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Category: Pest Control

How to Identify and Treat Bug Bites on Dogs

Found a bite on your dog? Learn how to identify common bug bites, relieve symptoms, and recognize the clinical signs of a serious allergic reaction.

Safe Bug Sprays for Dogs

Whether it’s a brisk evening walk or summer afternoon in the park, bug bites can seriously ruin the fun. Here are five insect repellents that are safe and effective for your pup.

12 Pet Safe Pesticides for Yard & Home

Many of the ingredients found in conventional pesticides are toxic for dogs AND humans—we've sourced a dozen safer alternatives to keep your pet safe!

The 6 Best Natural Flea Remedies for Dogs

Fleas are the bane of every dog owner’s existence. First, they irritate your pet with feverishly itchy bites. The scratching begins. Next, the fleas invade your home.      I...

Clinical Signs of Spider Bites on Dogs

You’ll find a lot of worry and speculation about all kinds of harmful spiders online. But according to the CDC, there are only two groups of venomous spiders in the US that c...

Can Dogs Get Mosquito Bites?

Yes, mosquitoes can bite dogs. Longer fur adds protection, but areas like the nose and ears are still prime targets for mosquitoes. Keep reading for more information about symptoms...

How to Naturally Protect Your Pet from Mosquito Bites

Mosquito bites are extremely aggravating, itchy and can even cause different infections and allergic reactions. Mozzies bite our skin in order to obtain our blood which is crucial ...