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Author: Natural Dog Company

Top Tips For Finding the Best Place to Board Your Dog this Holiday

Dogs are a part of the family, but unfortunately they don’t stand on two legs, speak fluent English, know how to use a public restroom, or have much control over what, or whom, t...

Senior Dogs Rock!

Meet Chubbs the Wampug and all of her Happy Hairs; this adorable little lady is a member of our Celebrity Pack! I’m just a simple pug trying to make my way through the universe! ...

Why I Adopted a Senior Dog

November is Adopt a Senior Pet month but choosing to adopt a senior pet may not be an easy decision.  You may not know their behavioral past, they may have health ailments, and li...

Treat Discoid Lupus with Snout Soother

I love returning home everyday. Of course, we all eagerly await the end of a long workday when we finally kick off our shoes and relax but that’s not why I love unlocking my fron...

Misconceptions about Shelter Dogs

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work with many shelter dogs.  I have provided them with products from the Natural Dog Company, volunteered in shelters and fostered d...

The Miracles of Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp oil.  You know, at one time, hemp oil was believed to have many negative qualities to it.  People weren’t sure what it was or there was a lot of misinformation generated a...