10 Incredible Facts About Dog Noses and More!


How much do you know about what is going on in your dog’s head? These 10 facts might give you a better clue!

Scientists all over the world study dogs in order to try and better understand how their incredible minds work. From this research we have gained so much new knowledge about canines. Turns out dogs are smarter, cooler, and funnier than we ever even realized. These 10 incredible dog facts are sure to make you laugh, smile, and fall even more in love with your own precious pooch!

1. Dogs Get Jealous

Researchers in California studied 36 dogs belonging to 14 different breeds and uncovered that most remained uncaring if their owner ignored them until they saw their owner giving attention to a stuffed dog. Yes, not even a real dog, but a stuffed dog. Many of the dogs became visably upset at the sight of their owner petting a stuffed dog, growling, barking, and snapping. Try loudly cuddling a stuffed animal or pillow near your own pup to see how jealous they naturally are.

2. Dogs Do Not Only See in Black & White

It is a popular misconception that dogs are blind to all color and only interpret the world in black and white. Dogs cannot see colors with the same brightness humans do, but they can still see color. Dog eyes have two cones, and human eyes have three, meaning dogs can only distinguish colors that fall on the blue or yellow scale. Red and green all look the same to a dog because they do not have a third cone.


Dogs have to be intelligent, otherwise how would they communicate with us so well?

3. Dogs Have Good Night Vision

Your dog can see better at night than you can, remember this fact the next time you go for a late night walk!

4. Dogs Are Very Smart

Dogs are undeniably intelligent. Perhaps our favorite proof comes from Moscow where an overabundance of dogs live free out on the streets. Many of these smart canines have figured out how to use the public transit system in order to move to areas with more food.

5. Dogs Have A Nose Chakra

A few years back dog chakras were looked out as ‘wacky’ talk, but today the focus on holistic and natural dog care has made this term more mainstream. Every living creature has chakras located throughout the body, which help govern how they react to their surrounding environment. There are 7 chakras universal to all living beings, but dog’s have a number of extra chakras, including the ear, paw, tail, and nose chakra.


“Excuse me, I have a few questions to ask… can you stand up so I can I smell your butt?”

6. Dog Butts Tell A Detailed Story

Ever caught your dog sniffing the butt of another dog? Dogs have a whole lot of reasons for sniffing stinky behinds. Apparently the butt holds a world of smells your dog can use to decipher a number of facts about another canine. Including, if the dog is a boy or a girl, if they have met before, what the dog eats, and how friendly they are.

7. Your Dog Has More Brain Power Than You

The olfactory brain hub (responsible for smelling and analyzing) is 40 times larger in a dog than it is in a human.

8. Dogs Sneeze When They Get Excited

Dogs often sneeze when they are playing because they are excited. Some dogs sneeze the moment their owner returns home from work because they can’t wait to play and hang out. You can make your best imitation of your dog’s sneeze and see how they react; many dogs get very excited and start jumping around ready to play.


Dogs lend us a paw in so many ways.

9. Wet Dog Noses Serve a Purpose

The mucus on your dog’s nose helps capture scents. Microscopic particles wafting through the air are naturally attracted to this moisture, bringing the surrounding scents closer to your dog. If your dog has a dry nose they may lick at it often in order to try and restore this natural effect, very much how it is tempting to lick your lips when they become dry. Read our guide to learn how you can treat your dog’s dry nose.

10. Dogs Can Smell Disease

Dogs have such an incredible sense of smell they are often able to smell disease. Sometimes dogs begin to act strangely because they know something in their owner’s body is not working correctly. Research has found dogs are able to smell a world of organic compounds within the human body. It is largely believed that one day in the near future dogs will be used to help detect cancer, diabetes, and other diseases.


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