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Category: Outdoor Hazards

8 Summer Safety Tips for Dogs

While the dog days of summer may seem like the best time to bring your pup along for adventures, this time of year requires some extra precautions for canine safety. Heat, sunburn,...

Neosporin For Dogs—Is It Safe?

A staple in every medicine cabinet, but should you use it on your pets? Learn why this antibiotic ointment is for humans only, plus a natural alternative.

Hot Dogs & Hot Paws! These Summer Essentials Can Protect Your Dog’s Paws

Hot dogs get hot paws, luckily there are some things you can do to protect your dog’s paws from the heat this summer. Did you know that even if the temperature is under 100 degre...

PawTection: Essential Dog Paw Protection For The Great Outdoors

Paw protection is adamant to keeping your dog’s paws smooth and healthy if they spend any time outside. Call your dog over now and feel the bottom of his or her paw pads—what d...

How To Protect Dog Paws During The Winter From 4 Common Issues

It’s so important to protect dog paws during the winter in order to prevent a number of common complications. Everything from dry, irritated, bloody paw pads, to illness related ...

Can Your Dog Sunburn? How To Naturally Protect Your Pup From The Sun

YES! Dogs sunburn just like you and I. Certain dogs are at a greater predisposition to sunburns including white dogs, light-colored dogs, shorthaired and hairless dogs. Regardle...

How To Protect Dog Paws During Hot Summer Months

It’s so important to protect dog paws during the heat of summer. For starters, have you ever walked barefoot across asphalt on a hot day? Than you know how much it can hurt!...

Top Cold Winter Weather Safety Tips For Dogs

Dog safety in cold weather is an incredibly important topic all dog owners should be up to date on. How do you plan to keep your dog safe from the cold this winter? Some dogs are a...