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Before & After Review Highlight: Snout Soother for Bridging of the Spine (Spondylosis)

It is a sad fact that as dogs age, they will become more susceptible to various health conditions. You are likely to outlive your dog, and that means that as he or she ages, you will have to face any number of issues that could make him or her uncomfortable, and react accordingly. Aging dogs […]

Yeast Infection in Dogs

If your dog has itchy skin, or seems to be constantly chewing and licking at his paws, your first assumption may be that he has an allergy. And of course this is possible, because dogs can be every bit as vulnerable to allergies as people. Another possibility, however, is a yeast infection. What Causes a […]

All About the Breed: Brachycephalic

If you are reading this, chances are you already own a brachycephalic dog, or are thinking about getting one. You may be experiencing some problems with your dog, or wondering what you need to be concerned about before adopting one. So, first off, what exactly is a brachycephalic breed of dog? You probably think of […]

Introducing: Wrinkle Balm!

You know you love them…the sweet, funny faced breeds that are resplendent with wrinkles. What’s cuter than a baby French or English Bulldog with droopy eyes and a button nose? Or a Shar Pei puppyface enveloped in ample soft, fluffy skin? Those beautiful folds make our furbabies very appealing…but they come with a cost. Most people are unaware that these beautiful skin folds can cause […]

Why Are my Dog’s Paws Itchy?

Talk to anyone who shares their home with a dog and they’ll tell you that they don’t consider themselves so much as a dog owner but the parent of a furry, four-legged child; thanks to the joy and companionship they can provide every day, dogs are often considered cherished members of the family than a […]

Uncover Your Dog’s Diamond In The ‘Ruff’ With Snout Shine! A New Ultra Healing Gloss for Your Pup’s Dry Nose.

Dog Owners Everywhere: Your dog’s nose is highly sensitive and can quickly cause pain to your pooch if the tissue is left dry, chapped, or cracked. Natural Dog Company’s Snout Shine is an organic, all-natural and vegan gloss fortified to quickly heal unhealthy noses and transform them into smooth, shiny sniffers that they’ll be proud […]

The Barker’s Dozen

Who can resist sharing a little of this and that when your pet stares at you with those longing eyes? Did you know that there are some foods that should never be fed to your friend? Some of those foods would be chocolate, grapes, raisins, onions, garlic, bread dough, and avocados. What foods can be […]

Meet The Pups Behind The Most Popular Dog Breed: Labrador Retrievers

The Labrador retriever, also known simply as a lab, is one of several types of retriever dogs. The American Kennel Club (AKC) officially recognized the Labrador retriever as a dog breed in 1917. This beautiful, hyperactive medium-sized dog originated in Canada, and has since become the number one most popular dog breed. Labradors generally come […]

Fiercely Friendly: All About Catahoula Bulldogs

The Catahoula bulldog is a mix between a Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog and an American Bulldog. The name Catahoula comes from an Indian word for “clear water.” Near where the Catahoula dog was breed, sits the Catahoula Lake. Although the breed’s name could have more significance than location, Catahoula bulldogs are incredibly clear-headed creatures breed […]

How To Heal White Crust On Dog’s Nose: Charlotte’s Story

Charlotte is a sweet and cuddly canine from California. Recently Charlotte started to grow mysterious white crusty chunks over the top of her nose. At a loss for what to do or how to help, Charlotte’s human-mom tried just about everything, until finally she found the all-natural solution to her beloved dog’s crusty nose problem. […]

Deaf Pet Awareness Week: Apple’s Story

Everyone loves an underdog, right? But I’m not talking about the aging athlete or miracle hockey team or grass root politico.  No, let’s talk about real underdogs. Specifically, my own little underdog, Apple. Apple is a sweet, year and a half old, red heeler mix puppy.  What makes her an underdog, you ask?  Apple is […]

Is Human Food Bad For Dogs? The Facts About The Best And Worst People Foods For Dogs

Some pet owners are excellent at denying their dog table scraps. Then, there are the rest of us dog owners that struggle desperately saying ‘no’ when their dog looks at them with those big pleading eyes, and drool creeping from the corner of their mouth. When you slip your dog some scrambled eggs you might […]

A Cure For Dry Dog Noses At Last: ‘Ear’ You Excited? Tibbe Sure Is!

Dry, crusty dog nose got your sweet doggy feeling down? By simply soothing chapped canine noses and paws you can improve your dog’s mood and provide instant relief worth barking about. It’s not comfortable to have a crusty dog nose! Just ask Tibbe, a fun Sweedish Cockerpoo living a very active, and rather famous life. You might find Tibbe running through the […]

Are Allergies Irritating Your Dog’s Nose? Snout Soother Can Help!

What are you allergic to? Is it pollen in the springtime, a certain laundry detergent brand, or a type of medication? Just like us, dogs are susceptible to allergies too—some more so than others. Sensitive canines can develop allergies to a number of things, from plastic to weather changes; often the first sign a dog […]

Holly Moose! How To Cure Hyperkeratosis In 3 Days!

Meet Moose, he’s a busy dog always playing with the kids, going for rides in the truck, eating watermelon, or playing in the snow; around his house, Moose is the man. Despite all of the good times, Moose has suffered from a dry, crusty dog nose that continually flaked off in chunks. After being diagnosed with hyperkeratosis his loving family […]