A Cure For Dry Dog Noses At Last: ‘Ear’ You Excited? Tibbe Sure Is!

Dry, crusty dog nose got your sweet doggy feeling down? By simply soothing chapped canine noses and paws you can improve your dog’s mood and provide instant relief worth barking about. It’s not comfortable to have a crusty dog nose! Just ask Tibbe, a fun Sweedish Cockerpoo living a very active, and rather famous life. You might find Tibbe running through the neighborhood, jumping over obstacles, or perhaps even practicing Kung Fu, Tibbe knows how to keep the party going, which means he doesn’t have any time for dry dog nose conditions.  A dry snout doesn’t put any pup in a party mood, so to keep Tibbe feeling fine and entertaining his 30,000+ Instagram followers, Snout Soother came to Tibbe’s rescue!

Watch Tibby’s ears dance for joy at the very site of our all natural dog product Snout Soother!




Woof Woof Hooray! Tibbe uses Snout Soother to cure any dry dog skin conditions that may arise.

Considering Tibbe the Sweedish Cockerpoo cuddles up in plush beds and plays on sandy beaches, he knows a thing or two about quality, our all-natural vegan dog product makes the cut, it’s even safe enough for humans. Tibbe better watch out or his human mom might take his Snout Soother for her very own–she finds it works great on her dry lips! One look from Tibbe and he’s sure to get his way though–how can you resist that big fluffy body and those adorable springy moves? We sure can’t, after all we are dog-gone crazy for canines! Our mission is to save the world one snout at a time; thanks Tibby for helping us spread the message!


Follow Tibbe on his many hilarious and oh so pawsome adventures on Instagram http://instagram.com/bingelibong

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