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All About Our Dog Dietary Supplements

We introduced dog dietary supplements! We hope you’ve heard by now that Natural Dog Company now offers four varieties of vet-approved dog dietary supplements! While a dog’s food likely provides a well-rounded diet day in and day out, sometimes dogs experience joint pain, loss of fur, an upset stomach or may just need a daily […]

8 Summer Safety Tips for Dogs

The dog days of summer can be RUFF — especially for, well, your dog! They’re members of the family, too so it’s only natural that they tag along for all the summer fun. But as they do, it’s crucial as dog owners to make sure your four-legged friend is safe all summer long — from […]

Is Tea Tree Oil Bad for Dogs?

Tea Tree oil is a very popular essential oil used in all sorts of products and for many purposes. It has natural antibacterial properties making it an effective solution for treating minor infections of the skin for humans, but what about the use of tea tree oil for pets? Using tea tree oil on dogs […]

Dog Dry Skin and How to Treat It

Does your dog have dry, irritated and itchy skin? It can be quite frustrating and uncomfortable when it happens to us, humans, and although they can’t speak and express the same frustrations and concerns, dogs often experience dry skin issues, too.    Lucky for us, when we notice our skin is a bit dry, we […]

Why Does My Dog Lick Its Paws So Much?

You pay close attention to your dog because you love them. You’re obsessed and enamored and delighted with everything they do because they are your pride and joy, and with each and every move, your adoration just grows deeper and deeper. As you hang onto their every move, it’s important to know which habits and […]