About the Company

Natural Dog Company provides natural and effective healing solutions. We strive to provide the best holistic and natural healing products for your dog.

While our products are of the highest quality, Natural Dog Company is all about giving back to you and the community. We work closely with dozens of rescue organizations around the world and provide sponsorships toward fundraising events.

We strive to donate our products whenever there is a need. In addition, we are dedicated to education. We want you to be educated about the better choices you can make and have for your dog. We strive for a pain free world for dogs and are doing our best to save the world . . . one snout at a time.

-Elice Davis, Founder

About Me

I developed a strong passion for animals from an early age. While my friends were playing with dolls, I had my beloved stuffed animals. My childhood was blessed growing up with dogs, cats, horses, and even chickens and bees. I will always love horses and cats, but the truth is . . . DOGS captured my heart in a way I almost cannot put into words. For those of you who love dogs, you know what I mean. They have easily earned their title, “Man’s Best Friend!”


My Journey

Years ago I was working for what seemed like an eternity at my real estate company. Then my health began to deteriorate. Eventually, I was diagnosed with Fibroymalgia and the doctor said there was “no cure” and handed me a stack of prescriptions I never filled. I just couldn’t believe I was destined to a life of pain and misery. I drove home that day praying to God for an answer to my doom.

He answered.


I began researching my illness and realized a lifestyle free of unnatural preservatives and chemicals could put me on the path to health. I was so pleased with my results I enrolled in college to become a Nutrition Consultant and Master Herbalist.

I realized the same principles of natural health could be applied to my beloved pets and they became healthier, too! I began to dream about merging my passion for holistic health and dogs into a career, and soon opened my store: Healthy Pet Boutique. That was a rewarding position helping dogs regain their health naturally and one I will forever cherish.

Then, I received an offer for my company. At the time I saw the need for higher quality and better healing products on the market and decided to launch my own line of natural remedies.

Natural Dog Company was born . . .

… and the journey continues …