8 Summer Safety Tips for Dogs

The dog days of summer can be RUFF — especially for, well, your dog! They’re members of the family, too so it’s only natural that they tag along for all the summer fun. But as they do, it’s crucial as dog owners to make sure your four-legged friend is safe all summer long — from the heat, the insects, potential sunburns and more! So before the temperatures really start rising, become well-versed in all of our summer safety tips for your dog.


Tip #1: Water and shade

All summer long, inside or out, make sure your dog is getting plenty of water. Dogs warm up and become dehydrated quicker than we do, so having plenty of water around at all times is crucial. If you think your dog might be a bit dehydrated, look for dry gums, excessive drooling, bright red gums and wobbliness.  


Tip #2: Protect the paws

Sidewalks and asphalt get hot in the summer — hot enough that we likely couldn’t walk on them barefoot and be comfortably. So why would think dogs could? Their paw pads are thick, because they serve to protect, but they still experience wear and tear from heat, fertilizers, sand, sharp rocks and pebbles and more. Natural Dog Company’s PawTection can help protect their paws all summer long.


Tip #3: Don’t forget them in the car

This is a no-brainer. Don’t leave your dog in the car. Even when you think it’s not too hot outside, the inside temperature of a car is exponentially warmer. On a sunny, 70 degree day, a car’s internal temperature can reach 104 degrees within 30 minutes. Imagine how warm it would get in 85 degree weather or warmer. So all in all, don’t forget the pup!


Tip #4: Take them for walks in the morning and the evening

Heat strokes in animals during the summer is a real thing. There are many measures you can take as a dog owner to prevent heat stroke all together. Being strategic about when you take your dogs for longer walks is a great start. Take them for walks and exercise in the morning or in the evenings when things start to cool down. It will be a more pleasant, and safer experience for both of you.


Tip #5: Be mindful of sunburn

Just because your dog has fur doesn’t mean they are exempt from catching a painful sunburn. Find a pet sunscreen you can trust and slather it on areas that are more exposed to the sun like their ears, belly and nose. If their skin does look a bit red from the sun, soothe the skin with Natural Dog Company’s hydrating and soothing Skin Soother.


Tip #6: Maintain your dog’s grooming and haircuts

Keep the fur short and tidy to keep your dog cool! Every little bit of effort helps. Make those grooming appointments regularly during the hot summer months.


Tip #7: Protect them from mosquitoes and ticks

Mosquitoes and ticks come out to play in the summer, and unfortunately are another thing to worry about when trying to keep your dog safe all summer long. Check for ticks or unusual bite marks regularly and apply Natural Dog Company’s Skin Soother to irritated areas.


Tip #8: Keep them away from the 4th of July fireworks

Many dogs are incredibly afraid of fireworks. Some become so startled, they react by running away from home. For that reason, it’s best to keep the dog inside during Independence Day celebrations.


Be mindful of your dog being present along side you this summer and take measures to make him or her comfortable and safe!