As a new Snout Soother customer, I’m already impressed by your obvious compassion for those little (and big) critters whose love and affection enrich our lives so much!

May I introduce my wonderful “Pirate Puppy,” Hedo (Hee-doe). Hedo is 14, lost his eye a little over a year ago due to secondary glaucoma (his optic nerve was crushed in under 24 hours before I even knew anything was wrong!), is almost blind in the other eye, totally deaf and has some hip issues to boot . . .

Oh, and there’s also the matter of his dry, rather crusty, nose… 🙁

But even with all the insults of the aging process, Hedo still has his puppy moments, loves his Shih Tzu sister Gizzy, and is a loving, much-loved member of our family. The ole boy has some life in him yet!!!! . . . Hedo’s still chuggin’ along … and check out his nose!

When I first started applying the Snout Soother, he didn’t like it very much … probably because that poor nose was so dry, cracked and chapped.

In the past month or so, he now lets me coat his nose daily with no squirming! He’s much happier thanks to Snout Soother … and so am I!

Thank you for an amazing product! 🙂


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