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Author: Bill DAlessandro

Itchy Dog Shampoo! PLUS: 10 Dog Bath Tips

The best all-natural shampoo for itchy dogs is loaded with beneficial ingredients to balance, heal, and soothe irritated skin. PLUS, tips for a better bath! Who knew bath time coul...

The Best Fish Oil for Dogs & What to Avoid

With so many options, how do you know which fish oil is best for your dog? Look out for these red flags before you make a purchase!

Skin and Coat Oil 101

Curious about how our Skin & Coat Oil helps with canine dermatitis, hot spots, dry skin, itchiness, and more? We'll break it down for you, ingredient by ingredient!

Dog Licking Paws Uncontrollably? Here’s What To Do About It

Is your dog licking paws constantly? It might be a sign that something’s wrong. A few simple steps can help you identify the problem and help your pup. End the paw-obsession with...

8 Summer Safety Tips for Dogs

While the dog days of summer may seem like the best time to bring your pup along for adventures, this time of year requires some extra precautions for canine safety. Heat, sunburn,...

What Causes Dry Dog Ears? How to Heal Them Naturally

Dry, flaky, scabby ears got your pup down? We've got several natural solutions!

Daily Dog Diversions

Bored Dog? Entertain them with a FREE printable list of 15+ low-prep activities you can try right now! Identify and solve boredom behaviors today.

4 Steps to Soothe a Dry Dog Nose

Moist noses are vital to help dogs interpret the world around them, so use these tips to cure your pup's dry nose. Better sniffing ahead!

Why Is My Dog Shedding So Much? The Ultimate Dog Shedding Guide

Got a dog who sheds like crazy? Learn why your pup may be shedding more than usual and get great tips to keep the fuzz under control.