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What Causes Dry Dog Ears & How to Help Your Pup Find Relief

Dry dog ears can result in itching, infection, and/or scaly patches. It’s not uncommon so there’s no need to panic. BUT, it is important to get to the bottom of the underlying issue because a variety of factors can contribute to your dog’s dry ears. Not to mention, dry ears can be irritating and itchy, […]

How To Naturally Treat Dog Hyperkeratosis: Why Do Dogs Get Dry, Crusty Noses?

To naturally treat dog hyperkeratosis you need an understanding of your dog’s condition and what’s causing it to occur in the first place! Hyperkeratosis sounds scary but it’s simply a condition that causes your dog’s nose or paws to thicken and become excessively hard. When your pet produces too much keratin, the fibrous proteins that […]

Is Your Dog Suffering from Stinky Lip Fold Dermatitis? Here’s Why & What You Can Do!

A serious case of lip fold dermatitis is often distinguishable by smell alone—it can smell terrible! It’s not uncommon for dog owners to mistake the stench for bad breath. If “bad breath” persists even when your dog’s mouth is closed, and/or you take good care of your dog’s oral health, lip fold dermatitis might be […]

Dog Bath 101: How Often Should I Wash My Dog?

“Dog bath time!” you say, just as your pup darts away at full-speed. Not all dogs enjoy bath time, and not all humans enjoy giving their dog a bath. After all, the process can get rather wet and messy. As fellow dog owners, we get it… but as tedious as this chore may be, it’s […]

How to Help Your Dog Heal from an Interdigital Cyst (Furuncle)

An interdigital cyst, technically known as an interdigital furuncle, is a painful lesion or growth found between dog toes.  These irritating growths tend to represent pyogranulomatous inflammation and are generally not cystic, which is why they are properly known as interdigital furuncles. If your dog is chewing his paws or limping check out each paw pad […]

Is There an All Natural Tear Stain Remover for Dogs?

Looking for an all-natural tear stain remover? You’ve come to the right place! Dog tear stains are a common problem—I see so many dogs with the classic reddish-brown streaks staining their otherwise picture-perfect faces. Wrinkle Balm is an all-natural tear stain remover that provides additional soothing benefits to your dog’s precious face. Plus, it’s made […]

How to Treat Dog Eczema So Fido Stops Scratchin’

Eczema creates irritation and inflammation of the outer layers of skin. Some of the most common signs of dog eczema include itching, redness or irritation, hair loss, and pustules—just to name a few.  Overall, it can cause a lot of discomfort and lead to constant licking and chewing, which puts your dog at a greater […]

3 Home Remedies to Stop Dog Scratching and Give Your Pup Relief

How do you stop dog scratching? As much as your dog loves to scratch, it clearly doesn’t help the problem. And there’s almost always an underlying problem that causes dogs to itch in the first place. Dogs typically start scratching and biting at areas that are irritating, say for instance they are suffering from allergies […]

5 Tricks for Treating Dog Allergies

Dog allergies are incredibly common but the ways and reasons they pop up may vary. Allergies can impact your dog’s eyes, skin, ears, and even daily habits… like scratching. In fact, incessant itching and scratching is one of the leading signs of dog allergies. What are Dog Allergies? Dog allergies come in all shapes, sizes, […]

Is Your Dog’s Stinky Breath Caused by a Skin Infection?

Did you know your dog’s stinky breath could actually relate to a stinky face instead? Dogs with wrinkles around their mouth are more prone to skin infections on the face; some of which can really smell, take yeast for example. You might think your dog’s stinky breath is the problem, but really you could be […]

Is it Okay to Use Human Shampoo on Dogs?

Many good-hearted mortals make the mistake of using human shampoo on dogs. While it doesn’t always cause an instantly negative reaction, your dog’s skin is much more sensitive than yours and your favorite soap might cause itching, burning or irritation. Even if it doesn’t appear to cause any harm, it’s silently throwing off your dog’s […]

How to Naturally Get Rid of Dog Tear Stains

Dog tear stains, or the reddish-brown streaks beneath your dog’s eyes, are caused by an overproduction of tears. Tear stains are incredibly common, especially in certain breeds such as the Shih Tzu, Lhasa Apso, and Maltese. It is more visible on dogs with light colored coats, especially white dogs. In most cases, dog tear stains […]

Organic Wrinkle Balm: Before and After Reviews With Pictures

There’s only one organic Wrinkle Balm by Natural Dog Company–nothing else compares. Don’t just take our bark for it, check out these before and after testimonials and pictures to see firstpaw! Dog wrinkles are notorious for smelling bad as well as becoming inflamed, irritated and infected. That’s because your dog’s wrinkles provide a safe sanctuary […]

What Should You Do To Treat Irritated Dog Wrinkles?

Pugs, bulldogs, and other wrinkly dogs are at risk for developing infections between their adorable skin folds. Irritated dog wrinkles are common but they shouldn’t be considered the norm. It’s important to treat your dog’s condition as soon as possible to reduce discomfort and prevent the infection from getting worse. One of the first signs […]

How to Heal Dry Dog Skin the Natural Way

Itchy dry dog skin can be a serious source of discomfort for your pup, it can also indicate an underlying condition that requires treatment. Itching is the most common sign of dry dog skin, but other signs include noticeable hair loss, and/or flaky, scaly skin that may appear red or irritated. Most dogs with dry […]

Before & After PawSoother Reviews Show Pawsome Results For Dry Paws

Does PawSoother really work to heal dry and damaged paw pads? Millions of dog owners around the world are facing the same predicament—why are my dog’s paws rough, dry, or crusty? And how do I fix it?  You do some research or get a recommendation from a friend to check out PawSoother by Natural Dog […]

Yeast Infections in Dogs – How to Naturally Treat & Give Your Pup Some Relief

Is your dog’s skin itchy, irritated, red or inflamed? Yeast infections in dogs are rather common, especially for wrinkly pups. The Malassezia species of yeast is the responsible culprit. This type of yeast is normally found on the skin and ears of your dog, but when yeast populations bloom out of control it leads to […]

The PawTection Challenge Continues: Learn How To Protect Dog Paws

Want to pawtect your pup’s paws? PawTection is the all natural way to protect dog paws! The PawTection Challenge Continues with three more pawesome Instagrammers, @lifeofscout_, @bellethenewfie, and @eddthepug! Our mission is simple: Help protect as many dog paws as pawsible. Our all natural, vegan and organic PawTection does just that, providing a protective barrier […]

How to Heal a Dry & Crusty Dog Nose

Contrary to popular belief, a dry or crusty dog nose is not a sure sign your dog is sick but it can give hints to things going on in your dog’s body. To find out why your dog’s nose is dry or crusty, try and pinpoint when the issue originated and if it’s a reoccurring […]

My Dog Has A Rash, What Should I Do?

There are so many reasons a dog rash can appear on your pup’s delicate skin, and allergies are one of the most common reasons why. Interestingly, according to VPI Pet Insurance, skin conditions such as dog rashes are the number one reason dogs visit the vet, with the average visit costing $183. While allergies are […]

How to Heal Burned Dog Paws

The best way to treat burned dog paws should relate to the severity of the burn. Here are some helpful tips to determine the best form of treatment for your sweet pup. “Shake,” you command, extending your hand out for your dog to take. When your dog responds, placing his paw in your hand, you […]

What To Pack When Traveling With Your Pup

Traveling with your pup—yahoo, how exciting! But first, what do you need to pack for your four-legged travel companion? He doesn’t need sunglasses or numerous pairs of panties. Dogs are simple compared to us, with our overloaded carry-ons and barely-zipped luggage. That’s not to say your dog needs nothing. Here are 10 essential items you […]

Bulldog Essentials: 5 Things Bulldogs Need For a Pawesome Life

These bulldog essentials can help solve some some of the most common problems experienced by this loveable breed. Bulldogs are sweet, adorable, and so much fun, but they tend to be more sensitive than other dog breeds and require extra special care to maintain optimum health. Bulldogs are a brachycephalic (or short-nosed) breed, which puts them […]

Lipoid Pneumonia & Dogs: Why You Should Never Use Vaseline On Your Dog’s Dry Nose

Lipoid Pneumonia can be caused by applying Vaseline / petroleum jelly to your dog’s nose, especially after regular use. Dry dog noses or cracked paw pads are often lathered up in Vaseline, after all, most people have the common household product sitting around. Wait! Before you apply petroleum jelly, be warned that it is not […]

Dry Cracked Dog Paws Were A Serious Issue For Our Dog Until We Discovered This

Do dry cracked dog paws have your pup singing the doggone blues? There’s an all-natural solution you must try! When 10-year-old Zoe started limping, her human parents instantly checked her paws to see what was wrong. They discovered Zoe’s paws were so dry she had developed cracks that ran deep into her paw pads. Zoe’s dad […]

Stinky Dog Face Remedy: Two Things You Should Be Doing If Your Dog’s Face Stinks

A stinky dog is more than just smells. The cause of a stinky dog face is typically related to trapped moisture, bacteria, an infection or health disorder. With daily care and maintenance from Wrinkle Balm, your dog’s stinky face problems can become a thing of the past. What Is Wrinkle Balm? All-natural and organic Wrinkle Balm is […]

Clean Wrinkles & Skin Folds: How To Keep Your Dog’s Wrinkles Infection-Free

Bulldogs, pugs and other wrinkly-faced pups need extra special care and attention when it comes to maintaining clean wrinkles and keeping skin folds free of infection. Those wrinkles and skin folds are so dang cute, but they provide the perfect spot for bacteria, yeast and other infections to develop. If your dog’s skin appears irritated, […]

Lip Fold Pyoderma Treatment: How To Naturally Banish Infected Lip Wrinkles

Lip fold pyoderma treatment options are out there! This inflammatory skin disorder often develops between the folds of dogs’ lips, but can also form anywhere else with wrinkles, such as the face, groin or armpit area. Certain breeds are more prone to the development of lip fold pyoderma, also referred to as skin fold dermatitis, […]

3 Inspirational Service Dogs Prove Dogs Are Real-Life Superheroes

Service dogs are hardworking, dedicated and incredibly beneficial in so many aspects of society. From search and rescue to bomb squad missions, there are dogs working in numerous fields. We count on dogs in so many ways. After all dogs are loaded with talents, like super sonic smelling powers and the ability to heal broken […]

Intertrigo Treatment: Wrinkle Balm Before & After Review

Your dog’s wrinkles make him or her uniquely adorable, but they also present the risk for painful irritations associated with skin fold disease, technically known as Intertrigo. If you notice red, irritated, swollen or crusty skin between wrinkles, your dog needs soothing relief, and fast! Our specially formulated all-natural Wrinkle Balm provides an organic and safe intertrigo […]