5 Reasons We Are Thankful For Dogs This Thanksgiving


Why are you thankful for dogs in your life?

Naturally, dogs are able to cheer you up, and bring a smile to your face. Even on the worst days, the best dogs find a way to bury a moist snout just so, causing your heart to melt right alongside your worries.

Have you ever taken a moment to consider: what would the world be like without dogs? A painful question really, and an impossible and horrible scenario to even imagine. After all, dogs teach us how to love, play, and eat with a heart full of happiness and not one ounce of doubt. Dogs are the best at following their heart and loving fully, lessons all humans can learn a thing or two about.

Since this month is November, which brings along the delicious feast of Thanksgiving, we decided to recap 5 reasons why we are SO thankful for the dogs that bless our life with joy each and every day!


Hey, could I get some more of that organic dog food over here!?!


1. No Matter What You Feed Your Dog, They LOVE It!

Cooking is a lot of work, you’ve got to buy food, prepare it, and then wait for it to bake. Have you ever gone through all of the trouble to make a nice meal, only to hear complaints from your family or significant other? “Ugh, lasagna again?” Now let’s rephrase that question, has your dog ever turned up their nose to anything you fed them? Likely not. Dog food can be organic and homemade or bought in a bag from the store, and your canine is going to be ecstatic to eat it. Dogs are rarely picky about what they eat. Every meal you provide your precious pup is the best meal ever, and isn’t it a good feeling to be appreciated?


2. Dogs Teach Us How To Have Fun Without Spending Any Money


Feeling bored? Coveting the latest iPhone or iPad to keep you entertained? If you own a dog, you know good and well it doesn’t take anything fancy to get your pup up and playing. Dogs naturally know how to turn anything into a toy. An old scarf equals the perfect tool for a game of tug-of-war. And a new pair of shoes makes for the perfect chew toy. Sure, it’s never fun to spend $100 on a pair of leather loafers only to find your dog has eaten them un-wearable, but you’ve got to see the humor in it, and don’t forget to take notes. Humans want this and want that, but really, we’ve got everything we need to have a good time, just ask your canine friends!

3. Dogs Take The Best Selfies

Everyone takes a selfie now and again, some people far more than others. But for many people, taking a selfie can feel a bit desperate at best. Want to take a picture without feeling self-obsessed? All you have to do is call your dog on over and you’ve got a selfie that appears more pawsome than vain.


4. Dogs Never Ignore You For Technology

shutterstock_97346801 (1)

How do humans do this all day?!

Your dog may be happy to pose for a selfie, but that doesn’t mean he or she is obsessed with cell phones and computers like most people. These days hanging out with anyone human can be full of distractions; cell phones buzzing alerts for text messages, phone calls, emails, and social media alerts. Sometimes you are with a friend and still feel like you are solo mission, simply because most of their attention is diverted to their cell phone. Thankfully, you can still hang out with your dog and get 100% of their attention—that is unless a squirrel comes around…


You: “Let’s go home and eat gas-inducing cheese all night.” Your Dog: “Bark, bark! I can’t wait!”


5. Dogs Never Judge

Feeling gassy? You might not want to hit the town with your pals, but your dog sure won’t mind! No matter how bad you smell your dog remains your non-judgmental pal. Lost your job, got ditched for a date, or just had a long week in general? Your dog will cheer you up, even if you just feel like pigging out in your ugliest pajamas. And no need to worry, your dog will never count how many Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups you devour in one hour. Your dog doesn’t have a thought in the world about what you are doing and why, he’s just happy to hang out with you.


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