Are Allergies Irritating Your Dog’s Nose? Snout Soother Can Help!


This is Kai’s nose before Snout Soother treatment. Does your dog’s nose look like this? The cause could be allergies.

What are you allergic to? Is it pollen in the springtime, a certain laundry detergent brand, or a type of medication? Just like us, dogs are susceptible to allergies too—some more so than others. Sensitive canines can develop allergies to a number of things, from plastic to weather changes; often the first sign a dog has allergies shows up on their nose. In fact, a warm dry dog nose can indicate a number of problems, as a healthy dog should have a cold wet nose. Left dried out for too long and dog noses begin to crack, discolor, and even break off to the point of bleeding. When faced with this scenario, dog lovers understandably want quick answers; are allergies to blame, and are there any real solutions?

What Causes Dog Allergies?

A chapped or flakey dog nose is often the body’s reaction to something it doesn’t appreciate. Trying to isolate the cause of a specific ailment gets tricky, especially considering dogs can be allergic to almost anything, including the bowl they eat their food out of. In particular, dog bowls made with plastic and dyes can cause a dry nose. The weather can also play a part in irregular dog noses, just as our own skin dries out in frigid temperatures, so do dog noses. On the contrary, warm weather can reduce nose moisture temporarily, or create a pink and peeling sunburn. The cause of a dry nose can be as minimal as a pup spending too much time with his nose in the air, to as serious as cancer—although before you panic, know that canine cancer typically comes with more than just dryness and flaking.

How Can Snout Soother Help?

In hopes of reducing your dog’s exposure to allergens, you can switch dog bowls, change backyard plants, and even limit outdoor time against your dog’s wishes, but what do you do when nothing seems to be working? To soothe even the most sore and sensitive dog noses, Snout Soother includes a combination of carefully selected, natural ingredients proven to treat dry, cracked, flaking, dog noses—and paws too. Every ingredient plays its own special role treating a different part of the problem, such as Candelilla wax, the ingredient that keeps the balm in place, nourishing long after application. Don’t believe us? Just ask Benson and Kai, two adorable dogs that can both agree Snout Soother changed their lives.


Thanks to Snout Soother, Benson no longer suffers from a dry, cracked dog nose!

Meet Benson from Pennsylvania, a big black adorable dog with a lot of allergy sensitivities that cause his nose to dry out, crack and even break off in bloody chunks. Throughout the first years of his life, his family (the Miller’s) tried everything to ease his painful problem, until they started to think Benson’s dry nose was a permanent ailment. After trying Snout Soother, the Miller family couldn’t believe Benson’s nose actually looked normal for the first time ever. Overjoyed, they continued to use the product until it ran out, at which time they had started to take his wet nose for granted. Shortly after Snout Soother dried up, so did Benson’s nose again, that’s when the Miller’s knew, Benson would be a lifelong fan of Snout Soother.


Before Snout Soother, Kai’s nose would become so dry it would flake off in bloody pieces, he sure is happy to have a moist dog nose these days.

Kai is an equally adorable dog with another tale of recovery we are overjoyed to help make possible. Kai’s reaction to Snout Soother even surprised her veterinarian, who had been puzzled from the start about the original diagnoses and the lesions that continued to develop along the ridge of Kai’s nose. Chunks of skin were falling off regularly, to the point that Kai would be bleeding and in pain all too often. His family did everything they could to help their beloved dog, but nothing was working, that is until they gave Snout Soother a try. The first night after they applied the product, Kai’s nose was already less red. Within days the carefully sourced, natural nose balm turned out to be the answer to their prayers, as Kai now continues to live a happy healthy life with his gorgeous black nose always perfectly in tact.

At Natural Dog Company, it’s our mission to help as many dogs as possible, if your dog’s nose is dry, cracked, peeling, flaking, or showing any similar symptoms caused by dog allergies, Snout Soother has been specially formulated to work. Just as our mission states, Soothe, Heal, Wag; grant your dog instant relief, a healing solution, and a reason to wag their adorable little (or big) tail!

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