A Natural Dog Christmas: The Barking Best Gifts For Heroic Dogs


What are you gifting your dog for Christmas?

Dogs are a big barking part of the holidays. Dogs are featured on personalized greeting cards, their names signed just like one of the humans. Dogs have presents wrapped and waiting beneath the tree, and stockings adorned with paw prints hung over the mantel. Dogs are a true part of Christmas, and every other holiday, after all dogs are one of the most treasured gifts in life.

According to a survey conducted by VetIQ, which polled over 750 pet-owners, 96% would rather spend their holidays alone with their pet than leave their
pet at home in order to visit in-laws. Perhaps that has something to do with the fact 85% of pet-owners say their pet was nice this year, while only 15% say
their pet was naughty.

Dogs have rightfully earned their place as MVP (Most Valuable Pet), dogs are warm-hearted creatures, the actual vision of love; in other words, they represent the heart and soul of Christmas spirit.

Dogs are heroes in so many ways. Here are a few famous dogs that prove just how special your dog is on Christmas, and every other day of the year.

Argos is a famous dog in Greek literature and mythology. Argos belonged to Odysseus when he was a puppy. Unfortunately, Odysseus left to fight in a war, leaving his beloved dog behind for some 20-years. When Odysseus returned dressed disguised as a beggar no one recognized him, not even his wife or sons. His loyal dog Argos knew exactly who he was though. As the story goes, when the two reunited Argos gave a great big wag of his tail, released a final whimper and passed in peace knowing his old friend came back for him.


Famous recreation of Argos and Odysseus in their final moments together.


The Military relies on dogs in so many ways. Target was one of three dogs stationed with troops in Afghanistan. Not only do dogs like Target provide love and companionship, but they have also saved many soldiers’ lives. One day Target and her 2 four-legged colleagues attacked an intruding suicide bomber, causing the bomber to explode before he had a chance to enter the tent. Target received a hero’s welcome upon returning to the States and was even featured on Oprah.


The media goes wild for these four-legged war heroes as they enter back into the States.


Barry is a legendary St. Bernard that was trained by local Monks to help save people lost in the Alps. It is said that he saved over 40 people from death. Perhaps his most famous rescue includes a small child he kept warm by licking him. Barry barked and barked, waiting for one of the Monks to come to the small child’s rescue, but no one was coming. So Barry did what any brave, smart dog would, he swooped the child up and carried him to safety.


Recreation of Barry carrying a child to safety.

Dogs are inspirational, amazing furry creatures that we can learn from in so many ways. Clearly, it is their fierce loyalty and lovable personalities that have made them such an important part of your family, especially during the holidays.


How do you plan to spend Christmas with your dog this year? Chances are you already have some neat doggy toys tucked beneath your tree, but if you’re looking to spoil your sweet pup some more, here are some questions to find the perfect gift for your dog.

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From our family to yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas full of dog kisses and love.


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