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Category: Living with Dogs

Is Human Food Bad For Dogs? What You Can and Can’t Share

Sharing can be a great bonding experience, but there are some foods you should NEVER share with your pup! Here are 10 dog-safe foods and 6 toxic treats.

Keep Calm and Wag On: How to Calm a Dog Down

Learn safe, effective ways to calm an anxious pup with the help of Natural Dog Company. These tips will help keep your dog calm and treat anxiety side effects.

Dog Bath 101: How Often Should I Wash My Dog?

How often does your dog need a bath? Learn when to bathe and how to choose the best grooming products for your dog with our quick and easy guide.

How to Groom a Dog at Home

Groom at home using the safest products and most helpful tips from Natural Dog Company. Shop natural shampoo, skin soothers and more.

Dog Slipping on Floors? Here’s a Natural Solution!

Dogs slipping on floors may be funny, but it's no joke! Decrease the risk of injury with these easy solutions.

Itchy Dog Shampoo! PLUS: 10 Tips for a Better Bath

The best all-natural shampoo for itchy dogs is loaded with beneficial ingredients to balance, heal, and soothe irritated skin. PLUS, tips for a better bath! Who knew bath time coul...

8 Everyday Products That Are Toxic For Your Dog

Dog owners know better than anyone how their furry little four-legged children can get into anything and everything. As a result, smart puppy parents will dog-proof their home earl...

Is There an All Natural Tear Stain Remover for Dogs?

Looking for an all-natural tear stain remover? You’ve come to the right place! Dog tear stains are a common problem—I see so many dogs with the classic reddish-brown streaks st...

Avoid These Dog Shampoo Ingredients for a Happy Pup with Healthy Skin

When it’s time for Fido’s next bath, be sure to avoid the following dog shampoo ingredients or else you could negatively impact your pup’s health. The last time I took my dog...