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Author: Sam Spaulding

Is Human Food Bad For Dogs? What You Can and Can’t Share

Sharing can be a great bonding experience, but there are some foods you should NEVER share with your pup! Here are 10 dog-safe foods and 6 toxic treats.

Dog Bath 101: How Often Should I Wash My Dog?

How often does your dog need a bath? Learn when to bathe and how to choose the best grooming products for your dog with our quick and easy guide.

Does My Dog Need Calming Supplements?

If your dog has separation anxiety, fear of thunderstorms, troubles when traveling, or vet visit anxiety, they may benefit from these Calming Supplements!

Dog Slipping on Floors? Here’s a Natural Solution!

Dogs slipping on floors may be funny, but it's no joke! Decrease the risk of injury with these easy solutions.

What Causes Dry Dog Ears? How to Heal Them Naturally

Dry, flaky, scabby ears got your pup down? We've got several natural solutions!

National Dog Day: How to Celebrate!

We asked around and collected the best ways to celebrate this very important national holiday with your sweet pup, or a homeless dog near you!

Is it Okay to Use Vaseline on My Dog’s Nose?

You should not use Vaseline on your dog’s dry nose because it can be toxic. Although sometimes recommended by veterinarians, petroleum jelly will not heal your dog’s poor n...

How to Heal a Crusty Dog Nose

Learn how to naturally treat a dry and crusty dog nose, from owners who have successfully cured their dogs' crusty noses!

The Cure for Rough Dog Paws

Are rough dog paws normal? Solve this mystery and your pup's dry, painful paws! Learn why paws may be rough and when a vet visit is necessary.