A Round Of Barks For The Greatest Dog Moms!


3 adorable golden pups: “Happy Mother’s Day Mom!”

Since Sunday was Mother’s Day, this past weekend was spent giving lots of love to the wonderful moms out there. Not just humans joined in on the fun, many dogs gave their human moms a card or other touching gift–with a little help from the family, of course. Dogs are just like kids, loved and protected by human moms across the globe. You might be thinking of your own sweet dog, but before you took your pup in , he had a canine mother who also loved him with her whole doggy heart.



Family resemblance much? This mommy enjoys a break from feeding her hungry pack of puppies!

Dogs make great mothers, especially considering puppies are born completely clueless—deaf, blind, and solely obsessed with finding food, aka mother’s milk. The first pup to reach mom’s milk supply is rewarded for being an alpha of the pack. While real moms worry endlessly about both their furry and non-furry children, dogs don’t waste as much energy fretting about their pups. Dog’s that have moist, healthy noses are able to smell incredible distances, meaning a mother and her pups are only a sniff away. Dogs make good moms because they never hold a grudge or dwell on anything, are you kidding?! There are too many bones to be dreaming about, too many shadows to be chasing!

They might be cute and cuddly, but dogs don’t feel bad about disciplining their puppies; if a little one misbehaves mom reacts firmly, but not aggressively. Say for instance one of her puppies bites at her, mom will shove the pup away, but remain gentle, using mainly her looks and energy to signify her anger. That’s mom after all, powerful enough to speak volumes without ever saying a word—the whole pack knows when mom is angry!


Just like human moms, dogs are protective of their little loved ones!

When a puppy is old enough to part from his natural-born mom, another special relationship with you can be established. If you consider your dog like a child you are not alone, it’s only natural to develop motherly feelings for your dog. You feed him, clean up after him, teach him right from wrong and keep him safe from harm—which is what being a great mom is all about.
If you are a mom of dogs, a mom of kids, or a dog that just had a litter of puppies, you are doing the hardest, and yet most rewarding job on the planet: teaching young ones to grow up and be good citizens—at doggy park or college university! While dogs don’t speak our language, they do understand many words, as anyone with a dog can attest to—treat, ball, walk, are all common words dogs learn to adore. Dogs also have some pretty human characteristics. Take moms for instance, both canine and human moms are loyal to their children, always putting the kids first and happy to do so.

womanwithdogWe know Mother’s Day has already come and gone, but you can never thank mom enough—dog or human. A litter of kids is hard work that continues around the clock, regardless if the children are covered in fur or not. To every type of mom out there, Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at Natural Dog Company! May your life  be forever full of dog kisses, someone cute to take care of and lots of love.


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