection whenever necessary. If a treat is at steak then your dog will often tilt their head to get it. This doesn’t mean that it is a bad behavior. Depending on how you see it, titling its head can tell you that your dog loves and appreciates you.

Means of Communication

Most people often think that dogs communicate by listening alone. Well, dogs are visual communicator and may tilt their heads to show you they are listening to you. Dogs usually read your body language to understand what you are saying and talk back by cocking their head from side to side.

Poor Balance

In rare cases, your dog may be titling your head often to stay level. They may be suffering from poor balance and tilt their heads to compensate. It is advisable to take your dog to the vet right away if you notice that their balance is compromised.

Party Animals: Top 10 Halloween Costume Ideas For Dogs!

515HUViELGL._SY355_It’s almost Halloween, time for the witches, goblins, werewolves and endless bowls of candy to make an appearance. Your dog likes to get into the festivities too, after all what dog doesn’t love a night full of treats?! So how do you plan to show your HOWL-oween spirit?

Dogs are naturally cute, but while wearing a costume they are even cuter. It’s little wonder that according to the National Retail Federation, 22 million people plan to dress their pets up for Halloween, spending a total of $330 million on pet costumes. Trick-Or-Treaters love to see a doggy all dressed up at the door, and nothing makes for a cuter photo than a puppy in costume.

Wondering what you will dress your dog up as this year? Now is the time to start shopping for the perfect pet costume! You want to have plenty of time to make sure the costume fits comfortably before the big night.

One major issue with pet costumes is getting your pet to keep the costume on throughout the evening. Uncomfortable costumes, or flimsy accessories may end up all throughout the house while your dog runs around in his or her birthday suit.

While not all of these costumes are guaranteed to make it through the night, we have found some of the funniest, and downright adorable dog costumes sure to put a grin on your face.

1. Lion Dog Costume

An easy way to dress up your big or small dog is to throw on this mane hair wig. If you have little kids you can dress them up as a lion tamer and you have a great pair.


This ‘fierce’ costume is listed for $10 on Amazon.com

2. Hot Dog Halloween costume

The perfect costume for wiener dogs everywhere!


Dress your dog up in this delicious get-up for $14 on Amazon.com

3. Starbucks Dog

Pinterest offers endless costume ideas for dogs. If you are crafty enough to make your own costumes from home you can dress your dog up as just about anything, including a cup of coffee!


4. Cat in The Hat

This homemade creation is another winner that allows you to incorporate more than one pet, and yourself!


This entire get-up is HOME MADE!

5. A Bunch of Grapes

This dog featured on RealSimple.com is very tolerant of this bulky bunch of grapes.


6. Cha-cha-CHIA Pet

Why not turn your dog into a living Chia Pet this Halloween? This adorable Boston Terrier rocks the look well!


Image Credit: inhabitat.com

7. Spider Pug


Image Credits: liveinternet.ru

8. Superman Dog

Since your dog really is a superhero, what a fitting costume idea!


Dress your dog up as a superhero for $6 on Amazon.com.

9. Princess of The Pups


Purchase for $14 on Amazon.com

10. Butterfly Dog


$11 on Amazon.com

Tips For Dog Halloween Costume Safety–How To Make Sure Your Dog Loves Their Costume As Much As You!

While costumes are fun you must always consider your dog’s overall comfort and safety. Here are some helpful tips to keep your dog happy, cute, and safe this Halloween:

-Avoid costumes that cover your dog’s eyes, ears, nose, or mouth. You want to be sure that your pup can breathe, bark, see, hear, and smell sufficiently, even if a part of their costume gets shifted out of place when you are not looking.

-Once your dog allows you put the costume on, make sure you have treats or some sort of positive reward waiting and ready.

-If your dog does not typically wear costumes, make sure to try it on before the big night so that your dog gets a feel for it, as well as to make sure it properly fits.

-Find a costume that your dog can properly move in, the costume won’t be as cute if your dog doesn’t act natural while wearing it.

-Check the costume for any small attachable pieces that could easily be chewed off, swallowed, or choked on.

halloween_logoWith the right costume for your canine, you are ready to enjoy a dog-gone great Halloween!

At Natural Dog, the health and safety of dogs is one of our top priorities. Aside from a safe, and comfortable costume, your dog also needs a nice pair of smooth paws to cruise the streets this Halloween.

If your dog has rough paw pads it might be uncomfortable for them walk long distances without further irritating their paws. Paw Soother provides instant relief, soothing and smoothing paw pads in a matter of days.

Try all-natural Paw Soother today, risk free!

What’s That Smell? 10 Funny Facts About Your Dog’s Nose

dognose4Your dog’s nose smells everything—from a delicious new dog bone, to a nasty surprise left behind by a neighbor dog. A dog’s nose might seem basic, a tool used to smell the world around them, but on the contrary, your canine’s nostrils are fairly complex. Enjoy these 10 funny facts about your dog’s nose, perhaps some of the strange things they do will start to make more sense.

1. Items that have no smell to you or I can have a unique and identifying scent to your dog. On average a dog’s nose has 200 to 250-million scent receptors. As a comparison, us humans only have 5 million. Some breeds can smell even better than others; Dachshunds have only 125 million (only, ha!) while the Bloodhound has a whooping 300 million scent receptors.

2. While 5% of the human brain is dedicated to analyzing the smells around us, 33% of dog brains are dedicated to sense of smell.

dognose13. Just like human fingerprints can help identify someone, a dog’s nose print can help identify dogs. Insurance companies, breeders, and others that need to identify your dog might require a nose print.

4. Ever wonder why your dog’s nose is wet? When working properly, lateral glands release fluids so that healthy dog noses have the lubrication they need to continue smelling everything.  After all, it’s the mucus on a dog’s nose that helps them pick up surrounding scent particles. Looking for a dry nose remedy for your dog? Snout Soother is the go-to Natural Dog product for everything from rough pug noses to crusty dog noses.

5. A warm dog nose is a key indicator that your dog is not feeling well. The moment you discover your dog’s warm nose is no reason to panic, instead give it some time and if within 24-hours a warm, dry dog nose persists, there might be something going on under the surface. Snout Soother has been able to relieve many precious pups of a consistently dry dog nose.

6. A metal detector might fail to detect a plastic mine, but your dog’s nose will not. Dogs can even smell out a landmine, specially trained canines can detect the molecules explosive materials let off in the air, identifying the exact location of a smells’ source.

7. When you take your dog to the vet he can actually smell if the dog that was previously in the waiting room was nervous or excited.

dognose28. Dog owners know how often butt sniffing takes place, but with such a strong sniffer why in the world would a dog want to smell a butt?  To us humans, every dog butt smells the same—like poo, but to your dog every butt has a slightly different scent, indicating if a dog is a male or female, what they recently ate, how old they are, and their emotional state, among other things that help a dog decide if they should be friends or not. Just like we recognize each other by facial features, a dog can recognize an old or new friend by smelling their backside. Butt smelling isn’t only useful during new encounters though; dogs that live together also sniff each other’s behinds, often after a stressful event, or simply after playing outdoors. According to some dog trainers, butt-smelling has a calming effect on dogs.

9. Even worse than smelling butts is when your dog presses their nose into a pile of dog poo—perhaps even going so far as to eat it. Why in the world would a dog do this? In the wild the scent of a dog’s feces can alert predators to their existence. This is especially true with puppy poo, as the high milk content makes their bowel movements smell entirely unique; in order to protect pups from predators, dogs have adapted a natural instinct of eating their own poop.

dognose310. What about human crotches, why are some dogs so keen on smelling down there? Since the butt is the first place a dog goes to seek out information about another dog, the crotch is a logical place to start uncovering the intentions of any humans in the room as well.

Your dog’s nose is an incredibly important asset to them, they depend on it to analyze and make assumptions about the world. Therefore, if your dog’s nose is dry, crusty, flakey, or discolored, their nose might not be working properly, and might also be causing them pain. Give your dog the relief they deserve with Snout Soother, our all-natural organic pet product proven to work on a number of dog nose conditions.

There’s nothing Natural Dog Company loves more than dogs, our passion for pups fuels our mission to bring the relief of Snout Soother to every dog in need. We are driven to save the world, one snout at a time!

Free Snout Soother Give Away + A Pawsome Dog-Approved Photographer

One fun pet contest on Instagram gives you a chance at winning Snout Soother, our all-natural dry dog nose remedy. Proven to soothe most dog nose conditions, Emily-Wang tells her blog readers why she loves Snout Soother so much…

Emily Wang is one of our favorite pet bloggers here at Natural Dog, today in honor of February 20th being ‘Love Your Pet Day’, Emily (who is a very talented photographer) is hosting a Snout Soother free give-away! Emily’s adorable dog, Kokoro uses Snout Soother to keep her dog nose crack-free, even in the icy cold winter. In her latest blog, Emily points out the benefits of using Snout Soother to keep dry, cracked dog noses at bay.

Natural dog is passionate about our eco-friendly pet products, well because they are our products! But Emily shares her passion for Snout Soother with her readers because it has proven itself to be a great natural dog product to her and Kokoro. To help more dogs feel the soothing relief from dry dog nose conditions, Emily is giving away free Snout Soother to one lucky contest winner.


To enter for your chance to win, follow Emily Wang on Instagram @emwng, repost the photo above with #snoutsoother, and set your Instagram profile to public. For more detailed instructions, and to read Emily’s latest blog about Snout Soother, click here. 

For special offers, pawsome photos, and guaranteed smiles follow us on Instagram @NATURALDOGCOMPANY 

It’s True Pug Love! Buddy Love & Gretta Rose

Meet Buddy Love and Gretta Rose, 2 Natural Dog Celebrity Pugs that have fallen in love! Both of these adorable pugs have experienced the soothing relief of Snout Soother dog balm for their dry pug noses, and now with 2 perfectly moist and healthy dog noses they can share lots of kisses! Learn how their pug love bloomed in this special Valentine’s Day blog written by Buddy Love the Pug.

Hello, my name is Buddy Love the Pug and I love Valentine’s Day! Why, you ask? Because I am in love!!! Gretta Rose the pug has stolen my heart! You probably know her; after all, my darling is a Natural Dog Celebrity, and she has even been featured on Good Morning America and The Today Show. Her stunning beauty and popularity made me very shy at first, but doggone am I glad I got up the nerve and gave her a bark! Well I guess I didn’t really initiate the start of our relationship, but the results ended in fireworks nonetheless. We are rather public with our affection, regularly sharing love notes on Facebook, but since it’s nearly our one-year anniversary—Valentine’s Day—I thought I’d share how our love first bloomed. I have written a love story this month in honor of my darling pug dearest.

Gretta Rose and Buddy Love the Pug… a Love Story By Buddy

buddy and gretta

Isn’t she barking beautiful?! That’s my love, Gretta Rose the Pug.

It was love at pug sight the first time I saw Miss. Gretta Rose. I was up late one night playing on Facebook, daydreaming about dog bones and Snout Soother when I saw the most beautiful dog I had ever seen, her name was Gretta Rose and she was featured on a Facebook page called Pugs and Kisses. Instantly I started barking at the screen, I just couldn’t control myself! I knew I had to meet her; she was the most gorgeous pug I had ever seen before. The only thing standing in my way? My extremely shy demeanor, every time I had a chance to ask her out I couldn’t get the right bark out. I started thinking Gretta was nothing more than a fantasy until January 30, 2013—with some spare time on my paws, I logged into my Facebook account and nearly fell out of my chair. The very first thing I read was a new message from THE Gretta Rose I’d been dreaming about:

Buddy Love…will you be my Valentine?

Xoxo Gretta Rose

I couldn’t believe my little pug eye—in fact I nearly rolled right off my chair in excitement. Was I really reading that Gretta Rose was asking me, Buddy Love, to be her Valentine? My heart skipped more than a few beats as I shamelessly ran full speed around the house ArrrooooooArrroooo! I barked uncontrollably, I didn’t care who tried to quiet me down. I was sick with puppy love and my dreams were complete!


Buddy Love the Pug sure does have a lot of dog toys–but he’d trade them all in for Gretta Rose!

After all this excitement I almost forgot to answer her back…that is until I got a little winded running around. Oh no! I thought, I better hurry and reply before she finds another Valentine—I didn’t know then that Gretta Rose would never do that. I rushed to snap on my finest looking bow tie before replying with shaky paws:

It would make me the happiest pug in the world

to be your Valentine Gretta Rose <3


I love Gretta Rose the Pug so very much I had a star named after her for Valentine’s Day because she is my star! How beautiful is her little pug nose and face? Become friends with Gretta Rose on Facebook, click here.

Ever since, it’s been nothing short of true pug love. Gretta Rose and I remain so strong because we share a common passion, that is to share our love in anyway we can. We do this through a number of pup-friendly platforms, including: Pugs and Kisses Facebook page, Buddy Love The Pug Facebook page, B4- Barktastic page, and Gretta Rose’s very own Blog. I hope to one day ask the love of my life to be my pug bride, but if I know my Gretta Rose she will likely beat me to it! Who knows… there could be wedding bells in 2014….

After all, Gretta is just as woof woof crazy about me as I am about her, in proof she wrote me this response to my love letter.

Buddy Love the Pug and Gretta Rose… a Love Story By Gretta Rose


That’s me, Gretta Rose the Pug! I love cupcakes, frosting, napping, Buddy Love the Pug, and Natural Dog Snout Soother, it makes my rough pug nose feel smooth and pretty.

Buddy Love is the sweetest Valentine a pug-gal could ever dream of! I hope you read his account of our story…wasn’t it just adorable?!? Oh my, he really knows how to tug at my heartstrings! Buddy Love the Pug’s best quality is his capacity to love, he truly extends his heart to everyone he meets. We barely knew each other when I asked him to be my Valentine, I could only hope he was the genuine gentle-pug I imagined him to be after seeing how loyal and kind he is to his many friends. Once I got to know him I knew it was for real, he truly is the pug for me. I feel so lucky that he wasn’t already taken. It fills my heart with joy to be Buddy Love’s Valentine and I hope he knows that he has my heart forever.

Seriously, how cute are these pugs!?!! There’s nothing like a little puppy love to inspire romance this Valentine’s Day. At Natural Dog Company we love dogs so much we include them in all of our holiday celebrations; what sorts of fun plans does your dog have this Valentine’s Day? For sensitive rough pug noses, try our all natural Snout Soother balm for dogs. According to Gretta Rose and Buddy Love, it is a pawsome solution for any sore dog nose!

Follow Buddy Love the Pug on Facebook!

Follow Gretta Rose the Pug on Facebook! 

Fame, Belly Rubs, & Bitches: The Life of 3 Celebrity Bulldogs

This month we interview Sumo, Buddha, and Ayumi, three Natural Dog Celebrity bulldogs who live, play, and love together. Learn more about this trio of French Bulldogs with over 40,000 followers on Instagram!


Meet this famous family of bulldogs: Sumo, Buddha, and Ayumi! Follow them on Instagram @3bulldogges

Three adorable best friend bulldogs that all live under one roof; Sumo, Buddha, and Ayumi have become a real sensation with dog lovers everywhere. Having reached over 43,000 followers on Instagram, this trio remains humble about their quickly earned fame. “We don’t really think of us as celebrities to be honest… If you think that, then we are truly flattered.” They casually reply when asked about their superstar status. Humble and cute—what more could one ask for? Starring in some of the cutest dog photos on the web, these 3 bulldogs spend their days dressing up, going for walks and bike rides, and at the end of each fun-filled day they can be found cuddling side-by-side.


Frenchies cuddling close after a day of fun. Look at Ayumi tucked under Sumo, hard to believe they are less than one year apart! @3bulldogges

Having acquired so many fans it’s surprising to learn how young these dogs are, Buddha and Sumo are only 1 year old while baby Ayumi is just nearing the 4-month mark. With many adventures ahead of them, these dogs have only begun to make their mark on the world. Although a barking big deal, their wishes remain simple, currently they can’t wait for the weather to warm up so that they can attend some local dog socials.


Perhaps a costume like this will get these 3 bulldogs into Disney World– looking oh-so professional and ready for the office! @3bulldogges

While everyday provides a new world of fun, we want to know where these dogs would go on vacation if they could go anywhere in the world. Their first request? “The best vacation would be for our humans not to work and just spend the entire day with us!! They’re busy people so quality time at home is the best!!!” It’s not about sunny destinations and 5-star hotels with this famous trio; on the contrary it’s all about the love! Still, they are not immune to all temptations, quickly they add, “If we did have to go somewhere who doesn’t want to go to Disney World and meet Mickey Mouse?!” We agree—Disney World is pretty cool. We are not sure if they let dogs into the park, but perhaps these 3 could skim past security dressed in one of their many costumes.


Bike rides are a regular activity that these 3 French bulldogs throughly enjoy. With a basket like that to sit comfy in, we can see why! @3bulldogges

While adventures and vacation are the dog bones of life, it’s what we do everyday that makes us who we are. For these 3, the average morning starts with a trip outside to use the bathroom before spending their day with the, “best of the bestest friends anyone could ever ask for!!!” Admittedly some days are more fun than others, although according to Buddha, Sumo, and Ayumi the best days involve sitting on the porch, enjoying the scenery and watching all of the neighborhood dogs strutting on by. In the evenings, Buddha goes on to explain, “We love sitting by the fire pit at night, enjoying the night sky.” These are the types of dogs that enjoy the simple things in life, including old broken toys. In particular their go-to toy is a nearly dead stuffed squirrel that long ago lost its noisy center, although this doesn’t seem to bother them! Broken or not, these bulldogs  can’t get enough of their favorite toy.


Many might want to date these good looking goofballs but mommy says hands off! These adorable French bulldogs have some growing up to do before dating is even an option. @3bulldogges 

Fun, easy-going, sweet, gorgeous and full of love—there must be many dogs out there that would love to date these popular bulldogs. But before you get any ideas, Mom is quick to jump in on this one, reporting that all 3 are currently single and way too young for dating.


Sumo, Buddha, and Ayumi loving the winter white snow, although Sumo might have just broken one of their own rules: don’t eat the yellow snow! @3bulldogges

As the interview nears a close it’s clear that these are some very positive pups— for instance, when prompted for their least favorite destination I imagine answers like the vet, or the groomers, but instead these 3 perky dogs look at each other in confusion—a least favorite place? What’s that? I suppose we should have guessed, after all their advice to other dogs out there is: “Enjoy what you do… Have fun with it… Life’s too short to worry… Oh and don’t eat yellow snow!!” While these are great words of wisdom for everyone, people included, what do they have to say to dogs that aspire to be famous like them?  “We try to answer everyone’s comments on our posts… We look forward to reading them!! Everyone should be heard… not forgotten.” Even though Sumo, Buddha, and Ayumi are too cute to know what it feels like to be forgotten, they are too sweet to let it happen to anyone else. As much joy as these dogs spread around the world, we are so happy Snout Soother has been able to help Sumo and Buddha as well. “Snout Soother is the best!! No more chapped snouts for the ladies!! Thanks guys for everything!!!”


Sumo and Buddha are our adorable February Natural Dog Calendar models! Get your own Natural Dog Celebrity Pack Calendar here. 

You are so welcome; anything for 3 adorable bulldogs with a mission to spread happiness, laughter, and fun to other dogs and doggie lovers everywhere!  French bulldogs can be sensitive, therefore flaky crusty dog noses often result from allergies, hyperkeratosis, and a number of other potential problems. For any irregular colored, chapped, peeling, or flaking bulldog noses, Snout Soother is formulated to soothe and heal. Just like this trio of French bulldogs, at Natural Dog Company we have a simple mission of our own: soothe, heal, wag!


Thanks to Snout Soother, Buddha and Sumo now have moist healthy dog noses and so they are happy to give away free kisses– very wet ones at that! @3bulldogges


The cuteness continues with Ayumi–too young to date but not too young to dance! @3bulldogges

 Don’t forget to follow Sumo, Buddha, and Ayumi on Instagram for adorable photos and pawsome videos @3bulldogges 

Wiener Race Helps Rescue Dachshund Dogs In Los Angeles

If you were lucky enough to attend the Doxie HobNob Wiener races held in Hollywood, California you witnessed the cutest scene ever: a pack of low-riding wiener dogs racing towards one finish line. Their long noses adorned by two brave eyes, a number of Dachshunds and other similar small dog breeds competed in this adorable competition.


And they’re off! Wiener dogs might have short legs but they sure can run fast.

Doxie HobNob is a group of some 90 Dachshund members who meet twice a month to catch-up as friends while letting their wiener dogs off the leash to do the same. We are so pleased to have sponsored their Doxie HobNob Weiner Race on December 8, 2013. Even the dogs that came in near last place, too distracted by their adorable peers to get their legs in motion, spent the hilariously entertaining day contributing to a good cause.


The Doxie HobNob group enjoying some beautiful weather on the day of the wiener dog races.

At Natural Dog Company we are all about helping dogs live a better life, and so for us the best part about this race was that the organization Dachshund Rescue of Los Angeles benefited from the per dog entry fee. The Dachshund Rescue of Los Angeles serves little dogs in need, from those that are out on the street homeless, to dogs in danger of being euthanized at their current shelter, and even Doxies that need surgery. The more money this organization is able to secure, the more dogs they can save. If you are interested in adopting a Dachshund, they always have a selection of adorable small dogs up for adoption.  Not only did the wiener race save a few Doxies from a kill shelter, and offset the cost of a few Dachshund surgeries, but it also garnished attention to small dogs in need, inspiring a few new adoptions!


How cute are these little champion dogs? Congratulations to the adorable wiener dog winners! 1st: Joey, 2nd:Place, 3rd:Penny Lane

So what were the results of this extremely successful race? Clearly the dogs themselves didn’t care, even the winning dogs were too wound up to sit still for their champion photo. It took lots of bribing to get the 3 first place dogs to pose as cameras feverishly snapped. Apparently dogs are always teaching us lessons, like treasuring time spent playing instead of worrying about who wins what. Still, this was the best sort of competition because so many dogs (and people) walked away winners. Congratulations to everyone who participated in this event, including the first place winner Joey and the 2-leading contenders, Place and Penny Lane.

How the Most Popular Dogs on the Web Celebrate Christmas


Does this costume make my nose look big? Click here to follow the adorable Digby and Alo on Facebook.

Pets add to our Christmas, imagine all of the great stories your pet stars in. I remember the year a friend’s dog ate the entire turkey right off her counter—before her family even got a chance to taste it! Sure they might have been upset then, but how much laughter does that story bring about now, long after the drool-worthy turkey ended up on the floor, covered in slobber. The thing is, even when pets act naughty they still add special warmth to the holidays.

At Natural Dog Company we are lucky to work with a neat pack of Celebrity Dogs, all of which were nice enough to share their favorite holiday photos with us for this blog. The results are too good to be true, seriously, why are dogs so cute?!

Chubbs can already tell it's going to be a good Christmas!

Chubbs can already tell it’s going to be a good Christmas! Click here to follow Chubbs the Wampug on Facebook!

Let your dogs in on the Holiday fun this year, stage a holiday photo shoot with your dog to use for Holiday cards, treasured family photos, or even fun holiday decor. Kids will love to partake in the action, plus since dogs are so delightful and enjoy any sort of attention they will let you do just about anything to them. The best part is looking back at the photos to see their unique expressions in each shot.

Don’t have winter weather where you live? Or having troubles staging a hyper-active pup? Take photos in any scenery and then Photoshop in the fun holiday details.We’ve learned that you can do all of the preparations you want but it’s the dogs that create the final version of the picture.


Our little wannabe reindeer in the front says: Are you seriously going to make me pull this? Click here to follow the adorable Digby and Alo on Facebook! 


Ginny’s note says that she has been good, but what is she really thinking? “Hopefully Santa Paws doesn’t consider pooping on the rug naughty….if so, I didn’t do it!” Click here to follow Ms. Ginny and her many adventures on Instagram! 


I’ve been a good boy, now when can I see this Santa Paws character? Click here to follow Buddy Love the Pug on Facebook!

Hire the best photographer in town, or simply snap some shots with your smart phone, either way the adorable and unique personality of your dog will come alive, making you laugh all the jingle-way home.

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Benny found a tree his size!

Our hearts and prayers go out to Benny’s family, we are sad to say that in October Benny passed away due to cancer. This precious picture was taken of him last christmas. Click here to visit Benny and his sister Lilly’s website

Precious is her name for a reason!

Precious is her name for a reason! Click here to follow Precious on Instagram.

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Doggy Crack: What’s Your Dog’s Addiction?

“Glory,” I call as I head towards the front door.  I don’t have to wait long because Glory, my (age and colour) Australian Shepherd is close by. She knows from the way I am dressed that we are doing her favorite activity and she is just waiting for me to say it.

I smile at her as she prances around my feet, her eyes bright and a large smile spread across her little canine muzzle. She is such a ham and I know that as soon as say the word, her barely contained excitement is going to burst free like an explosion.


And that is all it takes for her bright eyes to become even brighter and for her blast through the dog door into the garage and up onto Rocky.  She makes hilarious whiney noises and howls out a big “Arrooo” with barely contained excitement. I have now discovered Glory’s own personal Doggy Crack.

For those who don’t know, Glory’s favorite activity is not a person; it is actually a thing, my Kawasaki Mule, which is an all terrain vehicle.  Glory loves going for a ride and whenever I get the chance she is right there beside me, happy to be out with Rocky.

This last time that I gave Glory her fix of personal Doggy Crack, it got me thinking.  How many other dogs experience the same excitement over one thing, whether it is a treat, person or a special event that they enjoy going to.  Asking around, I came back with some pretty funny answers.

Anna from Ontario Canada, who is an avid fan of Snout Soother, wrote,

dreamstimefree_109931“I have a 10 year old Labrador Retriever named Petey. He is a wonderful dog that had a lot of energy when he was younger but he is starting to slow down now.  A lot of things that used to get him excited doesn’t anymore…except his Doggy Crack.

When the weather warms up, we load Petey into our van and head out to the lake.  He knows the way and he will usually start the drive lying down on his seat.  By the time we reach the city limits, he is up; panting slowly as his eyes watches the road.

10 minutes from the lake, Petey starts a soft whine and his panting becomes more pronounced as he sits up then stands up, then sits back down…the whole time his gaze is on the trees ahead.  When the first sight of the lake comes is seen between the trees, he can’t contain himself and will run to the back of the van, whining and whimpering, his excitement through the roof.

Finally, when we get there, he runs back and forth the length of the van as we get out and open his door.  He will always jump out, whine, jump, twirl and be a big goofball as he eagerly waits for us to get our stuff to head down to the lake.

The minute we take him off the leash, he runs at breakneck speed and launches himself into the air before he crashes down into the water.  After that, we can’t get him out of the water and he would be happy to swim around the small lake all day.   Swimming at the lake is definitely Petey’s doggy crack!”

It seems like Petey has a lot in common with Glory when it comes to being outside doing something he loves.  So what about you?  What is your dog’s favorite thing…or rather what’s your dog’s doggy crack?  Please share in the comment section below as I love to hear stories about your dogs.