Amazing Dog Hero Stories: Be Kind To Animals Week!


It’s Be Kind To Animals Week–have you hugged your dog today?

Have you hugged your dog yet today? It’s Be Kind To Animals Week (May 4- May 10) meaning your dog is surly deserving of a couple extra snuggles–and perhaps a few delicious dog treats as well! 

Be Kind to Animals Week grants animal lovers the chance to show appreciation and spread awareness about proper animal treatment. Plus, it helps bring attention to shelter animals in need of a fur-ever home. Without a doubt we owe it to animals–which happen to be among some of the most loyal creatures on the planet. There are so many dog hero stories out there, each one more amazing than the next!



This is a photo of the real Hachi, a loyal dog who now has a statue in his honor.

Take Hachiko for example; born in 1923 Hachi grew up to be one famous Japanese Akita dog that showed love and loyalty without any hesitations. His life started out normal alongside his owner, a professor at the Univeristy of Tokyo. Everyday after his owner returned from work Hachi would be there waiting at the Shibuya Station. That is until one day when his owner didn’t return on the train; a massive brain hemorrhage had stollen his life, preventing him from meeting up with his faithful companion, Hachi. With his dog nose stuffed between his paws, Hachi remained stoic, unwilling to give up. For the next 10 years Hachi would stop at nothing to wait at the train station for his owner. People couldn’t believe the dog’s devotion, yet day after day there he was. In March of 1935 Hachi passed away on the streets of Shibuya near the train station, while his passing was sad to everyone who knew and loved the dog, Hachi was at last at peace with the one person he never learned how to live without—his original owner. Today a statue stands in proof of Hachi’s memory near the Shibuya Station, and a movie has been made depicting his wild tale of loyality.


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Dogs are not only loyal, but they are smart. Jenna Brousseau has her dog Duke to thank for saving her human baby’s life. It was the middle of the night when Duke, a usually very obedient pup, did something rather unusual. He jumped on Jenna’s bed and began shaking uncontrollably. His sign of fear prompted Jenna to check on her daughter, a 9 week old infant named Harper. To Jenna’s absolute shock her baby was in her bassinet but not breathing. Immediately she called the paramedics and sweet little Harper was revived and saved. Although had it not been for Duke’s intelligence and persistence, Jenna would have likely lost her baby that night.

Stories about everyday dogs turning into heroes makes us think of Lacey—the great TV dog that understood how to help out us humans in any situation. While Lacey is only a character, her intelligence and bravery is modeled after real dogs. Just ask Ben Heinrich who owes his German Shepard Buddy more than a big hug and a tube of Snout Soother. When his Anchorage workshop caught on fire back in 2010 all he could do was call to his dog Buddy for help. To his surprise Buddy responded, darting off to find and retrieve an Alaska State Trooper. For his heroism, Buddy was awarded a silver plate from the Alaska State Troopers.


Dogs are a precious gift we must not forget to honor, appreciate and treasure–especially not during Be Kind To Animals Week!

Maybe your dog has yet to save your life but you never know what the future holds, and a trusted four-legged pal might be what you need to save the day. It seems people know how special their dog is, considering 70% of people sign their dog’s name on greeting cards, and 58% include their dog in family portraits.

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Around here everyday is dedicated to dogs, our mission is simple: soothe, heal, wag! Remember, a happy healthy dog is your loyal friend for life. In honor of Be Kind To Animals Week don’t forget to give your dogtastic 4-legged friend lots of hugs and kisses!