Stop Dog Scratching

3 Home Remedies to Stop Dog Scratching and Give Your Pup Relief

How do you stop dog scratching? As much as your dog loves to scratch, it clearly doesn’t help the problem. And there’s almost always an underlying problem that causes dogs to itch in the first place. Dogs typically start scratching and biting at areas that are irritating, say for instance they are suffering from allergies or are infested with fleas.

Excessive itching can lead to bald spots, sores, and secondary infections. Luckily, there are ways to find natural itch relief for dogs in the comfort of your home. Starting with…

1. Find the Culprit to Stop Dog Scratching

First thing’s first, you must figure out why your dog is compulsively scratching, licking, or biting. It might take some time, careful consideration, and a process of elimination. You might also need some help from your veterinarian to narrow down the cause. Some common reasons for itchy dog skin include:

  • Allergies

Allergies to your dog’s food or environment can result in nonstop itching. Certain exposures to soaps or pesticides can result in a condition known as contact dermatitis.

  • Fleas or Other Parasites

Scratching is often caused by an infestation of fleas, mites, or even ticks.

  • Dry Skin

Just like you and I, your dog can also suffer from dry skin. Dry winter weather or a lack of fatty acids in their diet can result in dry skin that is itchy or irritated.

  • Hormonal Issues

Skin issues can arise if your dog’s hormones are out of balance.

  • Boredom/Anxiety

Dogs who are left alone a lot of the day can develop boredom or anxiety, thus causing them to chew or scratch.

  • Pain or Discomfort

Any type of pain or discomfort, from joint pain to skin sores, can cause your dog to lick, chew, and scratch uncontrollably.

2. Bathe Your Dog with Natural Dog Shampoo

Give your dog regular baths to help remove residues and allergens that could be making issues worse. Cleaning your dog’s problem areas can also help reduce the risk of infection. You should never use human shampoo on your dog. The best dog shampoo for itchy dogs is Spruce Up Pup Shampoo Bar. It’s specially formulated to help itchy dogs find relief. Plus, it contains just a few simple, natural and organic ingredients.

Additionally, spot clean your dog in between baths, paying close attention to paws and other areas that encounter surfaces you can’t control. For instance, when it snows, deicers on sidewalks can get stuck between your dog’s paws. Deicers can cause skin and paw issues and are toxic to your dog, especially if he or she eats them by licking uncleaned paws.

3. Provide Relief with a Soothing All Natural Balm

cold weather caused dry & irritated skinNonstop scratching leads to inflammation, red or chapped skin, and sores; as well as secondary infections. The best way to deter your dog from licking and scratching is to help relieve discomfort or irritation. You can do this by applying an all-natural balm like Skin Soother over the problem area.

Think about it like this: When your lips are dry, it’s annoying and makes you want to start licking and biting at them—even though you know this only makes things worse. Adding a layer of Chap Stick helps deter you from biting your lips, simply because they feel better and aren’t bothering you as much. The same is true for dogs when you apply a comforting product like Skin Soother over troubled areas.

Skin Soother is a leading all-natural product used to instantly soothe and treat itchy dog skin caused by a variety of conditions including dermatitis and allergies. Learn more

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When to Visit the Vet for Itchy Dog Skin

It’s important to visit your local veterinarian if:

  • Your dog’s condition is not improving or appears to be getting worse.
  • Scratching has led to a secondary infection that is getting worse or simply not improving.
  • The problem goes away only to return shortly thereafter
  • You cannot figure out what’s causing the issue, and therefore it won’t go away.


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