All about Noses – Why Noses?

dreamstimefree_70216One question that I am often asked when it comes to my company is “Why did you focus on dog’s noses?”  The answer is both complicated and simple and I often reply with “Why not?”

Although many people are unaware of it, a dog’s nose is a very important part of a dog.  It is the used by the dog to realize the world around her and to help her interpret it.  Much of the information that the dog gathers day to day is found through scent as the nose sniffs around.  In fact, a dog’s sense of smell is so much stronger than humans, even breeds that appear to have a non-function nose.

When we look at scent, we often refer to the term scent receptors.  These are receptors in the nose and nostril cavity that picks up and identifies smells.  When you look at the human nose, which has 5 million receptors, we often think that is an amazing sense of smell.  However, dogs, on average have 1000 to 10000 times more receptors than people.  The average Dachshund has 125 million receptors in its nose while the Bloodhound has 300 million receptors.

As you can see, when it comes to learning about the world around us by the use of scent, dreamstimefree_209775dogs have us beat hands down.

But outside of smelling things, dogs’ noses are unique and amazing things.  In fact, a dog’s nose is covered in ridges and dimples.  While we often don’t think of anything of these ridges and dimple, every dog’s nose is unique to that dog.  A print of a dog’s nose is exactly like a fingerprint of a person and it helps identify dog.  Over the last few years, companies have begun recording a dog’s nose print in an effort to help find and identify lost or stolen dogs.

Another interesting fact about a dog’s nose is that it can help the dog in many other ways.  A dry nose could indicate dehydration while a wet nose has been linked to helping a dog stay cool in hot weather.  In addition, dogs often lick their noses as a calming message to strangers.

As you can see, there are many reasons that make a dog’s nose wonderful and amazing all at once.  When it is dry, cracked and damaged, a dog’s nose becomes less than wonderful.  It can be a source of pain for the dog and can hinder his sense of smell.

When his sense of smell is hindered, a dog’s connection to the world around him is Dogdiminished.  He can’t smell what is around him and this can lead to behavioral side effects with the dog becoming fearful or depressed.

While everyone at Natural Dog Company wants dogs to be healthy, we know that much of that health begins with the nose.  If a canine has a happy and healthy nose, his overall well being is increased and this affects his whole body and promotes healing.

So it is our motto to save every dog starting with their snout.