The Rainbow Bridge is a virtual memorial home for your departed fur-baby. If you have lost a pup and would like to share their memory on this page, please email

I stumbled upon your website in the search for a soothing balm to help heal Noble’s dry cracked nose. Reading through your website, I saw Rainbow Bridge and we did lose a pup named, Taboo to bone cancer. Although it’s been over 3 years, we still miss her dearly. She was my walking buddy, my friend, a true sweetheart. She took charge and loved attention. At night, she bull dozed her way through to snuggle up next to my husband. You will always be forever in our hearts.

To my sweetest Jade (aka nibbles).
Thank you for being my companion, running partner, security guard, babysitter and having those soulful eyes that always brought me peace. I miss how you would lay your head on my lap to get a head kiss and yes, even your thunderous bark. I am so happy we got to spend 11 years together. You will forever be my “Little Jade”.  – Chris

Brains and beauty – what a wonderful mix.  My sweet baby, you had it all and I was such a proud mama.  I only wish you could have joined me in the place you loved the most – the Texas hill country.  I will never forget that painful day.  I raced home from out of town, but I was too late.  You were already gone.  I will never stop missing you.  – Elice

I chose Carley from the shelter because she licked my hand through the chain link cage. Ironically, the licking never ended. If she couldn’t reach you, she would lick the air in your general direction. She just wanted to love you. Clearly a border collie mix, she was wicked smart. To get out of her “time-out” she would throw her toy from her bed so that she would obviously need to go get it. Truly the sweetest dog a family could have and we were blessed to have her.

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.” – Will Rogers

The wonder of it….
It is the look of trust in their eyes.
It is the joy and happiness they bring to our lives
It is a commitment
It is sense of calm
It is all my heart and soul
It is the light of my day
It is a part of me
It is the love I have for all my animals that have come and gone in my life and to the ones in my future. You all have a spot in my heart forever.
-Christina Stuut