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The PawTection Challenge: Protecting Paws, One Pup at a Time

I can’t tell you how many dogs I meet with rough paw pads. It’s as if the world has decided rough paw pads are fine, in fact normal…but they’re not. Walking on hot asphalt or running like an animal along the beach, there are SO many different reasons dogs end up with rough, dry and damaged paw pads. Most can be avoided by adding a layer of protection between your dog’s paws and the ground.

PawTection is an all-natural vegan and organic balm that acts as a protective barrier agains the elements, including sand, snow, hot asphalt, and so forth. We are on a mission to protect as many paws as we can, that’s why we launched The PawTection Challenge!

We asked some of the world’s most beloved dogs to give PawTection a try, and they doggone LOVED the results. The pawesome pups that participated in our challenge experienced smoother healthier paws within just 7 days. We’ll be sharing their before and after images over the next weeks, starting with @maska_the_husky, @SpottedAngels, and @rubytheboxerdog.

Maska @maska_the_husky

With over 95,000 Instagram followers, it’s clear to see the world has fallen paws over tail for Maska, an adorable husky that lives in Toronto, Canada. With so many Instagramers just waiting for their daily dose of entertainment, Maska stays very busy. Since he spends a lot of time on his paws, we knew he was the perfect Canadian candidate to join our PawTection Challenge.

Maska’s humom Nancy writes:

We had great experience participating in the 7-day PawTection challenge”. The improvement to Maska’s right paw really impressed us after continually applying PawTection before heading outdoors for walks, adventures, etc. these past 7 days. On day 8, his right paw is noticeably – and I’d say even dramatically – softer and more moisturized than the left paw, which we didn’t apply PawTection to.

–Nancy & Maska

Maska’s paws after using PawTection for 7 days:

pawtection challenge

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Ruby @RubyTheBoxerDog

Meet Ruby, a fun-loving boxer causing chaos in the English countryside. Take one look at Ruby’s Instagram and it’s clear to see just how active this pup truly is. She loves playing fetch on the beach, in the mud, or just about anywhere, which causes her paws to wear out. “This was the perfect test for Ruby, as she loves to run and climb which leads to her pads becoming rough and worn.”

Ruby’s rough paws before & after:

“We applied this [PawTection] only to her right paws and noticed quite the difference. The paws that were left untreated looked dry and cracked whereas her right paws became soft and appeared much smoother.”

“We have used various paw soothers in the past and they tend to leave a greasy mark on the furniture. We’ve not had this problem and after sure the PawTection soother is rubbed into her pads, they absorb quickly leaving a soft waxy appearance. Not only do we love this soother but the stick applicator is so easy to use and is no fuss!”

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Rocky @SpottedAngels

Rocky is a rescue Great Dane living in Texas. The toughest thing about this gentle giant was his “big old scratchy paws,” and so we invited him to join our PawTection Challenge. Rocky spends a lot of time doing charity work, visiting local hospitals, schools, nursing homes, and so forth. Not only did Rocky’s paws soften and heal, but as a bonus, “he didn’t slide as much on the hard floors when we visited the hospital as a therapy team.”

Rocky’s rough paws before:

pawtection challenge

Rocky’s paws after using PawTection for 7 days:

pawtection challenge

“My first impressions after using the roll on stick are that this stuff is GREAT! It smells wonderful, he enjoyed the process of rubbing it into his pads, it didn’t feel overly greasy on my own hands and it definitely made his big old scratchy paws softer.”

Follow Rocky and his darling sister Emma on Instagram

Let your dog experience the all-natural pawesome power of PawTection! If you are unsatisfied for any reason, we offer a money back guarantee.

3 Inspirational Service Dogs Prove Dogs Are Real-Life Superheroes

Service dogs are hardworking, dedicated and incredibly beneficial in so many aspects of society. From search and rescue to bomb squad missions, there are dogs working in numerous fields. We count on dogs in so many ways. After all dogs are loaded with talents, like super sonic smelling powers and the ability to heal broken souls.

Here are some extraordinarily inspirational service dogs that deserve a standing round of aPAWS!

bretagne31. Bretagne The 9/11 Dog

Bretagne was the last living search and rescue dog from the September 11th attacks in NYC. The sweet-hearted golden retriever lived to be 16, passing away in June 2016, just shy of her 17th birthday.

Back in 2001, she was one of 300 dogs tasked with searching for bodies in the massive rubble left behind when the twin towers crumbled. Alongside her owner and best friend, Denise Corliss, Bretagne worked 12-hour days at Ground Zero for nearly two weeks. Not only did Bretagne’s incredible sense of smell help find people lost in the rubble, but her good-natured spirit brought a smile to all who interacted with her.

Bretagne worked as a formal search and rescue dog until she was 9-years-old. She was then blessed with an excellent retirement full of swimming, cuddling and lots of love. On the day she was euthanized a sea of firefighters stood outside of her veterinary hospital to salute her. It wasn’t the first time she’d been acknowledged for her selfless hard work, and even though she no longer walks this Earth, it certainly won’t be the last.


2. Yolanda, The Service Dog That Saved Her Blind Owner From A House Fire

Yolanda is a beautiful Labrador that works day in and day out to help protect her owner Maria Colon. Colon lost her eyesight in 1992, and without her trusty service dog she wouldn’t be alive today.

yolanda2When Colon’s Philadelphia home caught fire last year she immediately called out her dog’s name for help. She used the code word “danger,” which prompted Yolanda to dial 911 on a specialized phone.

Colon said, “I hear the phone — tke, tke, tke. And she’s growling. And I said, ‘Oh my lord, she called the police.’”

The fire temporarily displaced Colon and Yolanda and both were treated for injuries, but today they are lucky to be alive. It wasn’t the first time Yolanda saved Colon’s life. The year prior, Yolanda dialed 911 after Colon fell down in her home and lost consciousness.

3. Lucas, The Crime Fighting Police Service Dog That Saved His Owner From 3 Attackers

lucas_webIn May 2015, Deputy Todd Frazier was cruising along a desolate stretch of Highway 90 in Pearlington, Mississippi with his service dog in the backseat when he came across a blue Lincoln Town Car at a deserted rest stop. The officer pulled over to make sure everything was okay, at which point he was attacked by three men.

One of the men cut him across the forehead with a razor, another choked him and a third man grabbed his legs and began to carry him off towards the edge of the woods. The deputy clicked a button on his person that released his K-9, Lucas, from the backseat of his patrol car.

Lucas quickly went into action fighting off the assailants, causing them to drop Deputy Frazier and flee to their car. While both Frazier and Lucas had some bumps and bruises, Lucas even lost a few teeth, they both made a full recovery.

Sheriff Ricky Adam, Frazier’s fellow officer from the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department, said, “Deputy Frazier is a good deputy and takes his job seriously. He is also an excellent dog handler — he trained Lucas himself.”


Every Dog Is A Service Dog In His Or Her Own Way
Even if your dog is not out fighting crime or joining search and rescue teams he or she is still a hero in so many ways. Every dog is loaded with superpowers, and it’s up to you to make sure they are in the best shape to utilize their special talents. You never know, your dog could very well save your life someday!

How To Heal Cracked, Dry Damaged Paw Pads 

Is your dog suffering from rough, dry or cracked paws? Make sure your pup’s paw pads are in the best shape possible with all-natural PawSoother. Within days you’ll notice the differences as your dog’s paws become smooth. Your dog will notice the differences too; as a fresh set of paws lets them run, jump, play and perhaps even save your life with renewed vigor!

How To Heal Irritated, Inflamed, Damaged Skin 

Is your dog’s skin red, irritated, inflamed, cut, burned or facing any other issues? When your dog’s skin isn’t looking its best your dog isn’t feeling his or her best. Skin Soother naturally heals, soothes and treats a wide variety of skin conditions, from allergies to burns and cuts.

Dogs deserve nothing less than the best, which is why all of our products are made from all-natural, carefully sourced vegan and organic ingredients. We are here to help your dog feel like the superhero they are!

It’s True Pug Love! Buddy Love & Gretta Rose

Meet Buddy Love and Gretta Rose, 2 Natural Dog Celebrity Pugs that have fallen in love! Both of these adorable pugs have experienced the soothing relief of Snout Soother dog balm for their dry pug noses, and now with 2 perfectly moist and healthy dog noses they can share lots of kisses! Learn how their pug love bloomed in this special Valentine’s Day blog written by Buddy Love the Pug.

Hello, my name is Buddy Love the Pug and I love Valentine’s Day! Why, you ask? Because I am in love!!! Gretta Rose the pug has stolen my heart! You probably know her; after all, my darling is a Natural Dog Celebrity, and she has even been featured on Good Morning America and The Today Show. Her stunning beauty and popularity made me very shy at first, but doggone am I glad I got up the nerve and gave her a bark! Well I guess I didn’t really initiate the start of our relationship, but the results ended in fireworks nonetheless. We are rather public with our affection, regularly sharing love notes on Facebook, but since it’s nearly our one-year anniversary—Valentine’s Day—I thought I’d share how our love first bloomed. I have written a love story this month in honor of my darling pug dearest.

Gretta Rose and Buddy Love the Pug… a Love Story By Buddy

buddy and gretta

Isn’t she barking beautiful?! That’s my love, Gretta Rose the Pug.

It was love at pug sight the first time I saw Miss. Gretta Rose. I was up late one night playing on Facebook, daydreaming about dog bones and Snout Soother when I saw the most beautiful dog I had ever seen, her name was Gretta Rose and she was featured on a Facebook page called Pugs and Kisses. Instantly I started barking at the screen, I just couldn’t control myself! I knew I had to meet her; she was the most gorgeous pug I had ever seen before. The only thing standing in my way? My extremely shy demeanor, every time I had a chance to ask her out I couldn’t get the right bark out. I started thinking Gretta was nothing more than a fantasy until January 30, 2013—with some spare time on my paws, I logged into my Facebook account and nearly fell out of my chair. The very first thing I read was a new message from THE Gretta Rose I’d been dreaming about:

Buddy Love…will you be my Valentine?

Xoxo Gretta Rose

I couldn’t believe my little pug eye—in fact I nearly rolled right off my chair in excitement. Was I really reading that Gretta Rose was asking me, Buddy Love, to be her Valentine? My heart skipped more than a few beats as I shamelessly ran full speed around the house ArrrooooooArrroooo! I barked uncontrollably, I didn’t care who tried to quiet me down. I was sick with puppy love and my dreams were complete!


Buddy Love the Pug sure does have a lot of dog toys–but he’d trade them all in for Gretta Rose!

After all this excitement I almost forgot to answer her back…that is until I got a little winded running around. Oh no! I thought, I better hurry and reply before she finds another Valentine—I didn’t know then that Gretta Rose would never do that. I rushed to snap on my finest looking bow tie before replying with shaky paws:

It would make me the happiest pug in the world

to be your Valentine Gretta Rose <3


I love Gretta Rose the Pug so very much I had a star named after her for Valentine’s Day because she is my star! How beautiful is her little pug nose and face? Become friends with Gretta Rose on Facebook, click here.

Ever since, it’s been nothing short of true pug love. Gretta Rose and I remain so strong because we share a common passion, that is to share our love in anyway we can. We do this through a number of pup-friendly platforms, including: Pugs and Kisses Facebook page, Buddy Love The Pug Facebook page, B4- Barktastic page, and Gretta Rose’s very own Blog. I hope to one day ask the love of my life to be my pug bride, but if I know my Gretta Rose she will likely beat me to it! Who knows… there could be wedding bells in 2014….

After all, Gretta is just as woof woof crazy about me as I am about her, in proof she wrote me this response to my love letter.

Buddy Love the Pug and Gretta Rose… a Love Story By Gretta Rose


That’s me, Gretta Rose the Pug! I love cupcakes, frosting, napping, Buddy Love the Pug, and Natural Dog Snout Soother, it makes my rough pug nose feel smooth and pretty.

Buddy Love is the sweetest Valentine a pug-gal could ever dream of! I hope you read his account of our story…wasn’t it just adorable?!? Oh my, he really knows how to tug at my heartstrings! Buddy Love the Pug’s best quality is his capacity to love, he truly extends his heart to everyone he meets. We barely knew each other when I asked him to be my Valentine, I could only hope he was the genuine gentle-pug I imagined him to be after seeing how loyal and kind he is to his many friends. Once I got to know him I knew it was for real, he truly is the pug for me. I feel so lucky that he wasn’t already taken. It fills my heart with joy to be Buddy Love’s Valentine and I hope he knows that he has my heart forever.

Seriously, how cute are these pugs!?!! There’s nothing like a little puppy love to inspire romance this Valentine’s Day. At Natural Dog Company we love dogs so much we include them in all of our holiday celebrations; what sorts of fun plans does your dog have this Valentine’s Day? For sensitive rough pug noses, try our all natural Snout Soother balm for dogs. According to Gretta Rose and Buddy Love, it is a pawsome solution for any sore dog nose!

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Fame, Belly Rubs, & Bitches: The Life of 3 Celebrity Bulldogs

This month we interview Sumo, Buddha, and Ayumi, three Natural Dog Celebrity bulldogs who live, play, and love together. Learn more about this trio of French Bulldogs with over 40,000 followers on Instagram!


Meet this famous family of bulldogs: Sumo, Buddha, and Ayumi! Follow them on Instagram @3bulldogges

Three adorable best friend bulldogs that all live under one roof; Sumo, Buddha, and Ayumi have become a real sensation with dog lovers everywhere. Having reached over 43,000 followers on Instagram, this trio remains humble about their quickly earned fame. “We don’t really think of us as celebrities to be honest… If you think that, then we are truly flattered.” They casually reply when asked about their superstar status. Humble and cute—what more could one ask for? Starring in some of the cutest dog photos on the web, these 3 bulldogs spend their days dressing up, going for walks and bike rides, and at the end of each fun-filled day they can be found cuddling side-by-side.


Frenchies cuddling close after a day of fun. Look at Ayumi tucked under Sumo, hard to believe they are less than one year apart! @3bulldogges

Having acquired so many fans it’s surprising to learn how young these dogs are, Buddha and Sumo are only 1 year old while baby Ayumi is just nearing the 4-month mark. With many adventures ahead of them, these dogs have only begun to make their mark on the world. Although a barking big deal, their wishes remain simple, currently they can’t wait for the weather to warm up so that they can attend some local dog socials.


Perhaps a costume like this will get these 3 bulldogs into Disney World– looking oh-so professional and ready for the office! @3bulldogges

While everyday provides a new world of fun, we want to know where these dogs would go on vacation if they could go anywhere in the world. Their first request? “The best vacation would be for our humans not to work and just spend the entire day with us!! They’re busy people so quality time at home is the best!!!” It’s not about sunny destinations and 5-star hotels with this famous trio; on the contrary it’s all about the love! Still, they are not immune to all temptations, quickly they add, “If we did have to go somewhere who doesn’t want to go to Disney World and meet Mickey Mouse?!” We agree—Disney World is pretty cool. We are not sure if they let dogs into the park, but perhaps these 3 could skim past security dressed in one of their many costumes.


Bike rides are a regular activity that these 3 French bulldogs throughly enjoy. With a basket like that to sit comfy in, we can see why! @3bulldogges

While adventures and vacation are the dog bones of life, it’s what we do everyday that makes us who we are. For these 3, the average morning starts with a trip outside to use the bathroom before spending their day with the, “best of the bestest friends anyone could ever ask for!!!” Admittedly some days are more fun than others, although according to Buddha, Sumo, and Ayumi the best days involve sitting on the porch, enjoying the scenery and watching all of the neighborhood dogs strutting on by. In the evenings, Buddha goes on to explain, “We love sitting by the fire pit at night, enjoying the night sky.” These are the types of dogs that enjoy the simple things in life, including old broken toys. In particular their go-to toy is a nearly dead stuffed squirrel that long ago lost its noisy center, although this doesn’t seem to bother them! Broken or not, these bulldogs  can’t get enough of their favorite toy.


Many might want to date these good looking goofballs but mommy says hands off! These adorable French bulldogs have some growing up to do before dating is even an option. @3bulldogges 

Fun, easy-going, sweet, gorgeous and full of love—there must be many dogs out there that would love to date these popular bulldogs. But before you get any ideas, Mom is quick to jump in on this one, reporting that all 3 are currently single and way too young for dating.


Sumo, Buddha, and Ayumi loving the winter white snow, although Sumo might have just broken one of their own rules: don’t eat the yellow snow! @3bulldogges

As the interview nears a close it’s clear that these are some very positive pups— for instance, when prompted for their least favorite destination I imagine answers like the vet, or the groomers, but instead these 3 perky dogs look at each other in confusion—a least favorite place? What’s that? I suppose we should have guessed, after all their advice to other dogs out there is: “Enjoy what you do… Have fun with it… Life’s too short to worry… Oh and don’t eat yellow snow!!” While these are great words of wisdom for everyone, people included, what do they have to say to dogs that aspire to be famous like them?  “We try to answer everyone’s comments on our posts… We look forward to reading them!! Everyone should be heard… not forgotten.” Even though Sumo, Buddha, and Ayumi are too cute to know what it feels like to be forgotten, they are too sweet to let it happen to anyone else. As much joy as these dogs spread around the world, we are so happy Snout Soother has been able to help Sumo and Buddha as well. “Snout Soother is the best!! No more chapped snouts for the ladies!! Thanks guys for everything!!!”


Sumo and Buddha are our adorable February Natural Dog Calendar models! Get your own Natural Dog Celebrity Pack Calendar here. 

You are so welcome; anything for 3 adorable bulldogs with a mission to spread happiness, laughter, and fun to other dogs and doggie lovers everywhere!  French bulldogs can be sensitive, therefore flaky crusty dog noses often result from allergies, hyperkeratosis, and a number of other potential problems. For any irregular colored, chapped, peeling, or flaking bulldog noses, Snout Soother is formulated to soothe and heal. Just like this trio of French bulldogs, at Natural Dog Company we have a simple mission of our own: soothe, heal, wag!


Thanks to Snout Soother, Buddha and Sumo now have moist healthy dog noses and so they are happy to give away free kisses– very wet ones at that! @3bulldogges


The cuteness continues with Ayumi–too young to date but not too young to dance! @3bulldogges

 Don’t forget to follow Sumo, Buddha, and Ayumi on Instagram for adorable photos and pawsome videos @3bulldogges 

How I Became a Celebrity Dog – Luna the Dachshund


Luna’s bright blue eyes and striking posses take the cake when it comes to cuteness! And thanks to Snout Soother, her dog nose is moist and healthy for every picture that comes her way.

You know how they say anything can happen? Well it’s true. One day I was just another gorgeous young Dachshund with bright blue eyes, and the next I was a real life celebrity! Now I’m getting spa treatments, and new clothes all of the time, simply because I have to look fabulous for my 13,000+ followers on Instagram. My mom never meant to make me famous, she only wanted to create a place to post pictures of us hanging out, she didn’t even know if anyone would like our first picture —it’s just us on the couch, her holding up the peace sign. In fact, she didn’t even know she liked taking pictures, not until she realized how much fun photographing me was! While she was completely clueless, I knew these blue eyes and colorful coat were going to go viral.Even though my mom never imagined I’d turn into a celebrity, I always knew it would eventually happen. I had even established my own signature pose, where I turn my head one-way to the other. You can even see for yourself, after all I’m honored to be the Miss. January model for the Natural Dog Company 2014 calendar. Looking cute in pictures is the only job for me; what else could I do for a living that allowed me to sleep through the majority of my days? Visit the spa? And have an endless supply of new clothes? Not only do I like to be pampered and pretty, I also have a heart as deep as the ocean—which I really like to play in by the way! I cuddle with stuffed animals, other dogs, and humans too; if you’re soft and sweet I’ll be your friend. Plus, I’m a guaranteed good time, if you want to get into some trouble I can fit between the bars on almost any fence!

Sure you’ll catch me wearing bow-tie dresses, and frilly lace hats, but I’m also a fan of getting down and dirty. I spend a lot of time running through beach sand and dancing at the water’s edge, rolling in fields of flowers, splashing in the pool and going on hikes. Since I’m a celebrity now I get to go just about everywhere, including the mall.  All of my adventures are documented in pictures, and although I adore a good photo shoot, even the best models get tired sometimes. When I’m finished performing I simply turn away from the camera. It took a few times, but now everyone knows my signal for ‘finished.’

“Thank You Natural Dog Company! Snout Soother is the only all-natural product that heals my dry, crusty dog nose!” -Luna

So how did my fame on Instagram lead me to become a part of the Natural Dog Pack? Well you see, Snout Soother saved my nose! I live a very busy life, therefore I don’t have time to feel sick, or look bad. Unfortunately, my nose gets this uncomfortable feeling sometimes, not only does it feel itchy for me but also it ruins my photos because my nose looks flaky, and discolored. I always need to look prim and perfect, no icky dry dog nose for me. I admit, it wasn’t love at first sight, at first I tried to squirm away from my mom as she smeared the soothing dog balm over my nose. But after 3 days of being held down and forced through application, I knew why my mom had been so adamant about applying Snout Soother, my nose felt so much better! In proof I give her less of a hard time now when she puts it on me.

Woof Woof,



You can join Luna on all of her regular adventures, click here to follow Luna on Instagram!

How the Most Popular Dogs on the Web Celebrate Christmas


Does this costume make my nose look big? Click here to follow the adorable Digby and Alo on Facebook.

Pets add to our Christmas, imagine all of the great stories your pet stars in. I remember the year a friend’s dog ate the entire turkey right off her counter—before her family even got a chance to taste it! Sure they might have been upset then, but how much laughter does that story bring about now, long after the drool-worthy turkey ended up on the floor, covered in slobber. The thing is, even when pets act naughty they still add special warmth to the holidays.

At Natural Dog Company we are lucky to work with a neat pack of Celebrity Dogs, all of which were nice enough to share their favorite holiday photos with us for this blog. The results are too good to be true, seriously, why are dogs so cute?!

Chubbs can already tell it's going to be a good Christmas!

Chubbs can already tell it’s going to be a good Christmas! Click here to follow Chubbs the Wampug on Facebook!

Let your dogs in on the Holiday fun this year, stage a holiday photo shoot with your dog to use for Holiday cards, treasured family photos, or even fun holiday decor. Kids will love to partake in the action, plus since dogs are so delightful and enjoy any sort of attention they will let you do just about anything to them. The best part is looking back at the photos to see their unique expressions in each shot.

Don’t have winter weather where you live? Or having troubles staging a hyper-active pup? Take photos in any scenery and then Photoshop in the fun holiday details.We’ve learned that you can do all of the preparations you want but it’s the dogs that create the final version of the picture.


Our little wannabe reindeer in the front says: Are you seriously going to make me pull this? Click here to follow the adorable Digby and Alo on Facebook! 


Ginny’s note says that she has been good, but what is she really thinking? “Hopefully Santa Paws doesn’t consider pooping on the rug naughty….if so, I didn’t do it!” Click here to follow Ms. Ginny and her many adventures on Instagram! 


I’ve been a good boy, now when can I see this Santa Paws character? Click here to follow Buddy Love the Pug on Facebook!

Hire the best photographer in town, or simply snap some shots with your smart phone, either way the adorable and unique personality of your dog will come alive, making you laugh all the jingle-way home.

Think you’ve thought up the perfect caption for one of these funny photos? Don’t hesitate to comment your ideas about what these little (and big) dogs might really be thinking! Plus, don’t forget to share your own holiday pet photos using the hashtag: #naturaldogchristmas

Benny found a tree his size!

Our hearts and prayers go out to Benny’s family, we are sad to say that in October Benny passed away due to cancer. This precious picture was taken of him last christmas. Click here to visit Benny and his sister Lilly’s website

Precious is her name for a reason!

Precious is her name for a reason! Click here to follow Precious on Instagram.

See more of our adorable Holiday Celebrity Dogs modeling in the slideshow below!

2014 Natural Dog Celebrity Pack Calendars have ARRIVED!!

Can you believe we are only days away from a brand new year? Yes, it is that time where we reset and begin anew, when we resolve to eat less and exercise more, to work less, give more, play more, sleep more, and love more. Call me crazy, but does it sound like we are aspiring to be more like our four legged best friends? Okay, maybe not the eat less part . . . .

So, what better time to introduce our first annual Natural Dog Celebrity Pack Calendar?

Our Natural Dog Celebrity Pack 2014 Calendar features many inspiring fuzzy faces but, first, let’s cover the basics. After all, you will use this calendar for an entire year so it’s gotta be durable and functional.

• Made from top quality recycled paper with card stock cover
• Generously sized 12 x 12 dimensions
• Wire bound design with hole for easy wall hanging
• Includes U.S. Holidays
• Includes DOG holidays (like National Puppy Day and World Spay Day)
• 10% of proceeds donated to Short Mugs Rescue Squad and French Bulldog Village

Now, to those cute, funny, inspiring and silly fuzz faces! Each month features one or two members of the Natural Dog Celebrity Pack. Frenchies, Pugs, Jack Russells, Pomerians, Bulldogs and more! Celebrate the dog days of summer with Mr. July, Buddy the Love Pug (I dare you to not smile at a Pug in a bow tie). Give thanks with November’s suave Frenchie, Pierre Brando.

The calendar is dedicated to the late great Benny, not even cancer could darken this courageous Frenchie’s light heart. Shine on, Benny.No Valentine this year? No problem! February’s Sumo and Buddha are far better than flowers and chocolate! A bulldog, wearing a pink Hello Kitty helmet while riding a pink princess scooter. Need I say more?

Click thru slideshow below for a quick preview of features and some of our favorite calendar photos.

We also included Dog Holidays! Is it just a coincidence that World Spay Day is right after all that Valentine’s Day love? Who knows, but I much prefer celebrating World Puppy Day and Take Your Dog to Work Day over Columbus Day.

As mentioned, 10% of all proceeds will be donated to Short Mugs Rescue Squad and French Bulldog Village (so check “give more” off your resolution list!). These worthy 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations rescue, rehabilitate and rehome French Bulldogs.

Smile more in 2014! Order your Natural Dog Celebrity 2014 Calendar today!

Click here to order!

Senior Dogs Rock!

Meet Chubbs the Wampug and all of her Happy Hairs; this adorable little lady is a member of our Celebrity Pack!

I’m just a simple pug trying to make my way through the universe! I am best known for my Wampa costume, aka “The Wampug”. A picture of me wearing this costume went viral on the Internet turning me into an overnight celebrity dog.


Although my little pug nose has remained perfectly unchanged, this photo comparison shows how much my coat’s color has changed over time.

Let’s start at the beginning. My name? Well see, it’s sort of a long story— it was originally Viva Las Vegas, or Vegas for short, but somehow Mommy started calling me Chubbs, and by the time I was two, Chubbs was my official name. Now don’t go thinking my name has anything to do with my physique, I’m a very good-looking dog, I just, I like to eat! Born in Tucson, Arizona with a coat of shinny black fur, I was lucky to find my forever home when I was only 5 weeks old. It’s been nonstop fun ever since, like the time I spend as the mascot for Stockton Hill Animal Hospital. Now those are some wild times—I have to work extra hard to keep the cats in line around there! Almost equally as fun, are all of the days I play dress-up, allowing Mommy and Daddy to go crazy over how cute I look in their custom creations. What dog would ever grow tired of it all? I live the good life, begging for snackies, barking at (and if I’m lucky, chasing) big horses or other dogs that invade our home through the TV, but above all else, my most important job, the one that brings me the most pride, is keeping my pack and our territory safe and sound.

As they say, everyone has problems, and one day even I discovered I had an issue of my own. I noticed it one afternoon, the grimace on Mommy’s normally sunny face, as she sat puzzled looking at my fur, then back at old pictures. When I passed by the mirror, I saw what had her frazzled. I was changing colors!! Over time, it continued until I was sure I’d someday have an all white coat instead of a black coat. While I didn’t really mind changing colors, Mommy didn’t seem happy about it. I knew for certain that she wasn’t a fan of the white after I caught her asking Daddy to Photoshop out my white hairs! I just didn’t understand why— and neither did Daddy, and so he asked her. At that moment we both realized what I never would have thought up on my own, “Chubbs looks like she’s getting old.” She admitted with a sad sigh.


As you can see in the photo above, taken of me at 10 years old, I am a VERY VERY happy pug with lots and lots of Happy Hairs!!

I sure didn’t feel old, what’s ‘old’ anyways? For a few seconds I started to feel what must be sadness, when Daddy came to the rescue, as he likes to do—did I mention he’s my hero? Anyways, Daddy explained that all of the fun I had been having throughout the years had made me a very happy girl, and that in return for all these good memories I needed something to prove that I lived in and enjoyed so many moments. Every white hair that grows in my coat, he said, that’s the proof of a happy life. The more fun I have in the future, the more white hairs I will grow; that’s why, he explained, I didn’t have white, old hairs, I had Happy Hairs! Daddy and I were both watching Mommy’s face this whole time. I was practically holding my breath until I saw a smile tug at her lips, the sparkle in her eyes reappearing. “You’re right!” She exclaimed, grabbing me up tight into her arms, “The more white hairs Chubbs has, the happier she is! Oh Chubbs!” She cried, “I love your Happy Hairs!”

Now something that doesn’t make me so happy is a dry, crusty, or chapped nose. For years my Mom would come at with me all sorts of wet towels and dishcloths, I’d tug my neck back in protest but her strong hands held firm as she uncomfortably rubbed at my sensitive dog nose. No more, I would tell her with my eyes. “I know Chubbs.” She would say, but still it happened again and again. Then, one day Mommy said she was going to try something new. Within seconds something soft and cool had been spread across my nose, but I didn’t feel like squirming back in protest, whatever Mommy was doing to my sore pug nose actually felt soothing and good!


Here I am again, looking cute! All I have to say is Snout Soother is the best stuff ever for a chapped, crusty, or cracked pug nose!

Turns out whenever my nose gets full of those thickened bits, the ones Mommy used to scrub at to no avail, all I need is Snout Soother, and within days my nose is back to beautiful. Plus, I don’t have to deal with the uncomfortable cleaning I used to endure only because I do love my Mommy, and being that she’s a Vet I know fighting her off would be counterproductive to my wellbeing. Snout Soother is the best thing ever for little pug noses! So thanks Natural Dog Company for making my dog nose look and feel great— Hey is that a snackie? Got to go!


Chubbs the Wampug

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Why I Adopted a Senior Dog


The one and only Bumblesnot.
Cutest. Senior. Dog. Ever.

November is Adopt a Senior Pet month but choosing to adopt a senior pet may not be an easy decision.  You may not know their behavioral past, they may have health ailments, and life expectancy is shorter than a younger pet’s. Despite all these concerns, adopting our senior Pug, The Bumblesnot, was one of the best things we ever did.  He taught me firsthand that neither age nor handicap can diminish a dog’s capacity to love.

 In January 2011, our family lost our beloved 12-year old Lab. We mourned her loss greatly but eventually our hearts and home needed to be healed and filled.  We wanted to give a needy dog a loving home so I started searching the websites of local shelters.

I must admit that when I first saw Bumble’s photo online, I was unsure.  He was 8 years old and did not appear very healthy. I continued looking at hundreds of photos every day for the next week.  But something brought me back to Bumble. So, it was decided the entire family would go to the shelter and check him out.  As Bumble entered the shelter’s “visiting area”, he immediately ran and curled up in my lap.  It was love at first sight for both of us.  There was no doubt we would be adopting him.

Apparently, Bumble was dropped off at the shelter after his previous owner passed away. He was not the healthiest boy when we got him – nearly 10 pounds overweight (tipping the scales at 25 pounds), ear mites, two eye infections, rotten teeth and nails so long they curled up into his paw pads!  On top of all that, he was not house trained.


Doggie Transformation! Bumble’s pre adoption photo.

The first order of business was attending to Bumble’s medical ailments and implementing a strict diet.  Within a month, he dropped to a healthy 15 pounds. Around this time we noticed the poor guy slightly dragging one of his rear legs.  A vet’s examination indicated this was result of nerve damage caused by either previous abuse or years of jumping from the couch/bed or other high places.  We will never know for sure.

The vet discussed possible options including surgery. But Bumble had been through enough.  We weren’t going to put him through surgery too.  The next option?   A dog wheelchair.  Yes, we bought Bumble a dog wheelchair.  He took to his cart right away and never looked back!

These days his rear legs offer no support for standing or walking but his front legs are very strong from years of compensating. Even though the cart is a huge help we carry him outside to go to the bathroom and express his bladder for him. Eating from a bowl has become difficult so he is also hand fed.

But we are not complaining!  Bumble is a very loving and affectionate guy.  His favorite hobby is cuddling on the couch.  He barks when you leave the room and barks if you don’t greet him upon return.  He begrudgingly tolerates his three canine siblings (also rescues). We love our handicapped senior dog!

How could Brumble’s gruffy grumpy persona NOT advocate for pet adoption?!?


Don’t tell me a senior dog is not just as cute as a puppy. Just look at that face!

So, the Bumblesnot started his own Facebook page and Instagram account promoting awareness on the importance of rescuing shelter pets – particularly seniors and special needs animals.  Adopt! Don’t Shop!

There’s Bumblesnot merchandise for sale in his Zazzle store. All proceeds are donated to Pug and pet rescue organizations.  Bumble even inspired our 10-year old daughter to create and sell clay animal figurines called “Puggables.” We match and donate sales of Puggable sales to rescue organizations.

We don’t know how long our little black snotball will be with us, but The Bumblesnot has already enriched our lives with hilarity, happiness and joy.  Despite all his ailments, we could not love him any more than we already do.

As Bumble would say, “snort snort.”

-Melissa Gregory, Proud Mother of Senior Dog 

Meet Meatball: Celebrity Dog & Ambassador

Woof. My name is Meatball and I like to smile– but then again, I’ve got a whole lot to smile about! You see, I’m an important dog, a local celebrity of sorts; I am the Ambassador of Groomingdales in Austin, Texas. Groomingdales is not just any full service grooming and animal care center; with their focus completely on us—the pets—they offer an all-natural approach to pet grooming. I wouldn’t oversee anything other than the best for my fellow pups out there, how could I wear this smile all day otherwise?


Even though I look mighty cute here, dog noses that are dry cause discomfort.

My fame was quick to catch on. It seemed one day suddenly everyone wanted a piece of Meatball! Even the Austin Pet Directory called me up for an interview, and I was featured in a Q&A article about my favorite natural pet products. And now I’ve even won the title of Celebrity Dog at Natural Dog Company! Even though being a celebrated dog seems like all fun and games, I am still a normal, everyday canine that hates when I’m not feeling 100% like myself. Say for example when my dog nose gets dry, cracked and sore.


As you can see in this picture, my dog nose looks rough and abnormal.

At one point it got so bad, I thought I couldn’t take anymore! Thankfully my owner, Tomay Ryder, is always looking out for me, and she applied an all-natural balm called Snout Soother over my big black nose. Instantly, I felt the cooling relief and my mouth started to peel back into a grin bigger than I’d managed in days! While for me the benefits were instant, my owner didn’t notice until a few days later, right in the middle of the Groomingdale’s Care Center. I noticed her take a step back, tilt her head to one side, before suddenly rushing over and tugging me in close. “Do you see this?” She asked anyone that would listen, “Do you see the difference in Meatball’s nose?” As everyone muttered their oohhs and aahhs I simply nodded, I sure felt the differences they were discussing.


Here I am in my ‘after’ photos– as you can see my dry chapped dog nose has been cured! Now my mission is to spread the word about this all-natural soothing pet product.

Then a thought struck me, as a Pomeranian with a crusty dog nose trotted by, I wanted all fellow dogs to know relief existed. Then, as if in answer to my doggie prayers, I heard Tomay go on to say, “The change in Meatball’s nose is amazing, I am carrying Snout Soother in my shop!” This made me go giddy with delight, if we sold this soothing dog balm all of my favorite pup friends would have a chance to experience relief that does not even smell bad—as so many other pet products do.

Thanks to Snout Soother, if you ever come visit my pals and I in Texas, some very moist, soft noses will be waiting to greet you!

Yours Truly,


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