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Four-Legged Heroes: A Search & Rescue Dog Might Save Your Life!

Dogs amaze investigators and researchers everyday, simply by using the power of their noses to save lives and solve crimes. While chapped, or dry dog noses can become too damaged to properly smell everything around them, healthy, moist dog noses are capable of truly incredible feats. You might be able to identify if a teaspoon or […]

Humans and Dogs form “Mutualistic Relationships”

A Mutualistic Relationship is when two different species “work together” each benefiting from the relationship.  This is truly the relationship between dogs and humans. Let’s take the dog side of this equation.  It is quite obvious that dogs benefit from being loved and cared for: being fed, groomed (in many cases) taken for walks, being […]

Wrinkles Never Looked So Good: All About English Bulldogs

English bulldogs are incredibly sweet family dogs that carry a rather shocking history. These sturdy looking canines might appear fierce, but they are gentle bullies with many sensitivities. At Natural Dog we have helped many English bulldogs discover relief from dry, crusty, dog noses thanks to our all-natural dog balm, Snout Soother. This month we […]

What’s That Smell? 10 Funny Facts About Your Dog’s Nose

Your dog’s nose smells everything—from a delicious new dog bone, to a nasty surprise left behind by a neighbor dog. A dog’s nose might seem basic, a tool used to smell the world around them, but on the contrary, your canine’s nostrils are fairly complex. Enjoy these 10 funny facts about your dog’s nose, perhaps some […]

Snout Soother Cures Another Crusty Dog Nose!

Does your four-legged friend have a dry dog nose, or dog nose condition that seems irreversible, or even unexplainable? If yes, Helen Boek understands exactly what you are going through. Hellen’s adorable dog Charlotte developed a mysterious white crusty build up on her dog nose, and although Hellen tried everything, it continued to persist. That […]

Fame, Belly Rubs, & Bitches: The Life of 3 Celebrity Bulldogs

This month we interview Sumo, Buddha, and Ayumi, three Natural Dog Celebrity bulldogs who live, play, and love together. Learn more about this trio of French Bulldogs with over 40,000 followers on Instagram! Three adorable best friend bulldogs that all live under one roof; Sumo, Buddha, and Ayumi have become a real sensation with dog lovers […]

Weather Wounds: Protecting Your Dog From Weather Changes

Have you ever noticed your dog is always warmer than you? That’s because dogs have a naturally higher temperature than us 2-leged humans. Even wearing a big beautiful coat though, dogs still get cold and often need assistance to maintain a healthy reading on their internal temperature. It’s all too often assumed that dogs are […]

Happy Thanksgiving Dog Lovers!

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? As you go around the table sharing all that you appreciate, you surely can’t forget your fuzzy four-legged friend(s)! After all, dogs bring us joy everyday of the year. Did you know that statistically dog owners are happier than their pet-less peers? Dogs really and truly improve our […]

Snout Soother Ingredients

Snout Soother is an all-natural remedy made to heal dry, crusty, chapped, or irritated dog noses. Having built this nose balm from the ground up, we know every last ingredient that goes inside, and dog-gone are we picky! After all, a dog’s nose is an incredibly sensitive and important part of his or her life, […]

Senior Dogs Rock!

Meet Chubbs the Wampug and all of her Happy Hairs; this adorable little lady is a member of our Celebrity Pack! I’m just a simple pug trying to make my way through the universe! I am best known for my Wampa costume, aka “The Wampug”. A picture of me wearing this costume went viral on […]

Why I Adopted a Senior Dog

November is Adopt a Senior Pet month but choosing to adopt a senior pet may not be an easy decision.  You may not know their behavioral past, they may have health ailments, and life expectancy is shorter than a younger pet’s. Despite all these concerns, adopting our senior Pug, The Bumblesnot, was one of the […]

The Miracles of Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp oil.  You know, at one time, hemp oil was believed to have many negative qualities to it.  People weren’t sure what it was or there was a lot of misinformation generated about it.  Thankfully, people have managed to navigate past the myths regarding hemp and have realized that it is a beneficial plant that […]

All about Noses – Why Noses?

One question that I am often asked when it comes to my company is “Why did you focus on dog’s noses?”  The answer is both complicated and simple and I often reply with “Why not?” Although many people are unaware of it, a dog’s nose is a very important part of a dog.  It is […]

Support Our Military Dogs Event

Every day, the brave wake up and take one step forward. They don’t think about where that step is taking them or the danger that they will face.  They don’t know why they are being called to service but as they look up at their handler, they know that they have a job to do.  […]

About Us

It all started with an idea…a dream to live a better life for myself after being diagnosed with a debilitating disease; a dream that was quickly applied to all aspects of my life, including my dogs. I know I have started with an idea but I think that is probably why you have found your […]