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Category: Grooming

Dog Bath 101: How Often Should I Wash My Dog?

How often does your dog need a bath? Learn when to bathe and how to choose the best grooming products for your dog with our quick and easy guide.

How to Groom a Dog at Home

Groom at home using the safest products and most helpful tips from Natural Dog Company. Shop natural shampoo, skin soothers and more.

Itchy Dog Shampoo! PLUS: 10 Tips for a Better Bath

The best all-natural shampoo for itchy dogs is loaded with beneficial ingredients to balance, heal, and soothe irritated skin. PLUS, tips for a better bath! Who knew bath time coul...

Is There an All Natural Tear Stain Remover for Dogs?

Looking for an all-natural tear stain remover? You’ve come to the right place! Dog tear stains are a common problem—I see so many dogs with the classic reddish-brown streaks st...

Avoid These Dog Shampoo Ingredients for a Happy Pup with Healthy Skin

When it’s time for Fido’s next bath, be sure to avoid the following dog shampoo ingredients or else you could negatively impact your pup’s health. The last time I took my dog...

Is it Okay to Use Human Shampoo on Dogs?

Many good-hearted mortals make the mistake of using human shampoo on dogs. While it doesn’t always cause an instantly negative reaction, your dog’s skin is much more sensitive ...

How to Naturally Get Rid of Dog Tear Stains

Dog tear stains, or the reddish-brown streaks beneath your dog’s eyes, are caused by an overproduction of tears. Tear stains are incredibly common, especially in certain breeds s...

Infected Bulldog Tail Pocket? Here’s How to Clean Your Dog’s Tail Pocket the Natural Way

A bulldog tail pocket require extra special attention to prevent uncomfortable infections from developing. Not all bulldogs have a tail pocket, or rather a little pocket that their...

Clipping Claws, the Short of It

Nail trimming plays an important role in your pet’s overall care and comfort. Allowing your pet’s nails to grow too long can cause several problems. Nails that grow too long ca...