Dog Allergy Symptoms

4 Ways to Naturally Soothe & Treat Dog Allergy Symptoms

Dog allergy symptoms can surface as hot spots, hair loss, or irritated paw pads. The causes of dog allergies are just as varied as the symptoms. Depending on where your dog’s allergies surface, there are different all natural solutions you can try.  The first step to naturally treating dog allergy symptoms is to identify the cause. Have you changed your dog’s diet recently? Are allergies seasonal; do they coincide with high pollen levels or some other change in environment? Reducing your dog’s exposure to allergens is the best way to decrease the chance outbreaks persist or return.

The area your dog’s allergies appear can also help reveal the cause of the problem. For instance, allergic reactions on the face, ears or mouth-area, often relate to food or the bowls your dog eats/drinks out of. Along with identifying the cause, it’s important to treat irritated skin to reduce inflammation, infections, or other issues commonly resulting from dog allergies. The following all-natural products offer the perfect way to reduce your dog’s discomfort and heal damaged, stinky, flaky, dry or overall irritated skin. Bye-bye dog allergy symptoms, hello relief!

1. Paw SootherDog Allergy Symptoms

Best Used to Treat: Allergies that surface through your dog’s paws, resulting in sore, dry, crusty, flaky, rough, discolored or damaged paw pads.

Dog allergy symptoms can show through your dog’s paws. Paws should not be rough, dry, peeling or discolored. Walking over a variety of contaminants or allergens, including deicers or household chemicals, can dry out and irritate your dog’s paws. If your dog is constantly licking and chewing at his paws, or her paws look and feel worn out, Paw Soother offers rich moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and antibacterial, as well as collagen and cell boosting properties. It also provides a layer of protection to help limit reoccurring exposure.

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Dog Allergy Symptoms2. Skin Soother

Best Used to Treat: Hot spots, hair loss, and other skin conditions spread across your dog’s body.

Dry, itchy, irritated skin is no match for the healing power of Skin Soother. The combination of healing herbs packed inside provide anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. The balm also provides a layer of protection against future irritation. It is used to soothe and treat hot spots, irritated bug bites, allergic dermatitis, and so much more.

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3. Wrinkle Balm

Best Used to Treat: Ultra-sensitive pups, and allergies that impact your dog’s wrinkles, from facial wrinkles to tail pockets.

Wrinkle Balm is ideal for wrinkly dogs, especially because they tend to be some of the most sensitive breeds and this is a gentle yet effective product. Voted a 2016 Fave Find by ModernDogMagazine!, Wrinkle Balm is highly recommended for sensitive dogs and dogs with adorable wrinkles. You should clean your dog’s wrinkles 2-3 times a day, leaving no moisture behind. Adding Wrinkle Balm post-cleaning can combat and prevent skin fold dermatitis, yeast and bacterial infections, sores and scabs, itchy and irritated skin, as well as unpleasant odors.

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4. Spruce Up Pup Shampoo BarDog Allergy Symptoms

Best Used to Treat: Most skin conditions; a great way to safely and effectively clean your dog before using the products mentioned above.

You shouldn’t use any old soap on your dog. The wrong soap/shampoo can make your dog’s skin more irritated or cause an allergic reaction. That’s why it’s so important to use all natural soap made especially for sensitive pups. Natural Dog’s Spruce Up Pup Shampoo Bar is the all-natural solution to bathing your dog. When paired with Skin Soother or Wrinkle Balm, it helps reduce allergies and improve your pet’s coat. Plus, it helps take away that wet dog smell!

“We are now on 3 months using this bar… I previously spent hundreds on products, vet visits, medications and recommendations none have compared to what this has done for my pup. He is a happy boy with relief to his very dry skin, his fur has maintained its beautiful self. I am happy using this product because I know I am not using any chemicals on him, I myself have sensitive skin so using some of those other harsh products even affected my skin by contact so it bothered me to even try it on him. I continue to stand by this product it has truly changed our lives!” —Roxanne 

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